are matte liquid lipsticks for you?

Mar 31, 2016

As a lover of lipstick in any way shape or form, I could talk about lipstick all day everyday. I just love a little pigment in a tube what can I say? Every time I post about liquid lipsticks, I always get questions about them. I try and answer each question and email individually, but why not have a blanket post out there just to cover all inquiries. Right?
My Favorite Matte Liquid Lipsticks
So, matte liquid lipsticks. These babies have had quite the makeup takeover recently. I purchased my first liquid lipstick about three years ago on a whim while browsing Urban Outfitters beauty section. I was instantly hooked, and have acquired many more since then. But these little gifts of makeup heaven can be intimidating. Here are my thoughts on how to use them, how they work, and some of my favorites. 

First things first. What are liquid lipsticks? Well, they are just that. A liquid formula, that drys like a stain. They are made with the intention of a long lasting lipstick. And most of them very much live up to that, as they don't transfer to surfaces, and they are a little stubborn to get off. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of a lip scrub if liquid lipsticks are your chosen path. These things dry, and keep on drying. They will show every crack and chapped lip. So always exfoliate before you use them. Also, I have found with the ColourPop liquid stains, as amazing as they are, they are very drying, so applying a wax based lip balm will help with that. 

Also, you must must must use a lip liner when you use these lipstick varieties. If you happen to be like me and use so many different lipsticks in a week, then I suggest buying a nude liner that will go with everything. No need to match your lipstick and your liner all the time. And really, who has time for all that mess? Not I! 

Another great thing about liquid lipsticks is they are buildable. With most formula's you can do one coat, but add as many as you'd like to get an even more intense result. They glide on with the ease of a gloss, but beware, you must color in the lines or please go to jail do not collect 200 dollars....start over. With that being said, most applicators are pretty easy to use. I love the color and wear from Dose of Colors, but I have found that the fibers on the wand are a little long for me, so I have to go slow and really harness my toddler coloring skills. I hate messy lipstick. So another tip, keep q-tips nearby for precision. I use these ones.

Now, as for the getting them off process. I have a couple products that I really like. The Bite Beauty lipstick wipes are amazing, but you can't find them everywhere, so not always attainable unless you live next to a Sephora. I recently started using the Garnier Micellar cleansing water to take off my makeup, before I wash my face. This stuff is b-o-m-b. Takes off everything from liquid lipsticks to waterproof mascara. BUT! If you really don't want to buy a specific product to take off your lipstick, then reach into your diaper bag and use baby wipes. Works every time!

Finally, I love that I can put a matte liquid on, let it dry, and then go over with my favorite gloss. I do this a lot with nude colors, because the gloss settles into the matte and just makes it look a little more full and plump. So don't be afraid to play around once you get comfortable with the liquid goodness. 

Safe to say I really love liquid lipsticks and here are some of my favorites:

ColourPop in Creeper and Limbo (best thing about these is they are only $6 and the quality is there, trust me!!)

Dose of Colors in Chocolate Wasted, Desert Suede, Cork and Sand. (Sadly these sell out fast so when you see the one you like, buy it immediately!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills in Pure Hollywood. (When you are ready to invest in a liquid lipstick, these are for you! Amazing.)

Lime Crime in Cashmere and Red Velvet. (These are like the OG's for me, love them)

What are your thoughts? Let's discuss!

what is boho?

Mar 29, 2016

boho chic outfits
boho maxi dresses
raga maxi dress-shopbop
boho street style outfit
spring maxi dresses
boho chic-street style
dress: raga via shopbop // denim jacket: thread and supply (similar version)
boots: steven via shopbop (available here as well) // sunglasses: gucci (vintage)

That was Chris' question when I came down in this outfit. He said "are you going for little house on the prairie?" To which I said "no you ass, try boho chic". He replied "what's a boho, I feel like I should know this by now."

You should!

Kidding. I am more impressed he went as far as little house on the prairie. But, no matter what he says I love this dress!! Oh my fashion heart, I love this dress. It has been sitting in my closet for about a month now, just waiting for the snow to be gone. I couldn't wait any longer. All the snow might not be gone, but enough for me to walk around without rain boots. And who am I kidding, my footwear choices never match what is going on outside my window. Which is making the packing struggle all too real, as Chris has informed me we will not have room in the car for a suitcase of shoes. 

