as close as i'm getting to fall

Aug 18, 2017

For the record it is 94 degrees here in Savannah. The other day my car read 101 when I was in the pick up line. I don't hate it. I don't hate it one bit. I mean, we all love fall in due time, but I am in no rush for it. My social media feeds are just crawling with fall desires, however. Fall for me means that my babies are getting older, particularly Pierce, and I am nowhere near ready for him to turn six! Honestly if I think about it too long I will burst into tears. 

So, let's avoid that!
ruffle bodysuit (similar) // pants: j.crew (old, but LOVE these) // shoes: mango // bag: cult gaia

This is about as fall of an outfit as I will allow myself to have at this time. I mean, quarter sleeves and olive utility pants? Fall-ish. 

I think the arrival of fall scents in stores has brought about a nostalgic euphoria and I can get behind that. I have warm vanilla, and pumpkin candles warming all year around. But the one thing I cannot support is the pumpkin spice latte. You read that correctly, feel free to never click on my blog again. I know this one hit below the belt. BUT there is a good reason and it can all be blamed on Avalon. 

I used to enjoy that little spice of pumpkin in my latte. Chris even said it wasn't that bad back in the day. Then I got pregnant with Avalon and my morning sickness was on another level. One day my sweet husband brought me home a pumpkin spice latte before we headed out for errands that day. At first the smell was off putting as many smells are while nine weeks pregnant, but I powered through. In my head I was like.....I know it will taste good. It did not. I immediately threw up in the kitchen sink. It didn't taste good going down, and it was worse comin' up. 

I felt like I was okay at that point and we loaded up the boys and were on our way. This was when we had just found out that we would be stationed in Alaska, so we were doing some cold weather recon shopping at this cool little outdoor gear store in Columbus. As we were in the store I started to feel so sick and bolted out the door and threw up again. 
I think I tried a pumpkin spice latte for the first time since then, last year. And NOPE! Can't do it. Pregnancy aversions are a real thing! And can be long lasting. 

So that's my story. If you've had a bun in the oven, did you have any food aversions? 

And beyond all that, HAPPY FRIDAY!

what i'm buying from target, online.

Aug 17, 2017

Let's talk Target! We all love that money sucker, don't we? Lately I have actually been avoiding going into the store because we all know exactly what happens. Our bodies are taken over by some mysterious force and we suddenly think we don't have bills to pay and children to feed and we end up spending hundreds more than the diapers and wipes actually cost. Not to mention we walk out with cheap shit from the dollar section because our kids just started throwing things in the cart when our backs were turned. So in an effort to buy things that I know I want, and that I know where I want in my house, I have turned to online only. Plus that whole red card free shipping thing kind of gets me!

So here are a few of my recent purchases!
Large Round Mirror: I just got this in the other day and immediately hung it in our newly bright white bathroom! I hung it over the toilet, and I am on the hunt for the perfect floating shelf to go underneath it!

Hanging Door Mirror: After I changed the girls' room up last weekend, I thought this mirror would be a cute addition. Avalon is constantly dressing up and then running into my room to look in my full length mirror, so now she can get the full effect of her princess outfits right in her own room! 

Storage Cart: I have seen this little cart online for months but it wasn't until I saw it in person that I knew I wanted one or two in the house. Pierce's teacher has it in her classroom and it is just so cute and functional. I got one to organize Avalon's preschool stuff, and art supplies. Then I put the other one in the kid's bathroom because there really is no extra space for all their things. 

Door Mat: New house, new door mat right? Well, maybe not. But our old one was getting a little worn, and this one is just simple and cute. 

Farmhouse Galvanized Milk Jug: Continuing with my bathroom redo, I wanted a galvanized container to put flowers in near our tub. When I saw this one I was like YES, you will do the trick. 

Fur Heels: You know I am obsessed with the Who What Wear collection, and their shoes are just as great as the clothing pieces. My Target doesn't carry all the shoes in store, so when I saw these online my fall heart skipped a beat. I got them in the other day and they are so great! Perfect for fall, on trend, and a mom friendly heel height! 

