do you know a coffee lover?

Nov 29, 2016

I wasn't too much of a coffee drinker until we moved to Alaska. Three kids and no sunlight will do that to a girl. But Alaska is also where I fell in love with the taste of coffee. Not all the filler stuff. Don't get me wrong...I'll put back some creamer. But when you strip it all away, good coffee just tastes good! Whole30 also ripped away my love for creamer. I will indulge on occasion, but for now I stick to some almond milk. I am truly not the coffee connoisseur in our house though, that is Chris. If you know Chris than you know he is a go big or go home kind of guy. Once he gets fixated on something he doesn't stop until he has read all the books....bought all the things....tested all the outcomes (it can be exhausting). I have just been in the kitchen soaking it all in. I don't know all the different grinds and roasts and water temps, but I do know that I love the taste of good coffee. 
Gifts for the coffee lover!
Coffee and coffee things also make some great gifts. I know we are always sending coffee related paraphernalia to family and friends for any occasion, so I thought I would lay out some of my favorites. 

First up, the pour over stand! This is my morning cup of coffee method. I love the rich taste of a pour over! This is my favorite coffee dripper as well. 

Some mornings require a strong cup of joe, and for that I turn to the french press. I also love giving these as gifts because they just look nice as well. 

If you really have a crazy coffee person in your life, the Aeropress is a great gift! I got this for Chris a couple years ago and he used to keep it at his office to make coffee. He also takes it to the field with him because it is small and compact. It makes a nice strong cup as well! 

If you want to step up your coffee game, then a burr grinder is your best bet! Grind your whole beans for the freshest flavor, and to your brewing method of choice. This one is also very quite, which is needed in the early morning with small children that must stay asleep!

If you aren't sure what a friend or family member has going on in their coffee station at home, a box of different coffee blends is a nice holiday surprise. Blue Bottle Coffee (totally not sponsored, but Blue Bottle if you happen to see this...holla at yo girl!) happens to be Chris and I's favorite, but we live nowhere near a location. So we frequently order a blend box. We also send these out to family and friends who we know really like their coffee. 

Every coffee station needs some fabulous mugs! This is the latte set that sits next to all our coffee contraptions. I love how big these cups are! They are perfect for the mornings that you have a little more time to froth some milk, and get all fancy with it! They would also make an amazing gift....even for your own kitchen! 

And finally my favorite little coffee accessory, that light up coffee sign right there in the middle! The kids love to turn this on in the morning and pretend to make me a million cups of coffee. Get this for coffee loving BFF, thank me later!

So there you have it. My obsession with coffee laid out for you. 



Nov 28, 2016

 Fall Outfits- Mom Jeans
How to style mom jeans
Styling high waisted jeans
Fall Outfits
Field Jackets, Plaid shirts, and Mom jeans
field jacket: banana republic (sold out, love this one!) // plaid shirt: madewell // jeans: asos

You know those days when you have one errand that you absolutely must go do, but loading up four kids for one errand is just crazy, so you have to find something else to do? You know those days? I have a lot of them. But on those days I usually bribe the kids with something like "listen, the faster we get in, the faster we get out, the faster we can go play". I can thank Alaska for teaching my children that any and all open spaces outdoors can be explored. Now, they see a dirt road or an open field and immediately start asking if we can pull over! They barrel out of the car with a plot already thought up, whether they are pirates, storm troopers, princesses and knights ready to slay a dragon, or my personal favorite "let's just kick some dirt". In any event it always entertains them, and luckily there are plenty of backroads near our house that we can turn off on. 

I try and soak up easy requests like this with the kids because seriously how much longer are they going to think a dirt road is fun? 

For now they think it is amazing and I have the rock and stick collection in the trunk of my swagger wagon to prove it! 