Huh? Can I sacrifice my sleeping bag? I'm thinking the leg room under Avalon maybe? I mean why does she need it, her feet don't touch the ground. Surely I can fit a small suitcase of shoes, and possibly makeup. 

Should I pack this dress? Who doesn't need a maxi dress with flared sleeves that fits like a glove while on a road trip? Riddle me that!

Thank you to Shopbop for partnering on this post. 

getting out of my comfort zone

Crazy things have happened in this house, let me tell you! Chris and I celebrated our anniversary a little early over the weekend, and went out to dinner. If you know me personally, or have been reading this blog for some time now, you were probably like, "oh her mom must be in town for a visit". Historically, my mom is the only person to ever watch my kids in six years. I have never ever felt comfortable, or even wanted to think about the idea of a babysitter. To each their own on this. So many of my friends have amazing babysitters that they use regularly, some I have met, but the idea has always scared me. You can blame it on the military I guess. We have moved five times since having kids. Five times in six years doesn't really add up to a sense of comfort in your surroundings. We never really stayed in one place too long for me to even get to know people. So I kept to myself. 
I am a social person by nature, but parenting and just getting older in general has made me pretty selective in social circles. I really don't get too close to people. I am a pretty open book, even on this blog. I am not afraid to talk about anything. But in everyday life I keep things pretty guarded. Especially when it comes to my kids and Chris. If anyone is ever introduced to all my children aaaaaand my husband, well then whoa! In the circle of trust we go. haha! 

So it wasn't until this year that I really started getting out of my comfort zone with people. Opening up the doors of opportunity for friendships with people I may have just politely stayed away from. Not in a bad way. But when you know you are moving you kind of just keep on keeping on because you are leaving. Then I started to think about my kids. Ace has made some of his very first best friends up here in Alaska. Kids that he will look at in pictures and hopefully have made some of his first lasting memories with. This opened up friendships for me. I got close with women, who I look forward to seeing everyday. Mamas who I will miss so much when we move. I will miss their kids, I will miss seeing our kids together. The wild, crazy, out of control situations we get ourselves in together. 
But these friendships have pushed me out of my comfort zone. Or maybe the friendships grew into my comfort zone, who knows. But they allowed me to feel comfortable enough with people to let them watch my kids, to have them literally push me out of my house even though I needed to employ some heavy breathing tactics. They catered to my paranoid texts all night. They told me to relax, enjoy a night out with my husband, and eat all the food because I don't have to do the dishes. They took care of my teething baby. They tucked Avalon into her bed after she fell asleep on the couch. They rocked my baby to sleep with a pile of drool on their shoulder. They helped my boys build a massive lego tower. 
So we got dressed up. We had dinner at one of our favorite places, The Whale's Tail. We tasted wines, we laughed about the incredibly stupid things we have done in the last 11 years together. Sneaking me into the barracks in a duffle bag, or sneaking Chris into my all girls dorm room after hours. Our very first date in Seattle, which took us all of nine months and insane amounts of flirting to get to. Getting our first apartment. Or the time we got into an argument and I threw a plate, which prompted Chris to emphasis how stupid I looked by throwing three more plates, and then we only had two plates left to eat off of. (I'm telling you, 19 year olds are crazy beasts). We inhaled our food in thirty minutes, then sat there looking at each other like......uhh....should we just go home? But we said three hours, so we decided to go to our next favorite spot, the Crow's Nest for a cappuccino and dessert. We got there right into time to see the sunset. 

And then got home promptly at nine. 
I guess the real shocking part of this incredibly long story is, that I ordered a dessert that was mostly made up of cooked fruit. I do not like cooked fruit as dessert. Not even large chunks of apple in apple pie. I will ever so carefully place them on Chris' plate. So a whole pear, infused with champagne and baked in caramel! What the what? 

Chris said "who the hell are you tonight?" 