Makeup Brush Set: I have spent a pretty penny on various high end makeup brushes, and after I have them I always ask myself, "are they really doing something that my drugstore brushes aren't?" and in some cases yes. I don't want the little brush hairs left on my face, I want them to distribute the product evenly, and I want them to be soft. For that I always come back to Ecotools! This set is a great set with all the brushes you need, at an amazing price. 

And I think that is it! Have you found anything at Target recently that is worth sharing? I would love to know!

when only neutrals will do

Aug 16, 2017

Glorious middle of the week, day! This week has been a little coo coo for coco puffs. Monday I wanted to get the girls outside kind of early and have Avalon do some fun preschool things with chalk. They both had fun being able to occupy their own territories of the driveway. Once that all came to an end and as I was picking up the chalk, Odette decided to take herself inside and lock Avalon and I out. 

I looked like a complete psycho as I am trying to talk her into unlocking the door. All she was saying back was, "I no lock the door mama, you did". No no....

I frantically ran around checking windows and doors and realized that I do not know the keypad combo to the garage (I have since reset it). Caspian was inside freaking out because I was trying to essentially break in and he was like, wait a minute, aren't I supposed to lose my mind when I hear these kinds of noises? It was crazy. My phone was inside as well so there was no help there. Avalon was getting nervous as I was saying things like "I'll just break a window". But then.....I remembered that I had opened the living room window the other night and was just hoping that I forgot to lock it. After ripping the screen to find out, we were in luck! We crawled through and all was well. Except when Chris got home and was like, what the hell? Those mama bear instincts....
Then yesterday I lived in rookie mom land as I was unloading the dishwasher. The girls were playing in the playroom and I kept thinking....they are playing so nice, I don't hear any fighting, this is just wonderful. Dumb ass. 

I walk in and Odette in laying on top of the work bench covered in marker thanks to Dr. Selfish aka Avalon. No really, she calls herself doctor selfish and it is hilarious. Avalon looks at me and says "Odette is really sick mom, I don't think I can help her". Oh have done enough. 

Clearly Odette didn't mind one bit. I am sure she was just so excited to play with Avalon. 
tee // jeans // denim jacket // shoes // hat: zara (old)

Moving on to this outfit and how incredibly mom friendly it is not....but I don't care. I love an all white outfit, no matter what I end up sitting in. This outfit for the most part is just so easy and causal, but keeping everything neutral makes me feel just a tad bit more put together. I would totally throw on a nude heel and call this a date night #ootn. 

You know...if those things happened in my life. 

back to basics

Aug 14, 2017

Hashtag basic outfit! But it was the perfect weekend outfit when all I wanted to do was relax....and grab a coffee or two. 

I think we all needed a weekend of just lounging. Chris had to work on Saturday, and when I asked the kids what they wanted to do they said "nothing". Ha! I was okay with that since I had a weeks worth of laundry to do. 
top: forever 21 // jeans: zara // shoes: zara // bag: cult gaia // sunglasses: perverse

I was also on a mission to down size the toys in this house. I just did this before we moved, but I still feel overwhelmed with the amount of toys in the playroom and all the kids' rooms. So I went to town! Completely rearranged the girl's room and only left toys in there that they play with all the time, and then moved the rest to the playroom. I tried to give the boy's room a more "school" feel, organizing their desks and computer area, and trying to eliminate the baskets of toys and organize their bookcase. 
With Chris home all last week, trying to knock out home projects, and I had appointments to go to, I didn't start preschool activities with Avalon, so I am excited to dig into that with her this week. She is always so anxious to see what the boys did at school, that I am sure she will love to tell them all about her "school work" as well. It is seriously so cute to see them all back together after a day of school. They say things like "I missed you today" and "you're my best friend". It is short lived......but I really try and soak it up! 

