5 things on a Friday

Sep 30, 2016

Oh how happy I am that it is Friday! For no other reason than, we are getting my favorite barbecue for dinner, and you know how I love a good cheat night. I look forward to these things all week. Chris and I throughout the week are like "what are we going to have this weekend? Pizza? BBQ? Sushi?" it's a big freakin deal. Or ours lives are just that boring, that is seems like a big deal. Let's move on shall we?
Fall Home Decor

-I bought some pumpkins yesterday. Pierce and Avalon were just NOT leaving the grocery store without them. Normally I am all for the decorating of the house. But this year I am just so lazy. It could also be that I was told in May that I am anemic. And it is kind of an everyday battle searching for energy. The blood builders, the B-12, the horse size iron supplements, it's all hit or miss. So climbing into the attic to search for the "fall decor" boxes is just too much. But these cute little pumpkins, and the mums we picked up over the weekend with have to suffice. I sure as hell will rally for Halloween. Don't you worry. We have new neighbors to piss off. 

-I got a couple new books in yesterday, this one, and this one. Clearly I am on some kind of mentally mess me up thriller kick, but I'll let you know how that goes. I finished this book, and I highly recommend it. I also finished this one over the weekend, and I was just kind like, ehh about it. I guess I need a little mind fuckery to really enjoy something. Ha! But I am making an effort to read more at night, and not get sucked into the TV, even though Narcos is hard to walk away from. 

-I haven't checked Old Navy in awhile and was looking for some cute boots for the girls last night, and I mean surprise surprise, they are having a sale! Up to 50% off site wide. AND my favorite pair of grey jeans in on sale too. Seriously love the fit of those jeans. Anyhooooo...I got Avalon these boots that are on sale for $16!!!! And these floral boots. Odette needs shoes like she needs a hole in the head, because her older sister had quite the collection going, but I thought these boots were just too cute to click away from. 

-Some of my favorite posts from this week, Stephanie always give it to ya straight, Grace seriously finds the best shoes in the world....so take her tips seriously, and Jennifer is my new hero for this whole30 recipe. Finding recipes that are actually whole30 (sometimes I question if people really know what whole30 approved is) is hard, but I am making this asap!

-There is a playground near the kids' school that I try and stop at a couple times a week after pick up, just to get that last little bit of energy out before we tackle homework, and showers, and whatever else we having going on on any given day. And as I was sitting and watching them play, and taking a break from feeding Odette like a petting zoo animal, I caught myself writing a text to Chris "I think we should go camping soon, it would be so fun with the dogs!" and then I almost fell over once I realized what I just sent. Heat exhaustion is a crazy bitch. Camping? With two insanely large dogs and four kids? I create my own chaos. 

Happy Friday friends! I am now actively taking recommendations to a psychiatrist. 

southern charm

Sep 29, 2016

Denim on Denim Outfits
Triple the Denim
Denim from head to toe
Denim on Denim Outfit
Denim Outfits
Denim on Denim Outfits
denim jacket // chambray shirt // jeans: zara (similar) // shoes 

One thing I love about living in the south, are the homes. Before Chris and I could ever imagine the kinds of places we would live, he would tell me about how one day he wants a bunch of land so that I can teach him how to ride a horse. Our dogs running around. And a large deck that wraps around the whole house so that he can go out every morning and have his coffee. It sounds like a nice little dream right? Well that is the fantasy plan. Once this military chapter comes to a close and our future is a little more concrete, we would love for that dream to become a reality. I am a country girl at heart. Sure I love the amenities that a city has to offer, but as long as UPS can get to my house I am a happy camper. 

I have always had this double side to me. Growing up I was around cowboys. I got up in the morning before the sun came up and would start to water down the arenas for training. Grab horses and start saddling them up. Whether it was before or after school I was covered in dirt and horse hair. I loved barrel racing and horse shows. But then I would go home and wash it all off. Play with makeup, curl my hair, and make a mess of my room trying to put outfits together. 

It was always funny when the two words would collide. One night my friend and I were going to a Rascal Flatts concert and my horse trainer called me to tell me that she was stuck in a town about two hours away and needed me to go pick up shots from the vet and give them to a sick foal that was in the barn. So I went. When I showed up at the vets office, a place that I was at frequently, they looked at me like...what are you wearing? Who is this? And if I remember correctly my vet said "you look a little different when you're not covered in horse boogers". 