9 years today

Mar 28, 2016

Nine years ago today I was standing in a bathroom at the Hyatt in downtown Seattle. Curling my hair, putting on makeup, and a ball of emotions. Good emotions. Excited emotions. And a little scared for what lied ahead. 

See, when you decided to elope at 19 you don't get the fancy wedding photographer capturing the moments before you say I do. You get a very large flash from your point and shoot in a poorly lit bathroom. To me that is the best part! Next to Chris's best friend who was in the other room questioning our sanity. 

"Are you sure this is what you want to do? I mean I support you....but...."

"Kelsey you know we are deploying in three weeks right?"

"No one wants to call their families? Not even a distant cousin?"

Nope. This was perfect. Every minute of it was stress free. Wait, that's not true. We did begin to stress out when our second witness did not show up in time and we had to call in a backup. A guy in Chris' unit who I had never met, but I would totally send him a thank you card today saying "thank you for not being too hung over to drive into Seattle for my wedding". 

People ask me all the time, if you could go back and do it again would you want a wedding? Nope. I would not have changed a single thing. Even though our families were incredibly disappointed with how we went about it, that day still feels so special because it was all about us. 

So here's to nine years of marriage, ten years of saying I love you, and eleven years of peeing my pants laughing with this guy. 

mom to boys

Mar 25, 2016

I love boys. I mean, I love little boys. I mean, I love my little boys. I mean, I just love being a mom to boys. 

I was so excited when I found out we were having a boy. I think I was way more excited than Chris. I just wanted boys so bad. I feel like I gel with boys pretty easily. My boys especially because well, they are mine all mine. But, I am pretty rough around the edges, and that seems to really be okay with them. So when we found out we were pregnant with our second boy I think I said "damn right it's a boy". Mainly because I really wanted Ace to have a little brother. 
Don't get your girl gene diapers in a bunch. I clearly am obsessed with my girls, and am overly in love with all my children. I just knew I would have some fun being a boy mom as well. 

They are INSANE!! Which drives me INSANE on a daily basis. Pierce is a damn firecracker, you never know what he is going to do or say or how embarrassed you will get, or what excuse you might have to come up with for his off the wall behavior. I mainly just go with...boys will be boys...then awkwardly laugh and walk away. Ace on the other hand is the brains. So methodical. So analytical. So stubborn, and sooooooooo right and we all are soooooooo wrong all the time. 
There is truly never a dull moment with these two in the house, allow me to demonstrate.

Sitting at the table eating breakfast before school:
Ace: Mom. I have a serious question.
Me: Yes?
Ace: Why do I have eyebrows?

Chris and Ace talking in the kitchen while making breakfast:
Ace: You know what has a really big butt!
Sitting with Ace while drinking my coffee:
Ace: Mom I have a mustache. Like a real one.
Me: No you don't!
Ace: Well, you do!
(Chris.....drops to the floor laughing)

Ace came home with a bag full of stuff from the school store.
Ace: Mom I went to the school store today.
Me: The school store? Did you have money?
Ace: Ya, but they gave it back to me. And gave me a bag of stuff I picked out.
Me: But they didn't take any money from you?
Ace: Nope.
Me: Is this some kind of kid credit?
Chris: I'm gonna get a bill for all this aren't I?

The boys playing Star Wars:
Pierce: Ace where did R2D2 come from?
Ace: I don't know probably Canada.

Watching a movie:
Pierce: Ace this movie makes me be quiet.
Ace: I know mom does that on purpose.
Back in the kitchen at some time:
Ace: Mom, you know dad thinks you're crazy.
Me: Yep, but he still loves me.
Ace: How can he love you if he thinks you're crazy?
Me: Because love is a crazy thing.....
Ace: Okay seriously mom if you are going to start talking about love I'm going to turn my ears off.

Pierce writing a break up letter to his girlfriend:
Pierce: Dear girlfriend. I can't love you anymore because I can only love mom. And you smell. You need to take a poop.

Pierce after watching the new chipmunks movie:
Pierce: Mom I am going to Miami.
Me: Oh you're going to Miami right now?
Pierce: Yep I'm going to your-ami. See ya.

The other night at dinner:
Ace: So dad how was your day?
Chris: Good! I get to jump out of a helicopter tomorrow!
Ace: Oh mannnn that's so awesome!
Pierce: Well......your gonna die.