How was your weekend? 

friday favorites

Aug 11, 2017

Oh my goodness, Friday!! I am always excited for a Friday but even more so with back to school. School starts quite a bit earlier this year than it did at the last school and we are all dreading the sound of the alarm clock. I like getting up much earlier than the kids to make my coffee in a quiet house, go walk the dogs, and just have some time before the non-stop movement begins, but my insomnia is not a fan of the 5:00 am wake up. Especially since Chris and I are still on our Vikings binge watching journey! But I thought I would share some of my favorites from this week. 
-First up is this Milk Makeup Blur Foundation. I have mentioned it on my instagram, but really this needs to be shared elsewhere. I love trying new foundations, probably as much as I love testing out mascaras. And I am super picky when it comes to foundation! This is a very full coverage foundation, thus the name Blur. It completely blurs out anything in its path. And I also love that it dries matte. I am mixing these two shades right now, but I know when we aren't outdoors as much the lighter one will match my skin perfectly. Totally recommend if you are looking for a full coverage foundation. Oh, and these were sent to me but I was in no way obligated to share. 

-Now that my bathroom is completely painted white I am so motivated to jazz it up! Because we are always moving and renting houses, I never really want to put in a lot of effort (sad but true). But this house just had so many crazy paint colors that I couldn't deal. I just ordered this print in a poster size for our bathroom, along with this set of candle holders to go near our tub. 

-I have been really drawn to clothing items that can easily transition to fall, even though I am sure we are nowhere near fall, and I would never wish away warm weather.....but I love a good wear it now and later piece. This ruffle one shoulder top is perfect, along with this linen jumpsuit that I can't stop thinking about. And both pieces are 40% off!

-Okay, this one is HUGE for all my beauty junkies!!! Did you see that Sephora is doing a "weekly wow" sale? Limited time and limited products, but those items are 50% off!! If you have been coveting a makeup palette or two, go check it out!

-And, all around the computer screen we have: this incredibly fun summer cocktail from Kait. Mary Elaine is one of many amazing women I have been introduced to here in Savannah, and she is just the sweetest soul with a blog to match! I have to admit that I find people's skin care routines fascinating, I am just a beauty fanatic, so when Courtney posted her skin are products this week I was like.....well maybe I need to try something new? 

That's all I got, friends! I hope you all have a great Friday. 

a mid-week kind of outfit

Aug 9, 2017

Well, we are in it this week. Back in the swing of things where the early mornings are completely unpredictable in terms of people's moods, and in a house with six people that all have varying degrees of morning happiness, it's been interesting. So my outfits have been leaning more towards whatever is clean on the chair in my room. Because I only have a few minutes for myself before I need to double, triple check to make sure Odette didn't remove anything from the boys' lunch, or that everyone has shoes on, and the dogs aren't following us out the door. 
It has been so amazing having Chris home this week while we all transition back into a school routine. The boys are loving the fact that Chris walks them to their classrooms, and is in the car at pick up. It is a rare treat that we are not taking for granted. Particularly me because he has been knocking things off my house to-do list and it is wonderful. 
chambray shirt // jeans // shoes: zara // hat

Yesterday after drop off in the morning we headed to Home Depot with the girls, and Chris kept commenting on how taking two kids out is so easy it almost make you want more (as if somehow we completely forgot that we in fact do have, more). Parents are stupid. But we did probably look like a couple of psychos because we had phantom child syndrome. Constantly looking around for kids that were not even there, seeing as how the girls were in the cart. Any swift movement around us and we were like, what was that? Where are the girls? .......still in the cart. 

But that after school reunion when those sweet little boys flash us the biggest smile when walking to the car? 


the bigger the ruffle....

Aug 7, 2017

Well, welcoming Monday also means saying goodbye to summer break! I can't believe it, but it was a damn good one that's for sure! Our summer kicked off with a move to Savannah, and I think we can all say that we are so happy we are here. And I just know the boys are going to love their new school!! Even though I will be a complete emotional basket case today dropping them off. Especially Pierce because this will be the first time I have ever dropped him off somewhere and left him!! I have never been away from him for seven hours before, and I just know I will be counting down the minutes to pick up. Ace is like an old pro at this, requesting that he "walk to his classroom by himself". 
top // jeans: zara (similar) // shoes // clutch: louis vuitton 

We tried to pack a lot into this weekend, mainly doing whatever the boys requested (within reason because the request to jump out of a plane was where I drew the line). Friday we headed to Burkes Beach in South Carolina, and spent most of the day. We got home just in time for dinner, and then the kids passed out. Which left Chris and I to watch Vikings!!! OMG have you seen that show? We are in total fan mode and have been binge watching like crazy! So much so that Chris and I are constantly yelling "RAGNAR" across the house to one another, or he will run in and say "where is my shield maiden?". Ace stated yesterday that we are getting our of control. 