Or another time when I had a cheerleading competition on the same day that I had a horse show. Changing out of a cheer uniform in a horse stall and getting into starched jeans and chaps without stepping in horse shit is no easy thing. 

But I kind of feel a sense of familiarity with Georgia. It's a little bit country, but in a charming way. I kind of such soak it all in, because soon enough we will be off to the next place!

And there is a random post for your Thursday. I guess this is what happens when I wear head to toe denim. It gets me all nostalgic. 

a day at the gardens

Sep 28, 2016

Whenever we move, one of the top things I search for is a botanical garden. This is purely a selfish move, because no one else really wants to go. They go because they know their lives will just be easier if we do one thing that mom wants to do.

So that was Sunday. We didn't have a lot of time to go do something because Sunday's are insane, so I just wanted to get everyone out of the house for a couple hours.
Columbus, GA Botanical Gardens
Once again, when we got there we noticed that the place was rather small. That seems to be a running theme for us. I look something up online, get everyone on board with the idea, then we get there and everyone says "this is it?". Small town means small attractions right? But it wasn't any less charming. I just told the kids to walk slow and it might appear to be bigger. Ha!
Botanical Gardens, Columbus GA
There were lots of cute houses, and a large barn that would be perfect for family pictures. Or senior portraits, just depending on how crazy you want to get. It was also about 90 something out, which never stops us. Chris said at one point, "I think we will be the only people wearing shorts and sandals when it is in the 50's." And I think he is right. We are the only people wandering around in this heat, not in search of air conditioning. We just can't get enough of summer.
After we walked around and saw the flowers, we decided to just play in the open grass area. There is also a trail here, but sandals don't make for good trail shoes. Rain check on that one. Instead Chris and I knew we only had a limited amount of time to get out as much energy from the kids as possible. And since all my children have an incredible competitive spirit, we had them race. 
Avalon wasn't winning so she just sat down and pouted. Odette cheated and only went half way and turned around. Work smarter not harder kids. And Pierce will never accept defeat, so him and Ace kept on racing for another 30 minutes. 
Everyone was hot. Everyone was sweaty. And everyone was begging to get into the car. 

Then three out of four fell asleep on the way home. 

Parental hacks are my specialty. 

3 beauty products that surprised me recently

Sep 26, 2016

As the beauty counter turns.....

Story of my bathroom life, use a product, try a new one. Lather rinse repeat. So today I have three products that I have been using recently, all new to me products, that surprised me in a good way. Good enough for me to share. So here we go. 
Three Beauty Products to Try
First up, Living Proof's Humidity Shield. Since moving to Georgia I have bought countless "humidity" sprays. With everyone of them I didn't notice a difference. Were they too heavy? Was it glorified hairspray? What was it? Then I saw this and thought, why not? Since my hair is naturally straight, it works great when I flatiron my hair. But when I curl it, and want a more tousled look, I use this. It also helps to control the regrowth hairs that I have still going strong even 18 months after having Odette. I like that it is not a full blown hairspray as well. I can still run my fingers through my hair and not have it feel crunchy. I would totally recommend this if you live in any kind of humidity!

Okay, this next one was a totally random purchase. Last week I ran out of dry shampoo!!!! Can you effing believe that? That is like running out of toilet paper in my book. It was an emergency kind of situation. Time got away from me, and kids were crazy, so I stopped at the CVS by my house and this was one of only three dry shampoos they had. I was pleasantly surprised! It definitely soaks up any and all oils. It also has a volumizing aspect to it, but I felt like it gave my hair so much texture as well. It also made my loose waves more piecey and mermaid like. You know....like I did a Baywatch run out of the ocean and my hair dried with such ease. I am not sure if it will replace my all time favorite dry shampoo, but I will definitely be using it all up. 

Save the best for last right? Once again, if you live in any kind of humidity and put on makeup, you need this setting spray. I have used a couple different sprays since moving to the south, and none of them seemed to keep my makeup in place AND reduce shine. This Urban Decay De-Slick is magic. I was skeptical, so I only bought the travel size, but I will have no problem spending the money on the full size bottle once this is gone. I just do my makeup like normal, and then spray this in a circle around my face, and then a "T" to set the rest of my makeup. I saw a huge difference by the end of the day. I am a true believer now. Urban Decay also makes the All Nighter Spray, which left me so shiny. But it would be a great spray if you didn't live in 60% humidity on a daily basis. 