(I can assure you Chris fell to the ground safely, and lived to tell the tale of his last jump in Alaska, and the gorgeous sunset that went along with it!)

And on that note I need to go break up a fight brewing between Spiderman and Darth Vader, one has a lightsaber in hand, and one thinks he can climb up a wall, I'll let you guess the outcome of this. 

If you happen to be super bored, here are some of the other conversations with my children, this one might be my favorite, or this one, maybe this one. Hell I love them all!

do what you want, it's your hot body!

Mar 23, 2016

 Street Style-Sweater Dresses
How to style a camo jacket
Street Style-Alaska fashion blogger
Cute Spring Outfits-Sweater Dresses
Mom Style-Pardon My French
Sweater Dresses and Boots
jacket: old navy // sweater dress: nordstrom (love this one) // socks: nordstrom
beanie: target // boots: michael kors (old, similar) // sunglasses: nordstrom 

Here is my philosophy, in life and in fashion. Do whatever the hell you want. I have basically lived by this philosophy my whole life. It has gotten me into some hot water over the years. Like when I got my ribs tattooed on my friends kitchen table. Or when I got my nose pierced with a fake ID and my mom chased me around the house with needle nose pliers to get it out. And my school threatened to suspend me until I got rid of it. 

Or when I thought it was a good idea to double major in college, while working two jobs, and had a baby. Or how about when I thought I was really just such an adult with my jobs and my husband and I got a shitty lease on a Mercedes and basically had to eat eggs all day everyday in order to make my car payment. Don't worry, Chris came back from deployment and remedied my stupidity! 

But some really great things have come from this motto. I eloped, which has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. I quit my job to stay home with my kids. I had one baby after another despite my family and strangers giving me "advice" on having kids so close in age. 

I do what makes me happy. Not in a selfish way. In a, you only live once, life is too short, buy the damn shoes kind of way. This obviously flows over to my fashion choices. 

When we first got orders to move to Alaska, I panicked! I started googling like crazy. One article that came up was "Alaska ranked the worse place for fashion". I was like, oh, great! But that doesn't really matter. That didn't mean I had to all of a sudden change just because I was moving there. It's not that Alaska is the worst place FOR fashion, it's just that with the weather hand you are dealt it makes it difficult. I have tried, without putting myself in too much harm, to stay true to my style. To wear the things I want despite what people may say, or the looks I may get, because it isn't what everyone in Anchorage is wearing. It may not be the normal cold weather attire. That's the point right? That is what personal style is. 

And after living here I must say that Anchorage has style. At least it gives you the tools to facilitate a great wardrobe. There are so many amazing local stores that carry just about every designer and non designer piece. I mean....we have a damn Nordstrom. Other mainstream stores have opened up here, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, Sephora. 

And I don't even know where this post is going. Basically, wear a damn dress in 30 degrees if you want to. Do things that make you happy. Don't worry about what other people will say. Have fun. Get the tattoo, get that grande white mocha with extra whip, chop your hair, let your kid go to Target in the Buzz Lightyear costume with the kitchen spatula in hand. 

Just have fun. 

Kanye's inner middle school girl signing off. 

what i'm buying from target, online vol. 2

Mar 22, 2016

On my never ending quest to become Target's MVP (most valuable purchaser, I just made that up) I will once again share my finds from the land of the online checkout. After Pierce's ridiculous public tantrum, and my less than stellar attempt at dealing with it last week in Target. I very much decided to place an online order. This might just be my last one until I will be inputing a new address. Crazy! 

Target is very much a labyrinth of good finds. But if your local Target is anything like mine, then those good finds are often hard to find. Things aren't always in the obvious sections, especially when it comes to clearance items. Sometimes they are lumped on an end-cap, others they are just in their designated aisles with a clearance tag, and sometimes they aren't marked at all and we get a wonderful surprise at the checkout! 

