5 thoughts on a friday

Jan 6, 2017

FRI-YAY! I am excited about this particular day because after a crazy week Chris came home and said "oh yea, I have tomorrow off". Which was such a welcomed surprised. He had his final exam in his course this week and I am so relieved (so are the kids because they haven't seen him much this week). I see the light at the end of this tunnel, with graduation next week. 

But lets move past all that.....
-Ace's birthday is next week, he will be 7! I can't even. SEVEN! When? I know it is such a cliche mom thing, but really I feel like I just had him yesterday. But he is super excited to tell everyone he comes in contact with that he will be seven next week. Which brings me to school stuff. Remember the days when your mom would send you to school with cupcakes on your birthday? And that was that. No questions asked. Not today folks. I stopped in to ask Ace's teacher what she preferred for birthdays at school. Ace really wants to bring something in. She began to tell me who had food allergies......peanuts, eggs, gluten. So I was like, no cupcakes? She said I could, but then I'd just need to bring things for the other kids that can't eat that. And listen I get it, I wouldn't want my child to feel left out either. But I am not buying seven different kinds of treats for the last 30 minutes of the school day on Ace's birthday. So I think I am just going to do little gift bags that Ace can pass out. Right? That solves it. Moms....give me your input. 

-I have come to the conclusion that I am the only person on my social media channels that does not watch The Bachelor. Never seen an episode. Not a bachelor, bachelorette, rose or no rose anything. Are there others like me out there? Hello from the outside......

-Piggy backing on that one, what are you watching these days? I watched the OA on Netflix, and it wasn't for me. Chris liked it until the last episode and then he said never again. I finished season one of The Man in the High Castle and I really like that! But can Game of Thrones just come back already? Jon Snow. Period.

-On a shopping front, I have been on a real overhaul of my beauty products. I am obsessed with the site Beautylish. Have you shopped on there? This is not sponsored, I am pissing my own money away! But, I love that they have brands that aren't carried at other beauty stores. Less known brands, smaller companies, but quality products. PLUS they do free shipping on order $35 and up. I placed two this week. Another site I am loving for beauty and skincare is The Dreslyn. They have more natural makeup and skincare products, but again more indie brands. Love love love.

-More shopping (what else) J Crew is having 40% off and this super cute top I wore last week is on mega sale! Love this off the shoulder top! Do yourself a favor and snag one or two of these tissue turtlenecks, they are such an amazing basic to have!

And with that I bid you adieu....cheers to the weekend!


  1. Popsicles are great school birthday treats… The good ones that are 100% fruit. My son turns six on Sunday and he is bringing his birthday Popsicles to school today.

  2. I don't watch The Bachelor either!!! I just don't get the appeal.

  3. Omg FINALLY someone who doesn't watch the bachelor!!!!!! I swear every blogger I follow does and I've tried and I can't get past the first 2 minutes. I did read a book by an ex-bachelorette which was pretty decent but still not enough to get me into it. Whew. Thank you.

  4. I've never seen the bachelor either. Don't get it. I'm a lone wolf. Except alone with you. I haven't had to cross the whole birthday at school thing with summer birthdays. Yet. Good luck with that! Pencils anyone?

  5. Happy early birthday to Ace! I was talking to someone else recently who mentioned all the restrictions and she's doing play dough gifts with a slinky or something else I can't recall, but I thought that was kind of fun. Not nearly as fun as cake but... And YES to sales! I need to stop shopping but looking never hurt, right? Right. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Ahhhhh I am currently halfway through The OA... I'm mixed on it. Now I'm wondering what the end holds! Never seen the bachelor either... I'll watch a lot but that is a total waste of time!



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