So those are some recent purchases that I am really happy with! Have you used any of these before? And as usual, please tell me some of the products you are loving right now. 

everything is coming up velvet

Sep 25, 2016

Velvet Tops For Fall
Velvet Tops For Fall
Fall Hair Inspiration
Leopard Loafers
Velvet Tops For Fall
Velvet Tops For Fall
velvet top: zara (recent purchase, similar) // jeans: zara (super similar
headband: anthropologie // shoes: zara (old, lusting over these leopard flats)

The weekend giveth and the weekend taketh away! 

As weekends go around here lately, it was low key. Avalon and I had a girls day planned for Saturday, which we thought would be a bust because Chris came home on Friday with a paper that is due today. But he is the true MVP of the weekend because he said he would just stay up late and work on so we could go. All week Avalon was asking to go to the book store to buy "pink" books. The girl cannot get enough pink in her life. By default the bulk of our books are geared towards the boys interests. I know I know, shame on us. But they were kind of here first, and hand me downs are abundant. And Avalon has many books that are strictly pink, so I didn't know how many more we would find. 

Have you ever heard of a child that picks her literature based on the books color? I have tried the age old, don't judge a book by its cover. Fail. 

So we went on a mission for pink books. And we found a few to her specifications. Then she found her way to Toys R Us where she needed to add a horse or two to her collection. Any child of mine that is even remotely interested in horses just gets them. Don't get me started on my plans of when we are done with the military life and I can get some horses back in mine! It is an elaborate plan with barn drawings and much more. 

I digress. 

Yesterday we found ourselves at the botanical gardens, which was nice. Hot, very hot, but nice. I thought why not pull out this velvet top for a 96 degree day? Why not? I am loving the velvet trend. I have always liked velvet, and it has been a fabric that I just gravitate towards because it looks so luxe and beautiful. And now with every store and their mom carrying pieces, I can't stop. So let me apologize in advance if you see an increase in velvet items. I am sure this phase will pass. 

Or not. 

babes and bomber jackets

Sep 23, 2016

Fall Bomber Jackets
Fall Bomber Jackets with Patches
Bomber Jackets for Fall
Mom Style- Bomber Jackets
Fall Trend- Bomber Jackets
Mom Style: Bomber Jackets
bomber jacket // shorts: DIY (old) // shoes // sunglasses

The only time you can wear a bomber jacket in Georgia right now is anytime before 9 am. After that it is like a sweat suit. But with some cooler mornings, we seem to have a reason to get up and out. A huge bonus is, we beat the crowds to anywhere and everywhere we go. Which is much appreciated when you are running after four small people, who's sole purpose in life is to run. The girls and boys seem to split off immediately in our group. The boys weave in and out, jumping over cracks in the pavement. The girls run, but it is almost a running in place kind of movement. The don't go anywhere fast. Their giddy little squeals can be heard around the corner, as they trot right along. I like to take on that duo, as opposed to the sprinting that goes on in front of us. 

It truly is controlled chaos. Chris and I know the drill, but I can only imagine what it looks like to people that pass by. They probably think...those kids need a leash! Or maybe those parents do. 

Either way, I love all the stages that the kids are in right now. There is a little bit of independence sprinkled with the raw defiance. It is quite the volcanic eruption. But from the little things they say, to the way I see their sarcasm evolve (which I mean, doing a mom proud right there), to the different things they like about school. Ace loves math, Pierce simply wants to trace his name 300 times, and Avalon likes to make up songs to every little thing. 

I am excited to explore a new season with these guys too. We are so used to the blink of an eye kind of fall in Alaska, and then straight up winter. I cannot wait to do Halloween without snow pants. You know, when you show up to the door and no one says "oh, what are you?". You can see the costume! 

It's the little things that I am making note of lately. Or trying to make note of, because we all know I can marinate in the craziness of the day like a real fun sponge! 

Well, happy Friday folks. I hope you all have a great weekend. 

conversations with my kids

Sep 22, 2016

Every mom thinks her kids are SO funny. I mean that is the job of a mom right? To just think the world of her kids. Well, throw me into that category. Which is why I will go ahead and bombard you with conversations with my children. 