So here are some of my recent purchases:
what to buy from Target online
one: I saw this chalkboard/cork board/cuteness in store, and wanted it right then and there for our mudroom, but I knew the price would be less online because Alaska likes to up that kind of stuff. I am so in love with it. It is so cute, well made, and the kids love to write little notes to Chris on it. 

two: These baskets are SO great! I saw the smaller one in store on clearance, but decided to check my phone real quick for the online price. What do you know, a few dollars cheaper!! So to the online cart they went!

three: We can never have too many throw blankets in this house. Seems like everyone needs a huge one to themselves, forget the sharing. So when I saw these blankets a couple weeks ago on clearance I had to pick a couple up. They are so soft I can't take it. I should have gotten six because everyone fights for one of these two. 

four: This rug is another in store find, but they only had one, and I wanted three for our bathroom. So I ordered a couple more. 

five and six: If you are not checking out the online exclusives when it comes to shoes for Target, you are doing it wrong my friends! Both of these are by Faryl Robin, who makes an amazing shoe line for Target. I have had my eye on number six for awhile now, and finally pulled the trigger. And then I just couldn't pass up number five.....I mean spring perfection!

seven: I wore this shirt dress last week in this post, and seriously cannot get enough of it. It also comes in a chambray color. I did end up sizing down to an xs, so just be mindful of the sizing online. But if you can find it in store, definitely try it on! 

eight: Okay, truth is.....these stools are still in my online cart. Chris says we DO NOT need more bar stools since we have four in the garage that are not currently being used. And we are moving. BUT! I want these. So, I think I might just wait a couple more weeks and get them so they are delivered when the movers show up, and a box is a box is a box. No one has to know what's inside. 

nine: So, not this whole outfit, even though it is cute. I just ordered the skirt. Denim skirts are back in a BIG way for spring. I haven't worn a denim skirt since my freshman year in college and I am pretty sure it was of the micro mini variety. I like the pencil skirt length, so I am excited to wear this. 

And that is it!! 

What are you filling your bullseye cart with these days?

does cabin fever have a vaccine?

Mar 21, 2016

This post was sponsored by @GBChildUsa as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the GB Lyfe Pram Travel System to facilitate my review.
GB Lyfe Pram System
I'll be the first to sing the praises of an indoor bounce establishment, or an open gym time for my kids. Alaska winter's are anything but short. And thanks to our latest dump of snow, we were back in the saddle of snow gear over the weekend. Truthfully I am just over it. Loading up the amount of stuff needed to keep my kids warm outside is insane. Four or more of everything. Gotta double the amount of snow pants because sometimes those don't come down as fast as they need, and they get in the line of fire if you know what I mean. Extra gloves for all because someone will lose one. Extra socks because my kids are high maintenance and will need a new pair for the ride home. Tack on strollers, back packs, blankets, and whatever else, and I am exhausted before we even close the garage. 

But it must be done, because we are at the point of watching paint dry inside for entertainment. 
GB Lyfe Stroller System
Not every outing has to be a production is what I have learned. Just getting the kids out on a walk can help immensely. For them, and for Chris and I. Some room to spread out. The boys need wide open spaces. But the girls, not so much. Avalon is not really into the snow. She likes it for about eight minutes and she is done. She doesn't really like being wrapped to tight in all that gear, and Odette is the same way. So finding a happy medium for everyone is a challenge. Until we found a place with snow-free sidewalks for us novice snow people. The Alaska Train Depot. It is only a few minutes from out house. There is always parking, and not too many people. Avalon and I can just stroll around, and the boys can run through all the snow piles left behind from the plows. 
GB Lyfe Car Seat
Perfect place to test out our GB Lyfe Pram. Now, let me tell you this is not our first stroller rodeo. Four kids at all different independence levels means you know a thing or two about what a stroller must have. So I really was excited to see how this one compares to the others I have had. The first thing I noticed with the infant seat is that it holds up to 35 pounds. Odette's previous seat only held up  to 25. She is pushing 22 pounds so we were going to have to switch her out real soon. I didn't want to because she falls asleep in her seat almost daily with our back and forth school runs, and she will take a nice nap in that baby once we get inside. Car seat to crib transfers are the make or break of my lunch eating! So I really liked the seat, and all it's padding, and extra safety measures that the other seat did not have. 
Stroller Systems- GB Lyfe Pram
Another HUGE plus was how easily and flat this stroller folds up! I could almost fit two strollers side by side in my trunk. This is amazing for us when you add in all the snow gear mentioned above. We can fit it all in the back rather than some under the kids feet. 
GB Lyfe Stroller- Infant Bassinet
I also love that this whole system is designed to grow with your child. So you have the option of attaching the car seat to the stroller, no need to wake a sleeping baby once you get to the mall. Or you can attach the bassinet option, which CONVERTS to a toddler seat! I know I know, we are getting crazy here. 
Mom Style- GB Lyfe Stroller -Babies R Us
But it is true! Just a couple quick clicks with some straps and Odette can be sitting upright AND have the options of facing me, or facing out. It can all be changed. Avalon can also fit in the toddler seat which is great if Chris is with me and he can wear Odette in the carrier. Everyone is happy!
See I told you....happy!

