Anchorage Favorites: Food Edition

Apr 28, 2016

Food. Food is my everything! That is one thing that Chris and I connected on when we first started dating. We loved to eat, and we loved to eat good food. Back before I ever turned on a stove, we went out to eat all the time. Living near Seattle, then moving to Scottsdale, and growing up in Vegas, I feel like I have had the pleasure of eating at some really great restaurants. Well, you can now add Anchorage to one of the best places for food! Are you shocked? I was! Much like the fashion, it took me by surprise just how good some of the restaurants are here. That might be one of the things we are going to miss the most, some of our weekly dining spots. 
Best Places to Eat in Anchorage
This list could get pretty long, and it just might because I really love food. But I am going to try and throw out there all of our favorite places. I might forget a few, and I am sure there are some we didn't even have the pleasure of trying in our almost four years of living here, but here goes nothin. 

-Pizza is among the biggest surprises when it came to Anchorage. Some of the best pizza I have ever had lives here in Alaska. And yes, I have been to New York and Chicago. If you visit Anchorage everyone will tell you to try Moose Tooth, and you should! Amazing specialty pizzas, amazing! But for me, when I want a good cheese pizza, we go straight to Fat Ptarmigan, and I pair it with their chopped salad, which I would legit fight someone over if they told me they could only make one more. It is that good! Now, if we are talking pepperoni pizza then I will have to drive a little further to Chugiak and grab a large pep from Bella Vista (we used to live right by this place when we first moved here, and I will blame them for all my pregnancy weight with Avalon), and while I am there I will have to order their chicken marsala, because, bomb! By far the best pizza in Alaska unfortunately does not live in Anchorage, but Homer, a little place on the spit called Finn's. 

-In this house we like brunch, and Anchorage does a good job of giving us what we want. Starting out with Snow City Cafe, I mean even the President had to make a stop there. There is not one thing on that menu that isn't amazing! Which is why this place is always packed! So just go down a few blocks to The Red Chair Cafe and have your taste buds blown! Insane. And the people in there are amazing! We will also drive a little further on a Costco day to eat at South Restaurant, because no one can say no to sourdough pancakes!!!

-If you have a busy weekend ahead and you need something to fill you up, grab a burrito at Burrito Heaven. You're welcome!

-Moving right along to some favorite little cafe's, because pastries are my love language. Paris Bakery has been our ultimate favorite, the lemon tarts are like....words cannot describe. But I suggest you get there before 11am because then those babies are gone! Fire Island is everyone's hidden gem, as it should be. Just a great place to grab a salted caramel tart and a cup of coffee. By far the largest selection of sweet and savory pastries we have come across lives at The Flying Dutchman Pastry Shop. 

-Burgers are a little hard to come by here in Anchorage, or maybe I am just a picky burger eater, so I stick to one place. Tommy's Burger Stop-- that stella blue burger will live on in my dreams! I am also a chicken sandwich connoisseur, and for that you need to go to a local landmark basically, Lucky Wishbone. The best french fries, chicken sandwich, and milkshakes ever. Period.

-When the rare date night occurs Chris and I go for only a few places, Club Paris (get the prime rib...oh and steak fries), The Crow's Nest, and Whale's Tail. Those last two are in the Captain Cook Hotel, also a place I would highly recommend staying at for a little stay-cation or what have you.

-Things might start to get a little random here, but I have to mention Antonio's Greek Bakery, can you say homemade pita bread and hummus? The salads are amazing, basically everything is good and the owner is the sweetest man you will ever meet, and he will let your children run around and then hand them a piece of baklava! While you are eating at Antonio's you should probably walk across the parking lot to A Pie Stop. You might be full of greek food, but you will want a pie for later. Trust me.

-Shall we move on to coffee? Chris is a coffee fanatic! I am talking knows more about coffee than one human possibly should. He is pretty picky, which has turned me into a low standard coffee snob. So when I am out with him he only likes to go to a couple places, SteamDot, and Black Cup. I looooove SteamDot, their vanilla latte is heavenly! And Black Cup's white mocha is more than worth the drive with screaming kids. Fun fact: you can also buy Black Cup coffee at Target here in town!! Both of these places roast their own beans and you can taste the freshness. We have loaded up on our favorites from both for our trip. Takin' a little piece of Anchorage with us!

