5 thoughts on a friday

Jan 27, 2017

The glorious day that is Friday! The moment we all look forward to. A day that starts off much like a Thursday, but as the hours tick by it gradually gets more exciting. The excitement builds until that last backpack hits the floor after school pick up. And then the real fun begins. Or in this house everyone just loses their minds! Is it just my kids that feel the need to run and scream throughout the house once they are all reunited after school? It's a joyous time with dogs barking, and children frolicking, and me sitting with a smile plastered on my face because it is cheat night and mama is having wine! 

How was your week? 

Allow me to introduce you to something very exciting in the makeup world....MAC has come out with their own little lip kits, and I couldn't wait to pull the trigger on this one! MAC lipsticks and liners are like peaches and cream, coffee and creamer, peanut butter and jelly. This new little trio of lipstick heaven deserves to be celebrated! 

You know what else is cause for celebration? Me getting all my tax shit together this week. Chris and I divide and conquer, he gets all his stocks and whatnot in order, and I figure out the cheddar from this little space. Anyone else become overly paranoid when it comes to taxes? I just like to get it done and over with! 

Let's just keep jumping from subject to subject... do you read Unfancy? Caroline is truly one of my fav bloggers, and I love all the capsule wardrobes that she does. She makes it look effortless, where I would be like....I can't get dressed, I need more, or less, or nothing. But she puts together some really great outfits that would work for anyone! 

Have you seen the new kids line at Target? It's called Art Class, and I am obsessed. I was on their site the other day buying new bathroom rugs because Odette spilled nail polish on two of mine (totally my fault) and I am just glad it was the rugs and nowhere near the carpet. But anyway, the line is so cute. I love all the girls stuff, but Avalon is too little for those sizes. I did get the boys these sweats, these chinos, and these tees. I am hoping they come out with more pieces for boys!

Also hoping that the rain stays away this weekend. The temps are dropping the next few days, but I will take cold over rain. I am fine with layering up, as long as we are able to get out of the house! Ya know?

Alright, I'll stop wasting your screen time.....go forth and have a wonderful Friday!


  1. It's Friday it's Friday woohoo!!!

    Capsule wardrobes intrigue me! But I could never. Like. Ever.

  2. Those lip kits are such a great value - I'm going to have to find a great color, but I love the one you linked to! I keep a spreadsheet throughout the year of everything for the blog and it always makes taxes so much easier...well sometimes LOL! Happy weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Every time I see you post that little wardrobe clothes hanger thing..I'm like..I NEED THAT!

  4. I saw that new kids line and it's super cute! I love it!

  5. MAC has always been a favorite of mine. I'll have to check this out.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. That MAC nude lipstick kit is such a great deal and I love the shade! I'm going to go check out Unfancy now! Thanks for sharing!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Love this little fashion corner. A great way to line-up the weeks wardrobe! Love it! Hana and I are both putting one together.



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