Or now frustrated...but happy for a second. 

Honestly, I have been really impressed with this stroller system. It gives you all the bells and whistles without skimping on the safety! It is lightweight, and easy for me to get in and out of the car while wrangling children. 

Perfect for a quick trip to the Train Depot to blow off some steam, but even more perfect for a day of indoor activities as well. 

Check them out at Babies R Us

OH! And did you happen to notice the size of that basket underneath? Prime real estate for some shopping bags if I do say so myself!

stay classy alaska

Mar 20, 2016

topshop longline vest
SheInside Lace Blouse-Spring Style
Vest Outfits for Spring
Topshop Duster Vest-Sring Style
Spring Style- Mom Style- Outfits
lace top: sheinside c/o // vest: topshop via second run (same one here and here)
jeans: gap // lipstick: urban decay in naked2

What a freaking weather weekend we had here in Alaska! I am telling you. We got more snow from Saturday to Sunday than we did all winter!! I mean, I was done. Like more than over this whole "winter wonderland" even before it started. Last weekend we were hiking in just a fleece! Throughout the week all the kids in the neighborhood were slowing breaking out the scooters, and all the dads made sure the sidewalks were free of ice. Than what do you know!! Winter shows up. The amount of cuss words that came out of my mouth when I came downstairs to let Caspian out Saturday morning, rivaled stepping on a Lego. Pissed. 

But, I put on a happy face for the kids, because they thought it was Christmas. They immediately begged to get their snow stuff on, even before having a bite of food. We weren't the only parents standing out there like WTF. All the neighbors were looking at each other like.....who's gunna pull out the snow blower first? And..........go. We were in and out of the house all day. Going for walks, gearing up, and then coming in for hot chocolate. It really felt like winter. Although I was like, nope. I refuse to acknowledge this craziness (goes to rearrange spring clothes in closet). 

Speaking of clothes! This vest!! Just a couple weeks ago I was looking at this same vest at Nordstrom like, do I really need another longline vest? We are moving in a few weeks, will I wear this in Georgia? I walked away. But then last weekend I was at one of my favorite local consignment shops, and luck was on my side because here was this vest! With the tags on, in perfect condition, in my size!!! For a fraction of the price. I was like hot damn it's my lucky day, let's keep shopping. 

I decided to pair it with this beautiful lace blouse (under $20) that I only wish I could wear without an outer layer, but the sleeves have amazing details so it paired nicely. And white jeans, which I never really put away throughout the winter. I mean, do people still go my those old fashion rules? 

Rules are meant to be broken, so stay classy my friends!

beauty advice can be hit or miss

Mar 17, 2016

I really didn't take a great interest in makeup until college. I was very much a tomboy growing up, and really only put makeup on for cheer competitions. Other than that I was running around cleaning horse stalls. My mom was pretty strict on the makeup thing as well. Mascara was okay, blush, and lip gloss. No heavy eyeliner, no over the top eye shadows, and I guess going to a private school also helped because, I mean there were rules! So I didn't embrace makeup until I was on my own. And then shit got cray. Like I am talking I tried every look under the sun. My hair color changed with my mood. And I did some pretty damaging things to my face. Tanning beds, over plucking my eyebrows, not wearing sunscreen, and really not sticking to a regular skin care routine. Shame on me.

