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Jan 31, 2017

Wardrobe Staples
Wardrobe staples. Something I am sure you have seen on a blog, typed into google, or pinned on Pinterest. The building blocks of a closet as I like to say. For me, I think wardrobe staples or basics can be different for everyone. I consider something a staple if I can make at least 10 other outfits with it, with pieces I already have in my closet. I have talked about this on here before, but I am all about cost per wear. It is how I do the bulk of my shopping. Sure trendy pieces I have no problem spending less on because I know I am probably only going to wear it a handful of times, but that is why it is a trend. For staple pieces I do tend to spend a little more, they are pieces that carry on from one season to the next, and year after year. I would definitely say that if you have done a closet clean out and want to start fresh, start investing in the basics first! I would much rather have a closet full of quality pieces that I can mix and match, rather than handfuls of trendy less quality items.

So let's break it down a little. For me, my outerwear needs have changed since moving to Georgia. I can now easily get away with a field jacket, a denim jacket, and a leather jacket. A trench coat is also a great basic outerwear piece, but I just haven't found a huge need personally. That could totally change if I found the right one!

The one piece I probably cannot stress enough to have in your closet is, a blazer!! You may think you won't wear it but trust me, it is a must. You can dress it up or down, jeans, dresses, skirts. Throw it on for parent teacher conferences, or drinks with the girls on a Friday night. It is polished and classic, so invest in a neutral color with a feminine fit! 

For tops I like to have a few on hand. Plan tees are a must, as is a striped option! But also a great crew neck sweater, and a white button down blouse are necessary. And I could probably live the rest of my days in turtlenecks. Once again, the outfit possibilities are endless, especially when you add in your outerwear layers. 

Bottoms are where I tend to go a little overboard. I probably have thirty plus pairs of jeans in my closet, but maybe five pairs of pants. This is when knowing your body is essential! A high waisted wide leg pant is a great fit for me, over a straight leg. I am a short girl with a booty in the back, so a great fitting straight leg pant is hard to find. However a high waist wide leg makes me look taller and leaner, so clearly I want that in my closet! 

Dresses. I actually do not own a ton of dresses. Like I said, I am a denim girl. But I do believe in having a couple great fitting dresses for any occasion. The LBD is a no brainer, also something you want to invest in. I would go for a mid length dress, which is must more appropriate for all different occasions. You can never go wrong with a classy lace option!

Let's move on to accessories. This is where classics reign supreme. A great pair of sunglasses, neutral style belts, and different size bags. For me a carry all bag is my day to day with the kids. But a cross body is what I reach for when I don't need to house barbies and toy cars.

As for is hard for me to say no to shoes. Shoes are my ultimate weakness. But if I had to choose a few pairs that work for all occasions I would say, a classic sneaker, a pointed toe flat, ankle boots, black pumps, and a strappy nude heel. I feel like these would mix and match with all the other basics, and could easily take you from season to season.

OKAY! So that was a lot of super boring shit....but I really feel like these are pieces that stand the fashion test of time! What am I missing? What are some of your staple pieces?

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  1. I definitely agree with so many of your picks! I have almost all of them!

    By Lauren M

  2. Loving your list of staples. I would really like a pair of white trousers like that.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I've been on the prowl for a good denim jacket! I feel like I always look so frumpy in mine..but I suppose I just need to find a better fit!

  4. I really need to invest in a blazer! I know it would be a great addition to my closet.

    1. YES! I feel like it is the one piece everyone should have. It really transforms any outfit :)

  5. My Zella live-in leggings, which I'm pretty sure I heard of first from your blog. I literally live in them.

  6. I remember you saying the whole blazer thing before and I do have one! Because you said so! Then I lost weight and now eh. I need a smaller one lol. But jean jackets yes!

  7. Love all of these! I have those sunnies and leather jacket and they are definitely a constant staple of mine! I need those ankle booties too!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles



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