Thanksgiving, according to my iPhone

Well well well....Thanksgiving is over and I have mixed emotions about it all. Really, I could have gone for another week. I really just want all my kids home with me, and Chris, he can stay too. I can do without all the crappy food though. I mean, it was nice the first couple days, but after that my body gave me the finger and just stopped working. I know it sounds crazy, but trust a mama when I tell you, when you eat clean 98% of the time and then eat about eight boxes of butter you physically feel like you cannot function. So I threw out any and all leftovers Saturday night. And then I donated a huge box of leftover food that I didn't even cook with to the school food drive. I want no part of it.....until Christmas. HA!

But this break was oh so good, too good to even pull out my nice camera for a picture or two. So I am about to unleash the skills of my iPhone photo gallery on you. Your welcome, I know you come here for my superb photography skills anyway.
Photo documentation for the great grandparents is always in order! It never matters if anyone is even looking at the camera, or if three out of six people refused to put on shoes! The picture must be taken and sent to all text message recipients. 
The actual meal was so good, can I humbly brag? Because it was really really good!! I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I just kind of wish after two days in the kitchen, the meal would last a little longer than 15 minutes. Ya know?
This was plate one for me! I couldn't fit the sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce on it so I went back for a second plate. No regrets, but I might have made my father in law uncomfortable when I had to unbutton my pants. 
After spending so many hours in the kitchen, I decided to boycott that place till about Sunday. So one night we went out to one of Chris and I's favorite places, Meritage. When we lived here four years ago we went on a couple date nights here, and it is amazing. Not kid friendly I might add. But this time we reserved the private dining area so the kids could kind of do whatever they wanted. 
Everything that this place serves up is amazing! And their wine selection is incredible!! I over indulged in just about everything. All of us ordered our own cheese plates, and the kids devoured every last bit. 
I came specifically for the lobster risotto! And the kids enjoyed it as well. It is so good!! And I truly cannot stop thinking about it. It was nice to have my father in law at dinner with us because he is the best with the kids! Between him and Chris, I got to eat my entire meal without a child on my lap. 

Needless to say...amazing! 

And now I am counting down the school days until Christmas break!!

How was your Thanksgiving? And your whole weekend for that matter? 

the BEST of cyber monday

The Best of Cyber Monday Deals
Back to the land of the living! Or well shopping....

Black Friday was good this year I have to admit, but am I the only one that holds out a little to see what Cyber Monday brings? Chris kept saying...."just knock it all out today" but being from Vegas, you gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them. So I am shopping the deals again today! 


Birchbox - 10%-20% off 

Colleen Rothschild - 30% off regular priced skincare use code: CYBER30

Ulta - $10 off use code: CYBERMON16


Gap - 50% off everything use code: CYBMON

Gymboree - 50% off everything 

H&M - up to 30% off your purchase

Old Navy - 40% off everything 

Target - save an extra 15% off your purchase 


One Kings Lane - extra 20% off sitewide 

Pottery Barn - up to 50% off + free shipping use code: JOLLY

Williams Sonoma - 20% -50% off select deals + free shipping use code; FREESHIP

World Market - up to 50% off select deals 


Amazon - 30% off select clothing, shoes, and accessories 

American Eagle - 40% off + free shipping 

Anthropologie - 30% off 

Banana Republic - 50% off EVERYTHING no exclusions 

Bauble Bar - 35% off two or more items use code: SAVE35

Coach - up to 50% off select styles 

Express - 50% off everything 

Forever 21 - 30% off sale 

Gap - 50% off everything 

J Crew - 40% off your purchase 

J Crew Factory - 50%- 60% off everything 

Nordstrom - 20% off select sale 

Old Navy - 40% off your purchase 

Steve Madden - 30% off + 30% off clearance 

Shopbop - 25% off your purchase 

Don't these sales right NOW!

Nov 23, 2016

You're full of turkey, your mind might still be clouded by all the carbs, your arteries are screaming NO MORE BUTTER....but what you should be doing is SHOPPING!! I'm sorry but I have never been one for the in-store rush of Black Friday. Color me anti-social, or self preserving, whatever. I would just like to shop the same great things on my couch. So behold, a list of some of the best sales happening right now. And also some of my favorite items on sale! 

