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Jan 2, 2017

New year, old me. I have to say I love the clean slate of a new year, but I am not really a resolutions person. I think I always have big, or small goals in mind, and sometimes those change as my life changes. But I do happen to use the excuse of a new year to get some other less important things done. Now, you know me. I am not the crafty craft lady making cute organizational jars, or pulling out the label maker to help me out. I suppress my OCD cleaning ways in order to give my children a happy childhood, and prevent my marriage from ending in divorce. So I thought I would share some super quick and simple things I do on my own time to get organized. 
simple ways to get organized for the new year
Calendars/planners- I am one of those people that has to have things written down. I have tried to use my phone for appointments or reminders, but it just never clicks for me (can't teach an almost 30 year old new tricks). I have to see the master plan. So I was so excited to grab a few new wall calendars. I hang one up for Chris and I to get on the same page. I fill in all the kids stuff, and he goes in and fills in all his work stuff. There are so many times that he comes home and gets right to studying, and I am wrapped up in bedtime chaos that we don't get to talk about what tomorrow, or the next day might hold. So it is just easy for us to have a central place to look. The other calendar is for the kids. We have a little "behavior" slash reward system, slash green card system thing happening. And it is great for the kids to have somewhere to look at how they are doing day to day. Not to mention, it is a great tool for me to hang over their heads. Judge me. 

Updates- Since I have a new planner just waiting to be filled, I always like to go through and update addresses after the holidays. I try and keep all the envelopes from family and friends, just to make sure I have everyone's updated information. We move all the time, and so do our friends, so it is just a simple thing I like to do after the holidays, that way when it's someones birthday or whatever the occasion I have one less thing to figure out. 

Declutter- I have been doing this here and there around the house all weekend. I cleaned out the spice cabinet, pantry, and fridge from all the junk we acquired over the holiday break. Not to mention there were spices in my cabinet that have been moved five times to five different states and expired in 2013!!!! Yeah. I also decluttered my desk. I'd say I use about 20% of the things on or around my desk, but I have an addiction to office supplies. So I decided to clean it all off and keep only a few things out. It feels so much less overwhelming walking into my "office" area. 

Tackle your inbox- This could also be an extension of the above. But last night while the kids were watching a movie and Chris was studying, I decided to go through my inbox's, personal and blog related. I unsubscribed from 55 emails! 55!! 55 emails that I probably received on a weekly basis that were just junk. Clearly I have been avoiding that task, but I am happy I won't be waking up to so many emails trying to sell me something. I need no help in spending money. 

Closet clean out- I am constantly going through my closet and getting rid of things. The turn over rate is rapid! But it never fails that in the new year I crave simplicity, does that last long? No. But I always want to start with a clean slate. So I go through and find things that I wore maybe one time last year, or that I didn't wear at all, and it goes. I try and stick to the rule, one in and one out. If I get something new, I need to sell or donate another. Try is the operative word, because it doesn't always happen and then my closet gets crazy! My style is always changing, so cleaning out my closet feels good. 

I think that is it. These are just a few things I did even given 15 minutes of alone time over the weekend. My next task is my bathroom, which is over run with beauty products! 

What do you do to get organized? 

side note- you may or may not have noticed that my url changed. you didn't notice, that's totally fine. but I did finally make the switch to my own little blogging domain. www.theblogpardonmyfrench.com. if you follow on bloglovin you should still receive post updates. but if you want to double check, i won't stop you. nothing else has changed as of right now, but thank you for clicking here and reading my ramblings. 


  1. I'm not a resolution person either, I love setting goals. It makes the tasks not seem so daunting.

  2. Yes! I'm unsubscribing to so many emails and it feels so good!

  3. It was the FIRST thing I noticed! I was like wait a second..who is this imposter as it was loading. And then heyyyy, it was you! I love it. I'm all about updating addresses and purging shit. I am intrigued by planners, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  4. I actually just noticed the URL today. Nice! These are all excellent tips! My closet is actually a goal of mine here soon because it is bananas. And it's small. Blah.

  5. Love these tips! Also- your URL change was the first thing I noticed haha! �� Here's to an amazing year!



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