dog days of january

Jan 24, 2017

You know when you get to January and you are just kind of over the weather, or the school year, or the month? Is that just me? I truly have no room to complain about weather seeing as how we could be in negative temps in Alaska. But I am over the rain lately. I used to love the rain, like Seattle rain. The rain never bothered me when we lived in Washington. I actually loved it, I would open the windows and fill our little apartment with the smell of fresh rain and maybe a vanilla candle or two. But here you can't do that unless you want your house soaked and a tree branch or two to come flying in. And even that isn't the part that frustrates me, it's that Georgia clay! Our backyard is essentially a glorified fenced off section of woods. There was no clearing any of it. Actually if you follow our fence line you can see that it doesn't go in a straight line, it kind of weaves through the brush. But after it rains the dogs are covered in red clay/sand, and no matter how hard I try to wipe them down it still comes in the house. 
I didn't sign the kids up for any activities in January because at the time I thought we were moving. Rookie mistake! Which I guess isn't all bad. I enjoy having more time with them after school, but I know they are a little bored. Pierce and Ace express their extreme need "to go out and do something fun" and I'm like, homework? 
Then I inevitably send everyone outside to play and run off some energy, but do we need to revisit the red clay situation? Motherhood is also the definition of insanity, I'm telling you! 
Chris' schedule is also a little different this month with him being all over the place during the week and home on weekends. So he just wants to soak up as much time with everyone, bless his heart. And then there is me like, I think I'll go walk the aisles of Target, with a stop at Ulta, and then maybe sit quietly in the Starbucks parking lot. This song and dance always lasts an hour or two because somehow I miss the noise. 

January just gives off the feeling of a long month I think. The newness of the year starts to wear off and we are left with, what holiday is coming up? When is spring break? Should I look at bathing suits now or in another month? Is it too early to change my hair color? No never. 

I guess I could take advantage of all the Valentines Day decor and snag the Star Wars valentines before they sell out. 


  1. I feel like January is always hard. The excitement of the holidays is over and the weather is typically yucky. I'm so over the rain here too. I need some sunshine!!

    By Lauren M

  2. I feel the same way about January, it feels like it has been going on for so long!

  3. I can never tell if my comments go through or not...grr! Anyway, I totally feel you on the mud. Hawaii has what is known as "red dirt" and it is the pen/red wine of stains. It just gets on there, even the tiniest bit, and good fucking luck getting it out. The only thing I know to do to combat the mud puddle that is my backyard is to keep wipes from Costco at the doors and the dogs each get a wipe bath when they come inside. It's a huge pain in the ass, but a small price to pay for my sanity. Of course, mud still gets in, which drives me batty. I'm sure you already have wipes at your house, so I'll just go ahead and sign you up for that wine of the month club!

  4. Ugh January. I could do without the entire month. It's so blah. And yuck. And February up here isn't any better at all but at least it has Valentine's Day? Oh so I query. Where does one find activities for kids? I thought I would get stuff sent home from school but so far. Nada. And the local gym place is like super expensive in my opinion although maybe it's reasonable what do I know

  5. Aw these pictures are adorable! I agree January always feels so long!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles



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