Okay....this is getting a little long, and I know I haven't even mentioned so many places. But, if you are visiting the Anchorage area this list should get you started!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope to see some of you at the Mother's Day event I am hosting at the 5th Avenue Mall on Sunday! If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) I am sure I will snap the thing to death!

full sleeves

Ruffle Sleeve Tops for Spring
Spring tops- Zara
Feminine tops and boyfriend jeans -Asos
Spring trends- Full sleeve tops
Simple cute outfit ideas for spring and summer
Spring outfit inspo- Alaska style blogger
blouse: zara (similar options below) // jeans (now on super sale!!) // shoes // sunglasses

Is it Friday yet? Is this the never ending week for anyone else? I felt like Monday night I was saying, tomorrow is Friday right? This week was the week for any and all doctors appointments. Kids, me, Chris, Caspian, everyone now has clean teeth and a clean bill of health. Which basically means I am exhausted! Shuffling kids from one place to the next, back and forth to Ace's school because god-forbid he misses recess or something else that could hinder his educational experience. But let's stop talking about the longest moving process ever and move on to this outfit. 

Loving the full sleeve and ruffle trend happening right now. It really takes an otherwise plain tee and gives it spirit fingers! You could easily dress it up or down, no other accessories needed. And while taking these pictures my photographer (Chris) said "are those boy jeans?" which then I had to explain the meaning behind boyfriend jeans, that went way over his fashion knowledge head. I have to say even though I like to get dressed up and feel sexy, I always revert back to a masculine sense. I guess I haven't really shaken the tomboy inside me. I love the look and feel of a baggy boyfriend jean. Yes, it does absolutely nothing for my figure, but it is comfy. And the juxtaposition of these jeans with a feminine top does wonders for my street style heart. Do you ever feel that way with a certain style of clothing? Like's not super flattering...but damn I still like it?! 

Well, in any event, I am just happy to be wearing short sleeves and open toed shoes! The temps are glorious right now. Not particularly in the morning when I have to get up and let Caspian out, it is still a little brisk for me at that time in the am. But as the day goes on we start to spend the majority of our time outside. 

This happens to be my favorite time in Alaska. Everything gets green right before your eyes! I swear, I looked at one of the trees in our backyard the other day and it had the tiniest little leaf buds, and now we have full blown leaves on that bad boy and I can't help but stare. It sounds so silly, but after months of nothing but ice, the glimmer of summer gets me all giddy! 

Who am I? I think I need to end this post now. Here are some other full sleeve tops I am loving:

battle of the dry shampoo

Apr 26, 2016

Dry shampoo. By far my most coveted beauty item. I will choose dry shampoo over makeup any day. I mean, if I have to choose one. Greasy hair or bare face, it's going to be bare face. I kind of feel like dry shampoo has always been apart of my life. Way back in the days of competitive dance and cheer where the stage moms would shake baby powder on our hair during a quick change, to soak up sweat and make our hair look fresh for the next routine. Well some genius decided to throw it in an aerosol can and give it a name. And to you...whoever you are, allow me to say thank you. 
The best dry shampoos- Pardon My French
I have used a lot of different dry shampoos. Some I absolutely hate. Others are just okay if you are in a pinch. Then there are your holy grail ones. The ones you are grabbing if your house catches on fire, because damn it you will not have gross flat lifeless hair.

Clearly that is a little dramatic, but I need to get my passion for this product across. Which brings me to the battle rounds. I decided to pit these bottles against each other, why? Who knows....but here are my feelings.

Starting in the left corner with Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo. I started using this one awhile ago, and I really do like it. It does come out of the can white, but I find that it absorbs nicely, and the white powder brushes away rather easily. I don't mind the smell, and I love that the bottle is large and at a nice price point, $6.19 to be exact. The only thing that I don't get with this dry shampoo is volume. And I really need volume. I usually have to follow this one up with a root spray to get a little height. 

Our next contender in the brown bottle with the grey top we have Batiste! I have sung the praises of this super affordable dry shampoo for years. I absolutely love that this comes in a tinted version for brown hair. When my hair was much darker this also helped to hide my lighter roots. I love this stuff. If you are looking for a super affordable dry shampoo, this is the one. Smells good, refreshes the hair, and adds some volume. 