Amazon: up to 50% off Black Friday deals 

A Pea in a Pod- 30% off designer maternity

AG Jeans- 30% off site wide

American Eagle- 40% off site wide, and 50% off sweaters, shoes, and accessories

Ann Taylor- 50% off use code: CELEBRATE

ASOS- 30% off your purchase use code:THANKFUL30

Banana Republic- 50% off regular priced items

Chicwish- 25% off site wide

Coach- 30% off select styles use code: THANKS2016

Crate & Barrel- over 20% off select holiday items

Express- 50% off everything + free shipping

Gap- 50% off everything use code: TGIF50

Gymboree: 50% - 80% off entire site + free shipping

J Crew- 40% off use code: HOLIDAY

Nordstrom- 20% off select sale items, 40% off designer sale

Old Navy- 50% off everything

The Land of Nod- 20% off + free shipping

Urban Outfitters: Buy one get one 50% off ALL apparel

the here and now

Nov 22, 2016

Mom cliche....time is just flying by. But it is! How will I be popping a turkey in the oven in just 2 days? Didn't we just celebrate Pierce's birthday like yesterday? Oh wait, that was Chris'. Even worse, he is 30! 30!! I swear we were just 18 driving way too fast from Tacoma to Seattle at an ungodly hour, to do who knows what. So before even more time gets away from me, here is what is happening right now. No seriously right this very second. 

Chris is upstairs studying for a test he has tomorrow. Story of his life. He came home, had dinner, listened to the kids tell them just how crazy their day was running errands with mom, and who did what, and who said what, and who got the death stare in the store. He listened intently before locking himself in the guest room. 

Odette, Ace and Pierce are jumping from the ottoman to the couch in what they are calling "lava explosion". Odette is way too daring for her own good, and Pierce and Ace are far too encouraging. Don't worry, I have one eye on them. 

Avalon is protesting the amount of food she was given for dinner. She says it was "too much", but she asked for a bowl of grapes instead. go. Have fun staring at that broccoli though. She is normally the fastest eater, but if the boys finish before her (not that it is a race) she turns into a real fun person. YOLO girl...YOLO. 

The dogs are wrestling and it sounds more like a mosh pit of 50 people. As much as I want to stop it, I need it to happen if I want Shameless to sleep through the night. Speaking of Shameless he is everything I have ever wanted, which ultimately means he is high maintenance as well. He is in the thick of "growing pains" also known as panoseitis. It's very common with Great Danes, and I am actually pretty used to seeing it with horses. But I still feel so bad for him when his legs stiffen up on him. He still gets the homemade food, although we have tweaked it a bit for him, and added in some joint goodness to help him through this. My biggest little baby. He is six months old, 96 pounds and  29 inches tall. Also known as a miniature pony. Caspian is like an ox, the dog could eat a tire and feel fine. Nothing seems to phase him. 

I think after todays errands I am all set for Thanksgiving and beyond! I am determined to utilize Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. I say that every year. But this year I am really going to get Christmas shopping done, well maybe not done, but I want to put a dent in it. And who am I kidding here? I have my eye on a thing or ten, but we shall see what the shopping gods dish out. I am being pretty specific with kids toys this year, I am just done with shit toys. I feel like the playroom is filled with them. I could go on about this subject I am on the hunt. I gave Chris the heads up that I will be posted up with a large plate of leftovers and the computer, only to be bothered if someone is bleeding from the head. 