He's probably right. 
I stepped out Saturday for a bit to get my nails done, which I just never do anymore. Before kids I got my nails done once a week. It was like my little treat on my day off work and school. But I think the last time I went and got my nails done was before I had Odette. It is just so hard for me now. I sit there and think about all the other things I could be doing, which doesn't make it very relaxing. But Chris really pushed me out this weekend because this week will be a little crazy for us. And I did enjoy myself for those 57 minutes, and Chris let the kids play with play-doh while I was gone, so truly everyone was happy!! 
Let's move on to this outfit. If you have not been shopping the Who Who Wear collection at Target, you are missing out. I just love everything from this line. The price point cannot be beat, and the quality is great! I have never received so many compliments on a blouse before, and no one could believe it was from Target! It also comes in a striped version, which I think I need as well. Because can you have too many ruffled blouses? That's like having too many pairs of denim in my book! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 

who run the house? girls.

Aug 3, 2017

I mean clearly that is without question.....but there is about to be a hell of a lot of girl time up in here! As sad as I am to have my boys in school full time, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited for it to be just me and these cuties for seven hours a day! I remember the days when it was just the boys at home, all the things we did. All the one on one time I got with Ace when Pierce would take a nap. I feel like two kids is pretty manageable (in my opinion, when we compare it to my normal). I mean, I may not be terrified to go to the grocery store with just two! The possibilities! 
top // overalls: levi's (no longer available, similar here!) // shoes // earrings // bag

Avalon is also very ready to dive into all her pre-k homeschool kits. I always get crazy looks when I tell people that we do preschool at home. Not that it is weird, I feel like more and more people homeschool, but maybe just that I, me, myself, specifically homeschool is weird? I don't know. But Pierce is fully ready for kindergarten, and I can't help but pat myself on the back a little because truly I have the patience of a fetal owl. Which is why my homeschooling capabilities start and stop with pre-k! Selfishly I just want those cute preschool years with them. I just wanted a little bit more time because I know how fast it all flashes by. Avalon is in enough social activities that I don't feel like she misses out on being with kids her age, and she is Queen Bee in this house, just waiting to have full control over every room while her brothers are academically detained. 
See, what did I tell you? She's stoked! 

show stopper

Aug 2, 2017

The summer of the statement top continues! I am sure you have seen some variation of this style top popping up in your Instagram feed, and just add me to the list of admirers. I have gone gingham crazy this summer, and I make no excuses for it. I usually am a pretty chill dresser, but I like to have some real "show stopper" tops that I can pull out for any occasion. That usually consists of Chris calling me mere hours before he tells me we are going here or there. And basically anything that I can pair with jeans is just heavenly. 
top: stylewe c/o // jeans: old navy // shoes: zara // bag: cult gaia // sunglasses: ray-ban 

I have had these white jeans for-ev-er! I am so happy that Old Navy keeps them in stock. White jeans are hard, they do not all look the same, even on the same body type. I have tried many on, because me thinks I need a back up pair. But, nothing has fit quite like these! And when I say these are old, I am talking pre-Avalon! 
This week is a short-er week for us since Chris is taking Friday off, and then will be on vacation for a little bit. To say we are excited is quite the understatement. The boys are ready for some major guy time this weekend, think nerf wars, water fights, and late night video games. And then hopefully with Chris off and the boys in school next week we can really get some things checked off our "house to-do" list. It is a long one, and I don't think Chris is excited at all for all the things I have roped him into. Ha! But it's about time to really make this house a home. 

where to find great affordable hats!