Moving on to the pricier opponents. Starting with Living Proof's dry shampoo. I saw Cara review this product on her blog awhile ago, and I watched the video a couple times and thought, okay, I should try this. Then I saw Kate sing it's praises on snapchat and thought, what am I waiting for? So I bought a bottle. This stuff is a grease magician. I'm telling you I can get away with 24 hours of good looking hair by using this one time. It smells nice, it leaves no white residue, and it volumizes. The other thing I noticed with this is that it gave my hair some texture. It is not a texturizing spray by any means, but I started noticing that I could actually curl my second or third day hair with this stuff. Truly, truly like it. It comes in at the $22 price point. So if you only use dry shampoo a couple times a week, I think this would last for you. But for me, I use dry shampoo almost daily, sometimes twice a day depending on if I need a touch up before I go out. Like I said, I also found myself spraying this on clean hair for some texture, so I went through it quick! If you don't happen to use dry shampoo that often I would recommend this. 

And our final dry shampoo fighter, weighing in at about 3.5 oz is Detox Dry Shampoo by Drybar. When I went and got a couple hair treatments about a month ago, this was used on my hair during my blowout. I was like, well well well, what have we here? The next time I was at Sephora I picked up a bottle. Right off the bat I have to say that when it was sprayed in the salon I thought it had a very nice smell. But then when I used it in my very small bathroom I was like WHOA! That packs a punch. Not in a horrible smell way, more in an intense way. If you need a dry shampoo after a workout to freshen up, this is what you need. The smell does stay for a long time too. Which I guess can be good or bad. For me it was a little overpowering. But I looked past that because the results are AMAZING! It also comes in a tinted version for darker hair, which is a huge plus. It volumizes and absorbs oil without drying out your hair. I also noticed how light this one was. You really didn't feel like you sprayed anything in your hair, but you saw a noticeable difference. It is $23, and I am still currently using it. 

It looks like none of these were a total knock out. So it goes to the cards. If you are new to dry shampoos I would definitely recommend the Batiste, you get the most bang for your buck. If you have been using dry shampoos for awhile and are ready to step your game up, I'd go straight for the Living Proof. As much as I like the results of the Drybar, the smell for me is a little much.

So there you have it! What is your favorite dry shampoo?

5th Avenue Mall Mother's Day Event

I am so excited to be hosting the Mother's Day event this Sunday at the 5th Avenue Mall!! If you are local and in the area, grab your mom, sister, best friend's neighbors cousin, and take a break for a couple hours to celebrate YOU! There will be great food, fashion, and prizes. I would absolutely love for you to join me. Let's shop, let's mingle, and most importantly let's eat at a semi-normal pace without having to chase our children (unless of course you need to bring your children , in which case I will chase them so you can eat). Sound good? I hope to see you there!

5th avenue mall mother's day event- anchorage
all the info can be found here as well

straight hair + crop tops

Apr 25, 2016

Matching Sets-Boohoo
Crop tops and High waist pants
Crop tops for spring
Crop top outfit inspo
Boohoo crop top matching set
Crop tops- Alaska style blog
Spring outfits- Crop tops and wide leg pants
crop top and pants // shoes: zara (old, identical here) // clutch: zara (old, similar) // lipstick

What a weekend! Truly non-stop, and by non-stop I mean non-stop eating! On my part. We had a couple going away parties to attend this weekend, a friends, and then some of our friends threw us one. I ate a lot! Homemade mac and cheese is a weakness of mine, and that was placed right in front of me. As was a bowl of queso dip that I single handedly finished off. I couldn't be contained. I did however pay for it yesterday as my entire body felt like a ton of bricks, and my head wanted to explode. But I try and forget all that and live in the memory of me stuffing my face (it was caught on snapchat as well). 

Other than eating and staying out way past my bed time. We got right back down to business clearing out rooms and cleaning. Our pile of what we are taking with us just keeps growing, and I am now beginning to worry as I have yet to pack myself. Chris is beginning to think we will need to drive two cars. I however will not let that happen. I am kind of loving the fact that I might just get to sit for hours on end with my children strapped in seats. It sounds harsh....but you know you have had that incredible feeling of accomplishment when you hear the very last click of a seat belt and you can run around the car like "f*** yea! They are all in!" car it is. 