May not be mom of the year, but I have my eye on shopper of the year! 


rethink your holiday red

Nov 21, 2016

Red-Orange Lipstick for the Holidays!
Starbucks brought out the red cups, so that means we all need to bring out the red lipstick right? Truly I am good with wearing red lipstick all year around, but it just feels special around the holidays. Like you can get away with it more, no need for a date night, or a special occasion, tis' the season! But since I am a huge fan of any and all orange, I like to use a red-orange this time of year as well. A bold red is gorgeous, don't get me wrong. But, it can come off kind of harsh with our dwindling summer kissed skin ya know? So I am so pleased with this lipstick from Topshop! Topshop, of all places!! I love their clothes and shoes, so it is no wonder I like this lipstick as well. It is the perfect red-orange lip, and we all know orange is the new black....or red? Anyway it is great and it's 10 bucks!! I know this is going to become a must have on my makeup counter. 

I have  a couple other lipsticks with this hue, and it seems to work with my skin tone. Although, I think it would be so pretty on any complexion. It is a little different than your usual idea of a holiday red, but it's a fun departure! 

Here are some good ones to choose from:

5 thoughts on a Friday

Nov 18, 2016

Styling leather jackets for fall
Leather Jackets for Fall
Mom style fall outfits
Leather jackets and jeans
jacket: zara (old, similar here) // tee: nordstrom // jeans: nordstrom // shoes: target

-First thing my friends, happy Friday!!!! Let the holiday break begin! After the half day at school of course. Which Ace tried very very verrrrry hard to convince me last night that his teacher in fact told him he "didn't have to go to school today". I call bullshit on that one, you will go to school and put all that spelling word practice to good use my son. 

-Moving on to these jeans, they are still on sale (!!!) what what!! So if you want to spend 40 bucks wisely, then I suggest you snag them. I love this brand of denim. I mean I like a lot of brands, but if you are looking for great quality and a nice price tag, then these are them. I own three pairs of jeans from this brand and I love them all!

-On a usual week, we let our clean eating guard down for one day and have a cheat night. But with the ultimate cheat day coming up next week, we are committed to eating clean until then, but I cannot stop thinking about pumpkin cheesecake, and stuffing, and green bean casserole, and wine, and an antipasto platter!!! I drooled on my keyboard a bit. I am just so excited!

-Chris' birthday is this weekend, the big 3-0!!! He has adamantly repeated how he does not want to do anything, he doesn't want presents....blah blah blah. I was having none of that, so the kids and I have a few things up our sleeves. Ace has already told Chris that we do have presents for him, which went over as well as you can imagine. Ha! but I mean, 30 is big. I stole his entire 20's and it feels good. 

-And now I can hear my children getting up so I must end this, like five minutes ago! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. If you are traveling, be safe! If you are doing last minute turkey day shopping, be safe (don't fight that other mom for the last 12 pound turkey). 

Okay okay I'm going. See you on social media!

meet me in my kitchen

Nov 16, 2016

I am no chef, but I feel like I spend most of my day in the kitchen. Whether I am cleaning it, or making a mess in it, I am in there. So the other night when I was getting my Thanksgiving recipes out, and making a list, it got me thinking about some of the gadgets in my kitchen that I truly love. Never did I think I would see the day that I would get excited over a kitchen appliance. Since Chris and I eloped we obviously didn't have a registry to fill with all the things you think you need in a kitchen. We added these things along the way, and now I am here to share them with you. 
My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
KitchenAid Mixer: I mean a given for most people. I think I use mine more for shredding chicken than anything else, but clearly it takes the arm workout out of making cookies. Also the pasta attachment is like gold! 

KitchenAid Food Processor: I originally bought this to make baby food back in the day, but now I use it for everything. Shredding beets, slice carrots amazingly fast, making sauces. Sky is the limit, but it is a must for me around dinner time. 

Wine Decanter: This doesn't really get pulled out too often, but whenever we have guests over I love having it on the table. Chris doesn't drink, and I probably only have a glass of wine on a cheat night, or maybe to ring in a Friday night as well. But I love how it enhances the flavor of my favorite wines, not to mention it looks nice on the table. 

