Jan 19, 2017

Print mixing- gingham
This short week has me like, how is it already Thursday? But I am excited that it is because I haven't seen Chris all week. He started another school or course or whatever, and tomorrow can't come fast enough. It's not that I had a hard week solo, I actually do pretty well when it is just me and I have my own little routine going with the kids' schedules. But you know, you just want them around. This is just week one of many more solo weeks, so I am trying not to dwell on it. I did find another binge worthy show on Netflix, The Travelers. Have you seen it? There is only one season but it is really good! I don't even like sci-fi that much, but this one has a great storyline. 
Print mixing- gingham
blazer: banana republic // top: old navy (from last summer) // pants: tobi c/o
shoes: splendid // bag: cult gaia // earrings: marciano 

I wore this outfit to a dinner party last weekend, and I am thinking this will be one of the last times I wear any kind of layers. It has been in the high 70's low 80's all week and we switched back into shorts. I can't keep up. Not that I am complaining of a little warmth, but I did just purchase some new sweaters so I am hoping the temps dip it low! 
How to style gingham prints
I have also really been into statement earrings lately. I kind of gave up on jewelry when Odette was going through her grabby phase, but now she is somewhat over it and wants to be miss independent so I figure a little sparkle here and there won't hurt. And earrings seem to be the easiest piece to wear. These and these are on my list! 
Gingham plaid
Well, I would continue this but Avalon just came downstairs and said that little dinosaurs woke her up. So that's my cue. 

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  1. Gorgeous look! Love the top with the pants!! I need those pants, by the way!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. LOVE this look! Those pants are stunning and I love the mix of bog and small gingham. Beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  3. Super cute outfit!!! Love the earrings.

  4. Every single time you use that bag, I'm like...I need that in my life ASAP!

  5. Cheers to the almost freaking weekend! And loving the earrings!

  6. Loving the double gingham mix! This is such a chic look!



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