Another thing that I have been saying no to lately is curling my hair. I go through phases with my hair where I love/need/live for a messy curl. But this  last week I started cheating on my curling iron with my straightener. When I first met Chris I only straightened my hair. Stick straight long almost black hair, all the time. Then that wore off and the curls came back. I have gone back and forth ever since, and now the straightener is the first thing I reach for. Does anyone else do this? I love a good curl, but super quick is the name of the game for right now. I also like how it changes the feel of an outfit. I am obsessed with this crop top matching set. The pants are a super wide leg, and the added bonus of a high waist makes it look like I actually have legs! I think people are always intimidated by crop tops, and rightfully so, they put it all out there. But moms especially try and find the happy medium of classy, and sexy. A high-waisted pant with a crop top bridges that my opinion. There isn't too much skin showing, and you can keep everything else simple and let the outfit do the talking. Plus, all black hides the food residue that my children wipe on me. 

Done and done. Now back to Monday. 

let's do brunch

Apr 22, 2016

Mixing neutrals for spring
Birkenstock outfit inspo
Mixing neutrals- leather jacket and white jeans
Simple spring outfit ideas-neutrals
Cute Outfits for Spring
Alaska Style Blogger- Spring Outfits
leather jacket: old, similar // sweater: old, similar on sale! 
jeans // shoes // sunglasses  only $12!!!!

If given the choice, I will always choose brunch. More specifically Sunday brunch. I like to get a slow start to the day, if that means throwing the kids a lara bar to hold off their hunger from clawing my face off while I get ready, so be it. There is just something about going out at a later time, strolling into a restaurant, and having to decide if I want breakfast or lunch....but the choice is there. I usually go the breakfast route, the kids go for lunch with a side of french toast no matter where we are. And Chris eats the whole menu. I always want Sunday brunch as my cheat meal for the week. Because we eat whole30 meals and snacks throughout the week, by Thursday Chris and I are both planning what our cheat meal will be. Do we go for pizza on Friday? But then you have to go the whole weekend with nothing else to look forward to. Do you do Saturday morning breakfast? Or what about dinner Saturday? For me, I always want to finish it off with brunch on Sunday. I don't always win. Sometimes my cravings get the best of me and I need to eat a medium pizza, immediately. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Well, if you have ever done a round of whole30 then you know what your body feels like when you eat 100% clean for 30 days. You kind of feel like you can fly. It is hard, but so worth it. And we did our first round more than a year ago and have continued trying to eat that way ever since. Particularly once I realized that my insane frequent headaches were food related. So now I just choose to endure a very mild headache a day after a cheat meal, depending on what I ate. I actually got one of my neighbors to try a round of whole30, her family has been eating paleo for years and she wanted to see the difference. Right now she is almost done with week two and wants to murder me in my sleep. HA! The cravings are so bad. But I have a bottle of wine ready for when she makes it to the end. 

Another thing I love about Sunday's and brunch and Alaska....sitting outside. We will always opt to sit outside no matter the chilly temps because my children do not do well with the whole inside voices thing. And when a fork goes flying I breathe a sigh of relief that there is no chance I will be sued for assault with a deadly dining weapon. We may be the only ones out there, people may think we are crazy, and they would be right. But we take food very seriously around these parts, and mama needs to eat!

Anchorage Favorites: Shopping Edition

Apr 20, 2016

Shopping in Anchorage Alaska
When we first got the news that we would be stationed in Anchorage I was sitting outside in our backyard in Georgia, watching Ace play in a little kiddie pool, sipping on sweet tea while holding a 10 month old baby Pierce. Chris called and said "we are goin to Alaska". I immediately ran inside to consult with the higher power.....Google. Obviously I was very concerned with the shopping scene. Thankfully my search turned up Target, Costco, and Nordstrom. I thought....I will survive after all! 

Shortly after moving here and getting comfortable with driving in snow, I found places that would make any shopaholic feel right at home. 

The first place I went to was Ozarks. I was looking to stock up on some of my favorite candle brands, and they carry the best! After getting there I realized this was the mecca of home furnishings. They have quite the mix of antique, vintage, and new finds. The shop is separated into rooms, so you feel like you are walking into a Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot. It is glorious, and I could get lost in there for hours. A small world Anchorage can be, because Ace ended up going to the same preschool as the owner's children of this amazingness. I got to know them from morning drop-offs and truly gained even more appreciation for this family owned gem. 

