my current favorite olive sweaters under $50

Jan 5, 2017

Olive sweaters under $50
Happy Thursday!! And yay for this week already being so close to over. I mean I know it technically just started yesterday, but I feel like I already need a few days to recuperate. Anyone else feel like this? I don't know what it is....
Easy sweater outfits for fall/winter
Olive sweaters- Nordstrom
What I do know, is that I have been loving an olive and red color combination! Olive is one of my favorite go-to colors, dating all the way back to when I used to show horses. Every event has a color theme, you know a whole outfit, and everything to match your horses accessories as well. Well, my color for western and trail shows was green, sparkly green chaps too! Yee-haw! 
Cute sweater and jean outfits
Clearly I have toned down the flashiness quite a bit, but olive remains one of my favorite colors. And with some red accessories it makes all the colors stand out even more. You could also switch this up with a more neutral bag, and a red lip! Or lose the heels and throw on some classic converse kicks for a day at the park with the minions! 
Simple sweaters under $50
I love the high low hem line on this sweater, and I sized up to a medium for a more relaxed fit, but a small would have probably been fine.  Below are six of my favorite olive sweaters right now, and all under $50! 


  1. Love that sweater! I'm a big fan of olive too. Also, I'm with ya on being ready for the week to be over already. The first week back after Christmas break is always rough.

  2. I love that sweater, I have one similar and it's my favorite!

  3. Oh I love this look! I share your thoughts on being done with this week. I almost just want to be on a "Christmas break" all the time...hmm..

  4. I can't wait till tomorrow is over! I'm glad it was a short week though! Small miracles!!



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