Posts like these always make me excited for the future with these guys. My house growing up was constant chaos with five kids. Five incredibly sarcastic, dry humored, opinionated, outspoken kids. There was always a debate going on. It usually started off innocent, then got incredibly heated, and then someone would make fun of someone in the room, and all was well. I have a feeling that is what we are in for with my offspring, and I am damn excited and also nervous for my sanity. 
The kids are all playing in the playroom while I make dinner:

Ace- Okay, lets play. Pierce you're the dad that yells. Avalon you are the mom that is so weird. And I will be Ace, the son who is complicated and doesn't even have a girlfriend yet. 
Me- In the kitchen like WTF?

Ace getting mad when I told him his time was up with the video games:

Ace: UGH! There are angry little people in my mind right now!
Me: Thinking he has really lost it this time. What!? There are people in your mind?
Ace: Yes! Like that movie with the little people in the girls mind!
Me: What? What movie?
Ace: THAT MOVIE! Ugh! The angry one is definitely in my mind right this second. 
Me: Ohhh, the movie Inside Out!

After I got home from a little solo shopping:

Avalon: Oh, what did you get me mom?
Me: Some clothes and shoes. 
Avalon: Yay! Where did you get it from?
Me: Old Navy.
Avalon: OLD LADY!! I love old ladies!

After school debate with Ace:

Ace: Mom. Back in the 80's when the dinosaurs lived, did your mom let you play video games before you did your homework?
Me: ________
Ace: Wait. Did you even have video games then? You didn't right, no TV's? 

Me, visibly frustrated in the kitchen:

Pierce: What are you doing mom?
Me: Trying to get something out of the pencil sharpener. 
Pierce: Oh like what, a tranquilizer dart?
Me: hmmmm.....not quiet. 

Random conversation at dinner:

Pierce: So Mom. 
Me: Yes?
Pierce: Have you ever watched Barbie's Dream house?
Me: Umm, I don't think I have. 
Pierce: Oh you should totally watch it! We could make this house like the Barbie Dream house. All we need is a waffle maker, do you have one of those? Some cupcakes. A jet. Oh, and you have to paint your car red. 
Me: Wow! I need all this to have a dream house like Barbie?
Pierce: Well, Dad also needs some big tools like Ken. WAIT KEN! You have to be married to Ken. What are we going to do with Dad?
Me: I think I am going to keep Dad if that's okay. He can be like the dark haired version of Ken. 
Pierce: Fine. 
Me: Anything else?
Pierce: Nope. I mean Barbie did go to the moon though, and you haven't. 
Me: Yea, Barbie has done it all. 
Pierce: Well, you change your shoes a lot like Barbie so it's okay. 
Me: Thanks Pierce. 

Another random dinner conversation:

Ace: I don't think I ever want kids.
Chris: Okay.
Me: What? Where did that come from?
Ace: Just thinking about it.
Pierce: Well I want kids.
Me: What are we even talking about?
Chris: Oh you do Pierce? What would you name your kids?
Ace: Oh I know what I would name my kids.
Me: I thought you weren't having kids?
Ace: I'm not. But I would name them, Nancy and John. 
Pierce: I would name mine, Jessie and ummm.....Mikey like the Ninja Turtle. 
Chris: What about you Avalon?
Avalon: I would name them, Poop and Princess. 

I'll leave you with that for today!

when i can't find anything in my closet, i go to his.

Sep 21, 2016

Borrowing from the boys
Borrowing from the boys
Raw hem denim
Borrowing from the boys
Borrowing from the boys
shirt: burberry (stolen from Chris' closet) // jeans: zara (similar) // sunglasses: ray-ban
belt: marciano (old, love this one) // shoes: zara 

We all have those moments when we walk into our closet, standing there, just staring. We put on hands on our hips and say "Ugh, I have nothing to wear". This happens to me, and I usually voice my thoughts to Chris who rolls his eyes. Then I promptly go into his closet. 

Truth be told, if I was a guy I would want my closet to look like Chris'. He is very picky when it comes to what he will wear. He sticks to a handful of colors, and that is where he stays. Mostly neutrals. His closet is also incredibly organized. I assume it stays that way since he puts on a uniform everyday. And, no one really wants to play in his closet. Unlike mine where the girls just go in and pull things off the hangers for fun. 

So, while I was in his closet I found a subtle pinstripe button up that I immediately knew I wanted to belt. A crisp button up is a staple in any closet, but I needed one that was a little bigger so that I could wrap it and belt it and still have length at the bottom. Chris' worked perfectly. 