Electric Wine Opener: Speaking of wine, sometimes you need to get in that bottle like now. Chris bought me this wine opener as a gag gift and it is the greatest thing ever. So fast, so easy. Is it an absolute must? Clearly not. But it sure is nice to have. 

Garlic Press: We eat a lot of garlic, probably more than any person needs to eat. Hashtag Italian. But this garlic press has the slicer option as well which is a life saver. Sometimes you need those fine slices of garlic in your sauce, but who has time to sit and thinly slice 8 garlic cloves? Not this lady. 

Mandoline: This might actually be my favorite thing. We eat so many veggies. It is pretty much my first option to give the kids for snacks. They eat a ton of fruit too, but I really try and push the veggies. I find that it is easier if I mix it up. So I slice them in different ways to almost trick them (sometimes it doesn't work). This is also great for making homemade chips (cinnamon apple chips goes fast in this house), perfect for potatoes au gratin, basically great for any slicing and dicing. 

Any of these would also make great gifts!! I know I was happy receiving them, or gifting them to myself. Either way they make my kitchen craziness just a little easier. 

What are some of your kitchen must haves? Clearly this topic interests me!

feels like fall.....finally

Mom Style
Cute ways to layer for fall
Cute Mom Style
Layering stripes for fall
Fall/ Winter Outfit Ideas
striped tee: nordstrom // dress: (super old, similar here) // boots: stuart weitzman (similar here for $128)

I am ready for the weekend! Or maybe I am just ready to get to Thanksgiving! I am hosting Thanksgiving again at our house and last night I started my list, which had me really excited! I love Thanksgiving. I really don't mind spending 48 hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking it all for it to be devoured in less than an hour. My favorite part is just everyone in the kitchen during the day. And I am just ready for the holiday break as well, not just for me but for Chris and the kids. It is going to be a nice breather. Once Christmas rolls around it will be a very fast countdown to moving again, so I am going to soak this holiday up! 

It has also really started to feel like fall here in Georgia. I mean sure it still gets to the upper 70's in the afternoon, but the leaves are changing and the air is nice and crisp in the mornings. Caspian is loving life and could spend all day outside, whereas Shameless is proving to be a bit of a wuss and just whimpers and shakes the second he steps out in the morning. It is kind of funny to see this giant puppy debating at the door about how bad he really has to pee. 

Monday since Chris was off, we took the kids downtown to play on the playground down there, which allowed us to grab a coffee. The kids love to just walk around downtown. They might have more fun walking around then playing on the jungle gym. The usual things happen though, Odette kicks off her shoes and demands to be held until she sees someone walking a dog, then she must get down and greet said dog. Pierce will lose whatever small toy he has brought with him no less than five times, which means we have to retrace our steps and sometimes that leads to that small toy being in is pocket. Avalon is just happy collecting whatever she can find, and stashing it in her purse that she makes Chris carry. Rocks, sticks,'s all in there with her many nail polishes and chapsticks. Ace unfortunately missed this afternoon outing due to this thing called school. But the other kids were sure to fill him in when we picked him up, which started no fight I can assure you. 


No, fight.

None. As Avalon sits in here seat counting the rocks she collected on her downtown journey. Siblings and their devotion to each others happiness is a true thing of beauty right? 

Happy hump day! (that phrase........)

whole30 stuffed peppers

Nov 14, 2016

Growing up my mom always made Italian stuffed peppers that were to die for! These are not them. Ha! Truly I don't think anything compares to Italian stuffed peppers, but while riding the healthy eating train, this is as close as we are going to get in this house. Sticking to a whole30 eating habit gets pretty monotonous. We have our set meals that everyone loves, and I always try and mix it up by altering old recipes to be whole30 compliant. This is one of them. And if my kids will eat them without saying "what is this?" I call it a winner.
whole30 stuffed peppers
  • 4 large bell peppers
  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 1 can diced tomatoes (if doing whole30 make sure you buy a brand that is a-okay)
  • 1 sweet potato (peeled and diced)
  • 1/2 sweet onion (chopped)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasonings
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • cayenne pepper (just a pinch, or more if you aren't feeding toddlers)
  • parsley (fresh or dried)
  • salt and pepper
-Preheat oven to 350

- Heat a large skillet over medium high heat and add in some olive oil, or you could use coconut oil. Add in onion and cook for 5-6 minutes. Then add in garlic and cook until fragrant, 1-2 minutes. 