So over the years I have received a lot of beauty advice as I have tried to remedy my mistakes. I thought I would share some of that with you. You know, just in case. 
The best beauty advice

-Let's start with eyebrows. The best thing I ever did was go see an eyebrow specialist when I lived in Scottsdale. Not someone you go to just to wax your eyebrows. Someone who is trained in helping you create a shape for your face. You would be surprised at how your eyebrows change your entire look. At the time I was trying to rock that skinny high arch look, and let me tell you, not many people can pull it off. (sorry if this is your current eyebrow situation). Stop the plucking. Fuller eyebrows have been making a comeback for years. The hardest part for me was letting them grow back in. But I did, and my whole face shape changed. The super skinny eyebrows and high arch can actually do the opposite of making you look more youthful and awake. It ages you. So, if you have a specialist in your area, I highly recommend making an appointment. 

-Next is blush. I would say that blush is as important as mascara in your makeup routine. Nothing makes you look more drab than a full face of foundation, with little to no color on your cheeks. It is actually kind of a vampire-ish scary look. But, find a blush that fits for you. A color that gives you a little sun kissed light glow. But, that also brightens your face, and complements the undertones of your skin. 

-Foundation! Your foundation is your base to everything. The age old try your foundation on the back of your hand trick is awful. You should be matching your foundation to your neck. That way you are avoiding any lines, and your makeup looks uniform and flawless. 

-This next piece of advice was huge for me. Brown eyeliner. Black eyeliner is just harsh. Like way to harsh for most people, and a little much for daytime, unless you are rocking a killer winged look. (Let's be real, only Adele is pulling that off day to day). But more than likely a pretty chocolate brown will work wonders. Black eyeliner is great for a date night smokey eye, but not for everyday. 

-I really can't justify spending a lot of money on most beauty treatments. But one that I do recommend to anyone is a facial with microdermabrasion. Having small pores has to do with age, and genetics. But microdermabrasion helps to reduce the size of your pores, ultimately helping your skin all around. It is a splurge, I can understand that. But once you try it, you will want to keep it up. 

-Save money on facial waxing treatments, and do them at home. Once I let my eyebrows grow back, the upkeep is pretty minimal. I just use wax to clean up the above and below areas, and the middle. But one trick to this is numbing. I use teething gel to numb the area before I wax. I sounds crazy, but it makes it so much less painful, and a lot easier to do myself. Trust me on this folks. Grab your baby's teething gel and help yourself. 

-There really is no better beauty advice than moisture. Know your skin type. Oily, dry, combination. Getting  facials can also point you in the right direction as far as what products you should be using. Then get into the habit of cleansing and moisturizing morning and night. But one area that you also need to focus on is your d├ęcolletage. My mom always told me, that you can do anything you want to your face, but your neck will show your age. This is SO true. If you look at all the celebrities with their fillers, and botox, and face lifts, it is doing nothing for their necks. The only way to help that area out is to moisturize. You can even use a firming cream, or anti-aging serum starting now.

-This is probably hands down the best beauty advice. Drink water. I can always tell when I haven't had enough water by the feeling of my lips and face. And for someone who LOVES lipstick, this is huge. So pound water my friends. One thing that helps me is to drink a bottle of water before my coffee. Then another bottle after. And a bottle before every meal. It is hard for me to remember to drink all throughout the day, but easy for me to do it right before I eat.

What are some of your best beauty secrets?

keepin the (faux) fur alive

Mar 16, 2016

Faux Fur Leopard Cropped Jacket
Street Style Outfits
Faux Fur Outfits
Mom Style- Faux Fur Jackets
Alaska Fashion Blogger
faux fur jacket: marciano (old, love this one!) // t-shirt: vince // jeans: one teaspoon
shoes: michael kors // sunglasses: quay // choker: amazon

I have no idea how to dress at this point. Over the weekend it was gorgeous!! Like, we couldn't spend enough time outside if we tried! We got the bbq going for goodness sake (yes, in Alaska, 40 degrees and sunny is bbq weather). Then BAM, a nice dusting of snow. Juuuuust when all the snow and ice had melted around our house, and the kids were able to ride their scooters on the sidewalk. 

