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Jan 3, 2017

 Fall/ Winter Layers
First day back at life! A part of me was ready, and I think the kids were ready too. Just to get back to a routine, and Ace definitely was ready to go back to school. He needs lots of daily stimulation or he will find it in other ways. Which can sometimes equate to driving everyone crazy! Also, our move has been postponed, don't even get me started on it. I think I need to simmer down some more before I can talk about it without using only expletives. So I am now trying to rethink my game plan for life for the next few months. 
Teddy Bear Jackets

How was everyone's break? Our first week was filled with sickness! Odette had pneumonia, and the other kids were just drained of all energy from coughing up a lung. So we definitely took it easy. It was also nice to just live in the Christmas spirit for a bit. I will admit that my laziness hit an all time HIGH! I blame the food 100%. We would eat a glorious breakfast of french toast, or pancakes and bacon, or even donuts. Then Chris and I would be down for the count on the couch come two o'clock.  It was hilariously rough. 
Cute ways to layer jackets
We have since thrown out all non-whole30 compliant foods and the detox has begun. I miss creamer. I always miss creamer. 

And the weather has been crazy lately! Some days were in the upper 70's and the kids wanted to wear shorts. Then we had non-stop rain over the weekend, with chilly temps. I threw on this long sweater for brunch and quickly ran back in and grabbed this teddy bear jacket. I ended up loving the different lengths, and the kids kept hiding under my "cape" as we took in the last of the holiday decor downtown. I think this might be my favorite time of year. All the holiday craziness and stress is over. We have soaked up as much family time as we needed, and now we are ready to get back to our usual craziness. 


  1. I hope Odette is doing better! This back and forth weather is insane. I hate it.

  2. Favorite time of year say whaaa?? The next three months are the worst I think. But then again we can't really go outside. Such a bummer the first week was filled with sick kids. And that you didn't know school didn't start today. Whoops.



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