From there I learned about Duane's Antqiue Market when I was looking for a dresser for Avalon's room. Here is where the real antiques live! I spent three hours looking through this two story building, with an attached garage filled with amazing wooden pieces. Baskets full of knobs and trinkets. Signs, kitchen wear, clothing, art! A true local showroom!

My shopping adventures then led me to Second Run, a consignment shop (which I have mentioned on here and instagram so many times). The second I walked into this place I knew it was goooood! Their clothing selection is on point! Carrying top designer brands. Not to mention their handbag collection is insane! Particularly some of the Louis Vuitton pieces they get in. The girls in there are always so nice, and they don't mind at all when Avalon wants to try things on. 

Second Run automatically leads you to Blush a boutique right next store. Blush is where you are going to find all the newest and hottest pieces each season. They have such a well curated selection of pieces that are in style and on trend, but Alaska friendly. Which can be a hard mix, but they do it well! They also have amazing First Friday events every month. 

If you stroll a little further south, I happily fell in the lap of Posh Boutique when I was grabbing a coffee at my favorite place SteamDot. I found this place a few month after having Avalon, and was in that "nothing fits, so I need new clothes" phase. I instantly fell in love in there. So many cute things, and the people in there are so sweet! I am big on customer service if you can't tell. They have a wide range of price points, so there is something for everyone! 

As if the shopping couldn't get better, a couple years ago when Chris was marathon training we went over to Skinny Raven (like a runners playground, and one of Chris' favorite stores). Since running isn't really my scene you can imagine my joy when I looked across the street and saw Her Tern. A wonderfully cute shop nestled right on the corner. I told Chris I would meet him back in the car. This is like a wonderland for shoes and accessories. Shoes are my ultimate weakness, so I spent some time trying stuff on. I walked away with a couple pairs of boots and a new pair of jeans. Safe to say Chris doesn't really invite me on his shopping trips anymore.

These last two are semi recent discoveries, but they need to be mentioned. Jennifer (a super stylish mama here in Anchorage) posted about this cute boutique on Instagram awhile ago called The Park Boutique. Just from the quick shot on her gram, I knew I had to go check it out. It took me awhile to get over there but it was worth that wait! This boutique transports me right back to Vegas and the amazing little stores you would stumble upon. The merchandising is impeccable! The jewelry, the clothes, the home goods. All amazing! I am kind of sad it took me so long to get over there. Also found on Instagram is this next spot, Love It Again Consignment. I wish this store was open three years ago! I would have lived in there. We stopped in here last weekend when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye when we were on our way to REI. I made Chris pull over and let me out. The kids were already screaming, but I said give me five minutes. And ten minutes was all it took for me to find a couple things to bring home. All the home goods are so fun, and the prices are insane! Again, I only wish I would have gone here sooner.

And there you have it. I am sure I am missing so many other amazing shops in and around the Anchorage area. This place is filled with some incredibly amazing businesses, and more importantly, people!

How I tackle online shopping

Apr 19, 2016

I would say 90% of everything I buy is offline. I feel like this is not shocking to most people because online shopping is just the norm. I probably didn't shop as much online until I moved to Alaska and added two more children to my daily crew. Anchorage does have a few of my frequent shopping stops, Nordstrom, Sephora, Ulta, H&M, Target, Old Navy, and Fovever 21. But many times I just hide in my office and fill up a virtual cart. It is easier, my children are most likely sleeping, and I have gotten pretty good at it.
How I tackle online shopping!
How is one good at online shopping? I know my retailers. And I keep a fabric measuring tape close by. Many of the places I like to shop from are Shopbop, Asos, Zara, and J Crew, all places we do not have up here, and some are strictly the online variety anyway. Large scale retailers can be a little overwhelming, especially online where there is so much to look at. This is how I break it down....

-Know your sizes! Most people may be saying, well how do I know how things will fit? Know your proportions. This goes way beyond "small", "size 2" and so on, know your exact measurements. So many retailers will tell you the measurements of the item, so you can gauge from there whether a small, medium, or large will fit. Also reviews are your BFF in virtual shopping. If 50 people out of 72 said the arms of the shirt are a little tight, I'd trust that. If you have trouble with shirts being tight in the arms, maybe that is not a good buy, no matter how cute is it, and no matter how much you want it. I know that for me Old Navy, Gap, J Crew, and Banana Republic, I am going to be sizing down. Especially in pants. European sizing can be hit or miss, Zara, H&M, and many brands on Asos. Being able to measure the item, compare it to the sizing listed for the model, and then add in the reviews, I can feel pretty confident in my sizing purchase.  