So I guess this can be my excuse to keep wearing faux fur, right? I am honestly having the hardest time trying to decide what to pack for our long excursion back to the lower 48. There will be some camping, lots of national park exploring, in and out of hotels. But I am going to need lots of options. I am trying to convince Chris to tow a small uhaul for my closet. He has yet to stop laughing at that idea. 

This is going to be a struggle. My other idea, was that I could pack pretty light until we hit Seattle, and then I can just go shopping. Yet another idea that Chris has yet to get back to me on. But Seattle is my very favorite city of all favorite cities. It's our old stomping many memories were made there. It will probably be the place we spend the most time on the trip. Because I am going to need some good food after driving through the freakin Yukon. Not to mention some good coffee too! 

I am by no means wishing away our time left in Alaska. We have truly grown to love this place. But I am a neurotic planner. So once I put the wheels in motion, I can't stop. Chris is very different, which is why we balance each other out nicely. He is just take it day by day. No need to get ahead of ourselves, very live in the moment. Then I am behind the scenes with thirty different lists, making phone calls, getting all appointments made, basically losing my mind. So thank the match making gods for an ultra chill husband. 

And I just heard a box of legos being allow me to go scream in a corner! 

Happy almost Friday folks! 

the fun adventures happen when dad is home

The stars just aligned this weekend for a great hike. We usually get outside and hike every weekend when the weather allows. But for what seems like forever, the weather has just been awful. The multiple inches of ice covering almost every trail does not exactly add up to my safety meter. Not to mention Chris being gone for five weeks, and I mean, I do a lot of stupid things. Like a lot. But hiking with four kids, one or two of which have to be carried, and ice, a shit ton of ice, is where my stupidity stops. So we suffered in not so much silence until our wilderness guide returned. And thank the heavens above that he did, because I would have hated to miss this weekends prime hiking weather. 
We decided the head south to Portage and see what we could find. Originally we were going to walk an easy trail down there, one we have done before, the trail of blue ice. But we decided we needed much more open space, and privacy. We like to let all of our wild beasts run free, and trails with other people and dogs frown upon our out of control ways. So we decided to just park on the side of the road, and hike down to the lakeside area. It was perfect!
The kids were able to go at their own pace, stop and fill their pockets with rocks, and yell as loud of possible. I wore the baby in my Lille Baby carrier, and can I tell you how comfortable this thing is? I have a lot of carriers, like five. But this one is perfect for a day hike. 
Lille Baby Carrier- Mom Blogger
I really am not sure who was having the most fun here. The boys pretended to fish with sticks they found. Avalon was so content doing her own thing. Sitting taking it all in, or climbing off her throne of a rock to make sure the boys were catching her a really big fish. 

Chris and Caspian just ran around like crazy people. Caspian proved that he is very much a water dog, and loved jumping in that cold water to retrieve a ball or stick. 
We were constantly yelling at the kids to not jump in the water, because although we brought all their cold weather gear, we didn't not bring their rain gear. Rain pants would have come in handy. Not to self....put rain gear in the car. So all was great until Pierce decided that he couldn't take the temptation of the water any longer and belly flopped himself into that very very cold water. The screaming, and I am freezing, thus I am going to die, dramatics followed. I can assure you he was fine. Having a very cold weather enthusiast for a dad really helps in these situations. We stripped his wet clothes off and changed him into a dry set, but because he soaked his snow pants, and snow boots, we had to pull the plug. 
Lille Baby-baby wearing-baby carrier
But three hours outside in constant motion was enough to work up an appetite, and a need for some naps. So we hiked our way back out. I switched Odette to my back so she could fall asleep if needed, and I love that about this carrier, that I have so many options for wearing her, based on her needs. 

Avalon and Pierce fell asleep immediately, and Ace needed pizza to make it a satisfying day. So we stopped and picked up a large pizza, ate, and headed back home. 

We are really trying to soak up all the beauty of Alaska before we have to say see ya later! There really is nothing like a short drive from our house and I get these kinds of views. 

Only in Alaska. 

And a huge thank you to Lille Baby for sending this carrier my way!


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