Aug 1, 2017

I am a hat person. I love a good hat. All kinds. I blame growing up with a cowboy hat stuck to my head for the majority of my childhood. But how can you resist a hat on those days when you woke up late, your dog threw up on the floor, your youngest child squirted toothpaste all over the bathroom sink, and you stubbed your pinky toe (you know the pinky toe is always the worst!) on the dining room table running around like a crazy person.....that just screams HAT DAY! I wear just about all of my hats everywhere, from the beach, to dinner, to any and all kids activities, so I always like a well priced but well made hat. There are a few places that I frequent when I am looking for a good four day unwashed hair cover up.
Target...of course because that is a no brainer. H&M always has a hat or two that is just too good to pass up, but they always sell out fast and are rarely restocked online, so if you find one you like, buy it! Nordstrom Rack is such a great source for hats!! Their selection is really good online, but much like H&M, buy it if you like it because they go fast. I also like to check Free People every so often because they will have some really amazing and unique hats for a good price. And lastly, Nordstrom is always a great place. I usually go right for the BP brand because I know they will be on trend, and for a steal! 

Here are some good ones that I have found recently, the majority of them are well under $50!

denim jumpsuits

Jul 31, 2017

It was so hard saying goodbye to the weekend because it was our second to last one before school starts!! We kept it kind of low key, thanks to some spontaneous 24 hour fevers that ran through a few people. But that was it! It was so weird, high fevers and fatigue, then boom fine. Which I guess if we are picking and choosing 24 hour bugs to get this would be the one right? Anything without projectile vomit is a win! 
jumpsuit: loft (old) // shoes: zara // sunglasses: vintage gucci // bag: leur logette 

But with the weekend came a family night out, and also a denim jumpsuit! I really and truly feel like a denim/ chambray jumpsuit is just the perfect outfit. I know some people are intimidated when it comes to jumpsuits, but I say, jump right in! My tip is to size up, or find a jumpsuit that has a tie or a drawstring. I feel like so many jumpsuits are fitted in all the wrong places when hanging on a hanger, which makes for a not so cool try on session. Being able to adjust it to your own body is key! 
I also snagged these shoes when the Zara sale started a couple weeks ago. I think my closet consists of 75% Zara shoes. I just love their shoes and the price point. I mean, I am a huge Zara addict as is, but their shoes section always gets me. It is the equivalent of Target...... 

Here are some cute denim jumpsuits that I really like:

conversations over coffee

Jul 28, 2017

Let's chat. What are you drinkin'? I happen to be out of almond milk this morning so I am about to chug my coffee black. But the alternative of not having the caffeine in my system is just not an option, you get it, I know you do. 

Things to talk about....

How was your week? I was really in cleaning and organizing mode this week, I fully blame back to school. I just wanted to get a jump on it since the kids are about a week away from the first day, and Chris is taking some vacation time next week so we can all soak up our last few days of summer. Chris also wanted to be there for the first day of school! This will be his first experience with dropping off kids on the first day of school. Can you believe that? Ace in particular is very excited about this!

In the next couple weeks the inside of our house will be painted completely white. I am thrilled about this. I cannot tell you how many different colored walls are in our house right now. I think just about every wall is a different color. It made me slightly nauseous when we first moved in, but I saw potential, and now that Chris will have some days off he can be here to move furniture and help shuffle things around while it gets painted. Do you have a favorite interior white paint? I am pretty settled on Decorator's White from Benjamin Moore.

By nature I am a complete extrovert! I have always been super outgoing, social, class clown type of person. I am wacky beyond belief! This blog and my social media don't really display how truly crazy I am, not sure how to bridge that gap. BUT, motherhood has made me an introvert. In so many settings when I am out with the kids, I just do not engage with people, when if I was alone I might. But experience with moms has taught me that it is not worth it to put yourself out there, the automatic judgments that come from the simple fact that moms have different parenting styles baffles me. I have to be honest, I don't have room in my brain to care about how you are raising your kids! Unless it somehow directly affects my do you boo. And with our gypsy lifestyle, when I do meet those moms that are so down to earth and chill, we move.

I am slightly happy that the Nordstrom sale will be ending soon. I only got a couple clothing items that I thought would be fun to have whenever fall rolls around in the south. But then I placed an order for some beauty things because I was like....why not? But did I neeeeeed those things? Probably not.