-Which brings me to my next favorite thing, Google Images. If I am looking at an item, but the very tall and thin model is not really giving me a good depiction of how something will fit, I open a new tab for some images. Just google the item. In a world of street style and fashion blogging, someone is bound to have posted that item! Hopefully that will help with how you see something fitting. Like the top may not be boxy looking on the J Crew model, but the real world snapshot of it tells a different story. 

-Cost per wear. This is basically my method for everything. I have no problem spending money on shoes and handbags because that is where I know I am getting my moneys worth. But when it comes to trendy pieces, I normally don't shill out too much. Cost per wear. If I can wear it a few times and it can make it through the washer and I only spent $20 on it, I'm cool with it. Just know where you are spending your money, know your fabrics, and how much you're willing to pay for something. 

-Use your search terms, and filters. If you are looking for something specific, then type that in so you are not trying to click through 17 pages of distressed jeans. If you know you want a light wash cropped flare, then search for that. Then narrow it down from there, between inseam and waist size. That way you are aren't overwhelmed and just give up on the search. I am a short girl, always have been, always will be. Standing tall at 5'4 on a top knot day. So the flares with the 36 inseam are probably not my friend because I can only wear them with a ultra high heel. Back to cost per wear.....if it is limited in it's abilities it may not be for me. 

-Use other search sites like, ShopStyle, and Polyvore. These sites will pull up the items you want and all the retailers that carry them. So you can find your size, and you may even find a better price. They also give you options of similar items that you might like even more. You can also "like" certain items and then wait on them until they go on sale, which you will get in the form of an email alert! That is probably one of my favorite things about these sites, because J Crew, Gap, and Banana have a sale like every other week! And Nordstrom now does the price matching, so you can get a great price on things. 

I mean I know this all seems like a no brainer, online shopping is not rocket science. But I have received a lot of emails from people asking if I knew where to get a specific item, or how to find boots to match a certain top, or I want to get this shirt for my husband, so on and so forth. And truly I love those emails because well, I love to shop online, and I will take any excuse to do it. Even if it isn't for myself. Does that signal a problem? Probably....

soaking up sweaters

Apr 17, 2016

Boohoo cut out sweater
Spring Street Style
Spring Sweaters- Boohoo
Spring sweater inspiration
Cut out sweater- Boohoo
Alaska Style Blog
sweater // jeans // bag // shoes: zara (similar) // lipstick

Weekends seem non-existent when you are preparing for a move right? Because even on the weekends you are shuffling children, taking turns keeping them out of the room in which you are trying to pack/organize or in my case, just throw everything out. Staying up late, or getting up super early in order to go through the hoards of toys without your children protesting. This weekend I also decided to start on my closet. Yes, I know that the military fully sends people in to help with all these things, but if I am being completely honest, I have a very hard time letting other people touch my stuff. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that they come in and do the tearing apart and the heavy lifting. Chris and I have moved ourselves quite a few times and that shit is no fun. But when it comes to my closet, I have to do that myself. I want stuff to stay on hangers, I want my shoes in the boxes and organized. I want my hats stuffed and placed just right so they don't get bent. I want all purses in dust bags and wrapped like little burritos....see I am a movers worst nightmare, which I have learned. So I just do it myself to avoid the incredibly micromanaging infuriating human being that I can become. And this will be our first move with four children, so I am not quite sure how the whole process is going to go. When it was just Ace and Pierce I was still pretty available to answer any questions the movers had along the way. This time I may be of no help, so I am really trying to make it as easy as possible on everyone involved. 

In other weekend news we semi celebrated Avalon's birthday, early. Since we will be on the road for her real birthday, we wanted to surprise her with some stuff that she can play with before we say bye bye to all the toys (so excited for that day). 

I am also trying to wear all the sweaters I possibly can before I kiss those babies goodbye as well. Mornings are still pretty chilly here, so I can get away with a chunky sweater or a couple layers. By the afternoon we have all the windows open in the house, and the kids are asking for short sleeves, and to play with the water table on the deck. It's bittersweet around these parts. We are so excited for this trip, and our next adventure, but so many amazing memories were made here in Alaska. And daily I find myself changing my mind. I go from yay, I am super excited to see what this next chapter holds. Then I switch it up to, but summer in Alaska is my favorite time! Then, a box of something we ordered for our road trip shows up and I am throw back into....yay! When do we leave, I can't wait to get on the road and start this adventure. 