-Throw in your ground turkey and cook for 6-7 minutes until browned. Then add in your sweet potato, spices, and canned tomatoes. Bring to a boil then lower heat to a simmer, and cover. Cook for about 10 minutes until the sweet potatoes are fork tender. 

-While that is all happening grab your peppers. Cut the tops off, I like to save them to throw on top while in the oven but you don't have to. With a spoon clean out the pepper and arrange them in a baking dish. You might have to cut the bottoms to get them to stand up straight. 

-Stir fresh or dried parsley into the ground turkey mixture, and then spoon it into your peppers. Replace the tops on the peppers and bake for 20 minutes. 

So easy right?

Chris likes to top his with whole30 spiced mayo and an avocado, which is pretty fabulous too. I love that these are filling and the clean up is super easy!!

I hope you like them, but you can totally tell me if you don't ;)

boy band member

Fall Layers
Layering a hoodie for fall
Frayed hem denim
Fall Layers- Outfits
Cute ways to layer for fall
Denim and heel outfits for fall
blazer: hm // sweatshirt: nike // tee: vince // jeans: zara (love these too) // shoes: zara (old)

I have been living in this zip up hoodie lately. Last week I am pretty sure I wore it three days in a row, which prompted Chris to ask when I was planning on washing it. Last week I was in a total rut! Which had nothing to do with the election results. I blame the anemia. It seems to go in waves, no matter what I do about it. I was just so tired, and everything seemed to be such a task. But I did manage to wash this hoodie, only because I wanted to wear it out in public. 


I really have no idea. Saturday we had an event to go to for the international students in Chris' class, and since he is sponsoring a student, and he has truly become part of our family we all wanted to be there to support him. So I decided to wear my trusty hoodie that carried me through the week, only I dressed it up. As best as you can dress up a hoodie, I guess. Once I layered it under a blazer and through on some heels I was good to go. That is until Chris said I looked like a boy band member. He said like one from 98 Degrees or maybe Backstreet Boys. 

I laughed so hard. But I grew up in the boy band boom, so maybe nostalgia got the best of me. Although I was an *NSYNC girl myself. 

I hope you all had a great weekend. Let's make this week a good one!

Bye bye bye!

Nordstrom 40% off sale! Do not miss this one!

Nov 11, 2016

You know I cannot pass up a sale. I just can't. I try....but I fail. And I know that Black Friday sales are right around the corner, but there are some good ones happening right now! I actually thought I would pass on this sale, but then I had no wine and no junk food to get me through election night. So I shopped this sale, while refreshing my phone 600,000 times. No buyers remorse. 

The sale runs through the weekend, so get to shopping!! All my picks before are UNDER  $50!!!!

my kids tested, I approved

Nov 8, 2016

As much as I encourage outdoor play, and let me tell you I strongly encourage outdoor play for my children. I need a mary poppins like supply of indoor things to keep them happy and less combative when I need to get things done. I'm cool with the iPad here and there, but if I am being honest I try and save their screen time to when I need to help one or the other with homework. It's like I deprive them of technology all day and them swoop in saying, hey hey hey who wants to play with the iPad and give me 30 minutes of peace to get these spelling words practiced? It works every time. 