Aside from the sale that starts with an N that shall no longer be named, there are some great sales happening this weekend:

J. Crew Factory is doing 30% off clearance code EXTRA.
Nike is doing 20% off one item use code 20BTS.
Pottery Barn Kids is doing 20% off your order (hello personalized backpacks!) use code FRIENDS.
Baublebar is doing up to 75% off select items, no code needed.

Alright, I think that is all I have. I'd like to make these little coffee chats a weekly thing, maybe talk about things you guys want to know more about or just discuss in general (I'm pretty much an open book). Feel free to email me or leave questions in the comments as well!

Happy Friday!

finding the perfect tee

Jul 27, 2017

Who doesn't love a good tee? I am almost always in a tee and jeans. That is my happy place. I for one think the combination can be dressed up or down, and shoes are my weakness so switching them up gives my uniform a whole new life! 
tee: j. crew // jeans: ag jeans // shoes: zara (love these) // bag: 3.1 phillip lim // earrings: j. crew 

I am however picky when it comes to tees. Not all plain tees are made the same. Things that draw me in are:

Length: I need it to be long, because sometimes I like the tuck, maybe even to add a belt. Not to mention I also like to reach my arms up once in a while and my stretch marks like to keep their anonymity. 

Fit: I like a relaxed fit, but not to the point that it looks like I threw on Chris' tee. So fitted but not too fitted. 

Material: Obviously cotton is king, but I like a thin linen as well, basically I want super soft without compromising the fit. 

Can you even believe there is a human out there that puts this much thought into a damn tee? Well, hello my name is Kelsey, pleased to meet you. 
The J. Crew linen tees are among some of my favorites. I do recommend sizing down, I wear an x-small. And they are a great price on the regular, but you know if you wait a day or two J. Crew will be running some kind of promotion, so when I see them on sale I grab a few. 

Other places that pass my tee test are, American Apparel specifically this tee, Vince (these are super pricey for a tee which is why I only own two, but they are incredibly well made) I own this tee in black and white. Madewell, again, great material at a great price and I like these. 

But, I am always willing to try something new so please tell me where you have found your favorite tees! 

*and side note on these jeans so no one is like "these are not the same style as linked". I am truly this short of a human that I folded these babies up to give me the look I wanted. I also cut the knee holes in them a couple years ago. I cut up a lot of my jeans actually, I am distressed obsessed!

old fort jackson

Jul 26, 2017

Over the weekend we took a break from the beach and decided to check out a local attraction instead, Old Fort Jackson. I have been wanting to come here for a couple weeks now, but the kids always voted me out. But since Chris wanted to go and he is the fun parent the kids were like "yeaaaa let's go dad!". 
The fort is situated right on the river, and the views did not disappoint! I love when we do these kids of outings because the kids get so into it. They ask a million questions on the way there about what the fort was used for, who was there, can we shoot guns (no), how come you're not stationed there dad? Basically tons of questions I turn to Chris for the answers to. 
I was really excited to read that this was a very interactive experience and that the kids would have the opportunity to dress up, see cannon firings, and participate in different activities. 

It was hotter than shit when we went, because we really know how to pick the time of day to be outside for three hours. But, we had tons of water and a sense of adventure propelling us forward through the sweat. And to be honest when we are there in shorts and sandals, and you see the employees all dressed up in authentic uniforms from 1812, which included wool jackets and have no room to complain. Right? 
The kids ran around and really turned on their imaginations as they went from room to room. They had other fort explorers cracking up when they said things like "Mom, I see so much stuff, but where is their internet?" or "Did they have Minecraft? This looks like a Minecraft fortress". 
Then came the fun part. We heard a drum beating and everyone started to crowd around. A "Sergeant" was shouting for all the troops to fall in line. To which Chris very quickly grabbed a seat on a bench. I looked at him like...come on. He said without hesitation "this ones all yours I play army for a living". I laughed and corralled my tiny troops in line. We got to march around the fort, they handed out wooden muskets for the kids to "practice drills" with, and we learned that we possess a very little to no sense of urgency in the heat. 

But it was so fun! And I highly recommend this as a place to see if you are in the Savannah area!


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