I can't even keep up. 

I guess I will just start by tackling Monday. 

Cool Kids Clothes || Sailor Janes Giveaway

Apr 14, 2016

Cool Kids Clothes with Sailor Janes
The truth is, I love dressing other people more than myself. I think that is what I loved so much about working in merchandising, because I enjoyed putting outfits together. Whether that was on a mannequin, a table display, or a story board. It all just got me a little giddy inside. Fast forward to having kids, and I have built in little mannequins to style. I could do without the back talk all the time, but the end results make me happy, even if I am a sweaty mess after wrestling Pierce into some pants. But kids fashion is just fun. I always like finding little shops started by moms who have an eye for cool kids clothing. A one stop shop for a well curated closet full of goodies. That is Sailor Janes for you. The brands carried are so cute! From the prints, to the fabrics, to the graphic tees, all so adorable.
Super Hero Tee-Sailor Janes
When I was browsing the site I immediately stopped on this tee for Pierce, since he can be seen in any given super hero costume laying around in the playroom. This tee gives him his very own cape! (It's called the bandit tee, but don't tell Pierce. It has a cape, so it is a superhero). And I don't mind looking at it either. It beats the full Spider-Man getup any day! He also loves it because he thinks it's him. 
Cool Kids Fashion
Leopard Print Blouse- Sailor Janes
Avalon is super opinionated about what she wants to wear. I wonder where she gets that from? Most days I just give up and let her pick out her own outfits because I have to choose my battles. I'd rather not start my day with a fight since I know it will end with one, trying to get Pierce to eat all his dinner. So I let her look on the site and pick out something she liked. She picked this top, and about 20 other things. But this top was the first pick so I went with that. She has quite the eye for kids fashion. If only I could get her to stop wearing these tan boots! Battle for another day I guess.....
The quality of the pieces are amazing! And I love that everything is fun, and trendy, and I only wish there were a few things in my size! But with summer rapidly approaching, I am thrilled that Sailor Janes is kind enough to giveaway a $50 store credit to a super lucky reader (and kiddo because lets be real, they are the ultimate winner here). So take a spin on the rafflecopter!

May the internet forces be with you!

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laced up in denim (of course)

How to style white jeans for spring
Denim on denim outfits
White denim and white sneakers
Denim lace up top- Shopbop
Denim on denim Momstyle
cuff: rocksbox c/o

My denim on denim combinations know no bounds! I totally blame the fact that I was raised on a horse ranch and my days consisted of wearing incredibly stiff denim. The love has flourished into a full blown obsession, and I will always choose denim over anything. Chris might secretly, or not so secretly at times, hate it. When a box shows up at the house he will automatically say "let me guess.....denim". Psychic. The man has psychic abilities! 

That is one thing I have to give Alaska, the weather even in the summer allows for jeans. And a lot of times you want your legs covered with the amount of mosquitoes that surround you. But when we lived in Georgia the first time around, I can remember even jeans were a little warm for me. That didn't stop me then, it probably wont stop me now, I just remember being's like a sauna in my pants right now. Thank goodness for heavily distressed denim.  Built in AC. Or at least that is what I will tell people when they ask me how I can possibly be wearing jeans in that kind of heat and humidity! 

Growing up in triple digits in Vegas, the heat is a dry heat. No humidity to deal with, no added factors. Just hot. Having lived in there for 18 years of my life, and then living in Arizona as well, I almost think the dry heat is a little easier to deal with. I may be alone in this thinking, but there is one thing for sure, my hair feels the same way! Dry heat equals curls stay in place, humidity equals, curls? What curls? I swear I just had them five minutes ago! 

So ladies any good humidity sprays, or must have hair products? 

Borrowing from the boys || Nivea Post Shave Balm

Apr 13, 2016

So, recently I have been seeing this amazing new primer product out there. Plenty of my favorite YouTubers have raved about it, and I have seen so many reviews on it, so I thought I would give it a try. Allow me to introduce you to the newest face primer on the bathroom counter. The Nivea Post Shave Balm. I didn't make this stuff up people, I am simply sharing the makeup knowledge with you. 