But, there are many many hours in the day and lately I have been turning to this handful of child approved toys.  
Kid Approved Toys
ONE: Constructive eating. I have seen these on pinterest so many times, and the idea is pretty genius. Meals in this house are pretty strict, and sometimes my children think they can complain about what is on their plates, to which I cackle loudly from my witches broom. These plates make their meal time a little more enjoyable. Have I ever told you how much Pierce hates beets? He hates them, but he knows he will sit and stare at them all night on his plate if they don't disappear. So he bulldozes them, or pushes them around until eventually they get in his mouth. Odette is so funny to watch with these, but they keep the kids happy and occupied for awhile. 

TWO: I cannot tell you how many times Ace and I play this game a week! Chris and I have even gone at it with one another. It is a game of balance, and skill, and a little problem solving. Pierce likes to play too, but he gets a little frustrated when they all fall down. But I love it, and I love that Ace comes to me with this and wants to play. 

THREE: This game is more Avalon and Pierce's speed, but Ace loved it when he was their age too. It is simple color matching, but really is fun. And I love that Pierce and Avalon can play without me if need be. Only frustrating part is when Odette runs through the middle of the game. 

FOUR: Now this is something Odette actually can play with. I bought this set for Avalon last year when I was homeschooling Pierce, just so she had something to do as well. I would spread all the food out on the floor and she would put them in their correct baskets. Or she would organize them in a line by color. She loved it! Now Odette is the same way. Avalon usually throws them all over the floor and then instructs Odette where to put them. But it keeps them happy long enough for math homework to be completed, or dinner to get started. 

FIVE: Okay, this isn't exactly a toy but if your child likes to read as much as Ace does then these are so good. My friend in Alaska actually told me about these books, and I got the beginner readers for Ace and he devoured them. They are just short stories, but they really help in those beginning stages of reading. Because Ace is extremely shy and gets nervous at school when he has to read, these books give him more confidence. All he wants to do is read, not be read to, so these are great for him. Pierce has even started on the very beginning books, with my help of course. But I highly recommend these! 

Any of these would also make great Christmas gifts if you are one of those plan ahead kind of people. I am not, but if I was....these toys are proven to be winners in my house. Bonus is none of them break easily either! 

looks from falls past

Nov 6, 2016

This weekend was filled with indoor activities. The germaphobe in me has had enough. I have disinfected my house from top to bottom and I told myself I am never leaving again. Ha! Okay, on a less dramatic note, I really just wanted to give everyone in this house a chance to get over whatever virus has been holding us hostage. So we only took one short trip out of the house yesterday to feel human, and the rest of the weekend was spent indoors. I cleaned (as much as I complain about cleaning, it is therapeutic for me) and one of the things I have been meaning to do is go through all my camera memory cards and import pictures, then wipe them clean. As I was going through them I found some seasonally appropriate outfits from the past. I was like, oh I need to find that jacket, or that beanie, and what about those shoes? So I thought I'd share a little blast from the not so distant past fall outfit inspiration. 
Fall Outfit Inspiration
I love a good pair of overalls! Dress them up or dress them down, I consider them an essential! Here are some pairs that are worth your while, one, two, three
Fall Outfits
This outfit was from almost two years ago, and I am happy to report that I am still obsessed with a blush, bordeaux combo. Here are some blush jackets perfect for this year, herehere and here. Also to be noted, I kind of miss my darker hair. But then I think about the process of lifting all that color out.....
Fall Layering Outfits
I think I might just wear this exact outfit this week! Jeans are still available here, and shoes here
Cute Fall Outfits
Also love these layers! Alaska taught me to have fun with my clothing. The end game was to stay warm, but I didn't always want to bundle up in a down jacket just for the sake of that mission. So unexpected layers were my friend! 
Cute Fall Outfits
More layering options that are great! Statement jacket over a blazer! This is one of my favorite jackets, and it is still available here
Simple Fall Outfits
After I came across this picture I ran into my closet thinking....where is this tweed blazer?? I hadn't seen it during all our unpacking, and after tearing my closet apart I found it in a garment bag with a couple faux fur jackets! This vintage tweed blazer from J Crew is such a fun piece to have, and I am looking for an excuse to pull it out now.  
Cute Fall Outfits
And now I kind of want to chop my hair off again. This is the downside of going through pictures. But I love how simple this outfit is, and I wore this sweater the other day. The little details speak for themselves. The knot on the sweater, cut outs on the boots, and the ripped knees. Another outfit I might just venture out in this week. 

