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Jan 23, 2017

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I think this weekend can be summed up with "crazy weather"!!! Tornadoes were in full effect in the south, and we were basically on a tornado watch all weekend. Thankfully nothing ever came of it in our area, but we did have some pretty serious wind and thunderstorms. Saturday morning Chris called me on his way home from the gym to have me run out and make sure the outside shed was locked, and as I was on the phone with him a branch fell and hit his car while he was driving. We lost a couple trees on the back of our property, and the ones closest to the house got a nice trimming! Truthfully, that is the scariest part for me. Whenever there is a storm and I look outside I see the huge trees in our backyard/forest swaying back and forth, I just imagine one of those bad boys coming down. Probably not the right mindset.... 
Blush Color Trend- Blush Coat - Blush Bauble Bar Earrings
blush coat: nordstrom rack // tee: vince // jeans: gap // boots: rag and bone (on major sale now) // earrings: baublebar // sunglasses: ray-ban // clutch: louis vuitton

These pictures were clearly taken on a weather friendly day and not on this weekends set of Twister. But as the temps bounce around like my children after an ice cream date, I can't help but cling to any and all signs of coat weather. I absolutely love this blush coat. I am not really one for pink, but there are a few pieces that catch my eye and I can't help but incorporate them. 

Also, winter whites will forever be a year around thing for me. I know, so daring with four kids, but if we are being honest here I am more of a threat to them than my children are. Being the clumsiest person ever means I drop or spill or fall much more often than any child. Bleach and I have quite the relationship. 
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We ate out more than I care to admit this weekend, basically because last weeks solo parenting stint had me all cooked out. I spent a good part of yesterday preparing a bunch of whole30 foods that would last a few days, since I will be flying solo again this week. The kids' new favorite breakfast is almond banana pancakes with date syrup, so I made a batch to freeze for the week (thanks Laurie for the tip). 

Other than that the weekend was pretty low key. How was yours? We did finally get a move date to Savannah, did I tell you that is where we are moving next? And I am so happy that we were able to move it closer to when school is getting out. That was a huge thing for me, so I am happy it worked out with all the schools Chris is going to the next couple months. Now I just need to find a little sanity and hold on to it for dear life. 

Or join a wine of the month club. 

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  1. I'm glad you guys were safe and none of the tornadoes hit your area!! I love the blush and white paired together - so perfect!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You look perfect! Love! Same with the weather. At our home prior to the one we have now I just knew this huge oak in our front yard was going to just come crashing down every time it stormed. Yikes! Anyway, hope your week is great!

  3. I am loving that jacket and yay for having a move date! So exciting.

    1. I know! Finally, and I am so happy it works out with school.

  4. This is another Kate Middleton lookalike post! I am DYING over those earrings. I had to come back and look again.

  5. THis blush and white looks beautiful together! I can't believe you have FOUR kids! And those tornado watches must be SO super scary!!

  6. I had a pretty lowkey weekend as well, which is always nice. Love your earrings! :]


  7. Hey happy to oblige! And I'm loving the blush and the whites! That is so scary about the weather! I'm glad it wasn't worse for you guys. I seriously hate bad winds. I basically imagine a twister with every storm. Glad that's past you! And here you come Savannah yeah!!

  8. Yes! Sometimes those are the best ones :)



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