I'm always down to try the latest and greatest, because what do you really have to lose? (money Kelsey, that's what you are losing) This one is a cheap thrill at the low low price of $5.59. You may even be able to find it in the free section of your husbands side of the bathroom. So lets get down to it. 
My review of the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer
I have seen and read that this stuff is amazing as a primer. Like smooth as a baby's bottom on your face kind of deal. Which I am all about that feeling. So I picked up a bottle on a random Target run. I wanted to really give this a try with a clean slate. So I didn't do anything fancy with my cleansing and moisturizing routine. Kept my tried and true products in line and didn't incorporate anything new. Then in the morning I went in with this. Obviously the first thing you notice is the smell. It smells like aftershave....surprise...surprise. All the reviews I read said that the smell fades after a while. I'll elaborate on that in a second. The other thing I noticed right away was the consistency. Not your usual primer feel, mainly because this is not intended as a primer. But it still went on nicely. It did not soak into my skin as fast as my normal primer, but we went with it. 

I let it dry for a few minutes before I put my foundation on. I also noticed that I felt like I had a thin layer of something on my face, not a smooth surface. Just like my face was a little sticky. I put my foundation on, and it did go on smooth I will admit. And then, we wait........

I have combination skin to begin with, so I can go from dry to oily in the blink of an eye, and then back again. I do feel like this was moisturizing when I first put it on. I went about my day and after about three hours I checked in the mirror. My foundation was not cakey or melting off, but it did start to settle into my fine lines and pores. 

Also, I would get whiffs of the aftershave when I would walk which was a little surprising. Not bad, I am just not used to smelling that way. When Chris got home from work, the experiment was still going strong. I was making dinner and he went to give me a kiss and immediately asked if I was wearing cologne. Ha! So safe to say the smell does not fade completely. I explained that this was very important blog research going down and I was simply wearing Nivea aftershave. Not

Before we sat down for dinner I ran to check the face situation. It was not good my friends! My t-zone was oil city. Like I probably could have cooked our dinner on my face. My foundation had completely melted off my cheek bones. Even Chris noticed that this was not my usual makeup application.

So safe to say this "primer" did not work for me. Does that mean it won't work for you, no. My body chemistry is probably very different. I would say that if you have oily skin this may not be your BFF. I do like that it contains witch hazel, and no alcohol, so it is not drying to your skin. Which for me meant that I got quite shiny as the day went on. I really did want this to work because hello, inexpensive. But the results were not like I had seen or read. I think I will be sticking to my usual primer.

I also love the smashbox hydrating primer, and if you are looking for a great affordable primer I would go with this one by e.l.f .

Have you tried the Nivea as a primer? Lemme know!

crochet city

Apr 11, 2016

Boho Spring Style
Crochet top- SheInside
Crochet and Fringe
Festival Looks- Crochet and Fringe
Boho Outfits for Spring
crochet top: sheinside c/o // flares: nordstrom // bag: target // sunglasses: vintage gucci 

Really feeling some festival vibes here lately. Not even sure where that is coming from, I don't think I have ever gravitated towards a strong boho feel. But I don't know, I just like it. Maybe it's the light flowy feel to everything, the fabrics, the patterns. Rockin my mama world right now. 

But really, my style changes more than the Alaskan weather. I just go with how I feel rather than trying to fit into one category of style. And I try to pick pieces that I instantly like. This cross body bag is a great example. I was alone in Target, taking my time walking from section to section when I realized I haven't checked out the hat and bag situation lately. I immediately saw this bag in the cream (also comes in black) and was're coming home with me. It is made well, the detailing on it is great, and it's the perfect little spring piece to add some flare. 

There is definitely some spring in the air here in Alaska. Although I am pretty sure that is what the east coast thought before some more snow showed up. Did I just jinx Alaska? Probably. This is one of my favorite times in Alaska though, you can start to see the little buds showing up on the trees. The snow and ice have melted and given way to the fall like colors that were hidden underneath. If anyone was lazy like us and didn't rake the last of the fall leaves before winter showed up, then you get to relive all that too. Sorry to my neighbors for the eyesore.......we will be out of the neighborhood before you know it. 

Which brings me to think that they cannot wait to enjoy Halloween this year without my incredibly creepy house giving their children nightmares! We are real fun to live next to, can't you tell? 


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