The rest of my weekend was spent pinning hair inspiration because now I just can't decide! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

friday find

Nov 4, 2016

ColourPop Lipsticks For Fall
This felt like the longest week ever! Anyone else feel that way? Could be that I have been sick again for the last two days which makes the days drag on, since all I want to do is sleep. But, this post isn't about my immune system giving me the finger, it's about these lovely lipsticks! 

I have mentioned ColourPop on here a few times, but really these new fall shades deserve a post all to themselves. This is not sponsored, clearly, there are big bad beauty bloggers for all that. I truly LOVE ColourPop. I mean these lipsticks are $6!!! But the quality is far beyond that. So if you haven't tried them, I suggest you place an order. I have been sticking to a nude lip lately, which I will never get sick of, but I do like a little color in my life too. 

So, from left to right we have: Oh Snap, Bound, Pitch, Notion, Love Bug, Times Square

I can already see many holiday looks being created with these babies. Some colors may be a little bold, but I feel like for six dollars why not play around? 

Lipstick holder can be found here as well. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend, that does not include nasal spray!

best of the shopbop sale || under $100

Nov 2, 2016

A surprise Shopbop sale? I mean, are there better surprises? Maybe. Like when my children surprise me with some stellar public behavior on multiple errands in one day. Those are some true surprises right there. But lets stick to the easy one today. I rounded up my top ten picks under $100!
shopbop sale under $100
one the perfect thermal sweater! so easy to throw over a pair of jeans and call it a day. two a black turtleneck, which every fall/winter closet should have. i will admit that I have a handful of black turtlenecks, but you can never have too many. what if all of them are dirty at the same time? three is keeping that off the shoulder trend classy and cute. i feel like this sweater has so many outfit possibilities. four is a true love of my, white denim. i know many shy away from it, but bleach is your friend and so is this denim. but if you happen to err on the side of caution, then pick up five. blank denim are amazing! i have a few pairs and the quality is so great and the stretch isn't bad too. six is the perfect updated leather jacket, a little less moto and more blazer but all around amazing! seven is a show stopper heel with an amazing price attached. if you want to go for more of a trendy jacket, eight is your perfect suede moto. nine and ten make the case that you can never have too many ankle boots. 

and all will be closet staples for the chilly temps! 

layers in november

Styling white denim in fall
Layers and white denim
How to style white denim in the fall
Denim Layers
sunglasses // bag: louis vuitton

I know we all feel this way, but really, how is it November? Didn't I just move to Georgia in June? Time is just flying by, and soon enough another move will be upon us. But for now, I am left wondering......where is fall? The last couple days it has hit 90 and I half regret switching everyones closets over last week. Jumped the gun on that one. In my defense it is pretty cool in the mornings, so long sleeves don't look too crazy. 

But I am ready to embrace Georgia in the fall. I took down my Halloween decor, which truly broke my heart. I really wanted to leave the life size skeletons hanging from the windows outside. That could be considered normal right? I just don't think Halloween gets its fair shake in terms of holidays. I mean Christmas decorations ARE ALREADY OUT in stores!! And I guess eff Thanksgiving right? People would rather just skip right over that? I keep the harvest like decor in the house for good measure. 

November also means Chris' birthday is coming up and he will be 30 (!!!!!!) this year. What the hell? Which means we have been together for almost 12 years, and that just doesn't seem possible. It also means that I will be thirty in six months. Time flies when you spend your twenties procreating. I am excited for it all though. Now I will just spend the next three weeks agonizing over what to get him. 

Feel free to chime in with your ideas!! 


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