Paired it with my favorite raw hem jeans, and my super mom friendly low pumps, and we were ready to roll. 

Sometimes you just have to experiment with different ways of wearing things in order to feel inspired. So silly since we are just talking about clothes. But that is kind of what makes me tick. 

What about you? Do you ever wander into your husbands closet?

how i get that salon blowout look at home!

Sep 19, 2016

Oh the luxury of a salon blowout. Sitting in that chair half awake as someone else gets your hair looking presentable. Such a wonderful feeling! But, salon blowouts aren't exactly on my list of priorities. I have heard of these unicorn like people, I think they are called babysitters. Yea, I have yet to reach that level of comfort in parenting, so I resort to figuring out things on my own. That includes getting that look alike salon blowout style. Allow me to walk you through my process. 
Salon Blowout at Home
As with everything that I do at home, it has to be quick yet effective. A double bonus, if I can multitask while doing it, which this method fits the bill. 
Salon Blowout at Home
If I want to style my hair like this, I skip my nightly shower and just get up a little earlier in the morning. After I get my hair so fresh and so clean clean, I towel dry it when I get out. Then I usually do my makeup and let it air dry a little bit before I put any product in it. Then I add a little styling cream. I really liking the Living Proof Styling Cream right now, and I just apply it from about the middle on my hair on down. 

Then I blow dry my whole head. No brushes, or styling goes on here. I just get my hair dry. 
Salon Blowout at Home
Then I put out the heavy hitters, my velcro rollers! Yes, I am a loyal fan of the mega velcro rollers. I have been using them for years! 

So first, I grab large sections of my hair and spray at my roots with a root lifter. I like this one. I spray the front and back, and then put my velcro roller in.
Salon Blowout at Home
Depending on the length of your hair, you can use a different size roller. But I have a lot of hair, and it is getting rather long. So the big ones work great for me. 

So I just secure it into place with these clips I got off Amazon. They don't leave a crease in my hair, and they can hold all the rollers in place while I do other things. 
Salon Blowout at Home
I use six of the large velcro rollers. 

Then I just let them set for about 20 minutes. By this time I am usually getting ready to get the kids up, so I go downstairs. Make lunches, get breakfast ready and at the table. Then go do my wake up rounds. While the kids are all eating, I will run up and take the rollers out. 
Salon Blowout at Home
I usually don't brush or really touch my hair at this point. I just let it fall where it wants and spray it with some humidity shield.

You could always add some curls, or tease your hair if you need. But I always feel like I have some natural volume going on after this process. Just like if I left the salon and someone took the time to round brush little sections of my hair. 

It really couldn't be easier, but it looks like you put some effort into it. 

olive you, olive you a lot!

Sep 18, 2016

Olive Utility Pieces for Fall
Monochromatic outfits for fall
Olive outfits for fall
Monochromatic outfits
Olive tones for fall
utility shirt: banana republic (old, love this one and this tunic) // pants: j.crew (last season, similar)
shoes: steven madden // sunglasses: perverse // bag: tory bunch

You know how you have some weekends that make you feel like, okay, I'm ready for the week. That was this weekend. At least for me. We didn't have too many plans, so I was able to get stuff done around the house that I have been putting off. Before we moved from Alaska I felt like I went through every room and got rid of so much stuff. But, our garage is still filled with SO much more. Most of it is baby stuff, since all the kid's rooms have been transformed into "big kid" rooms. This house is double the size of our old house, so I feel like everything really fits. But anything that I haven't already put in the house I just want to get rid of before we move yet again. We aren't really that close to being out of the woods as far as kids destroying furniture goes, so I am not yet ready to invest in anything nicer. My dining room table is a great testament to that now with all the fork marks and scratches in it. But, I do feel like we are inching our way there. So slowly but surely I am weeding things out. 

Basically, that was my only goal for the weekend. And once I get into the cleaning and organizing mode, I can't stop. My closet got a little face lift as well. I am all for spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is a thing for me too. I like to have an idea of what I have, and then I overhaul my wishlist of things that fill in the gaps. 

One thing I love for fall is olive tones. And anything monochromatic is where I feel comfortable. Not to mention, the color is quite kid friendly and dog friendly. Which is now a thing in my life. Will I be able to make it out of the house in an outfit without one of my large animals getting me dirty? 

It's a roll of the dice my friends. 


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