Jan 10, 2017

Seven. Seven came around fast. I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad to see six go. I think six is my favorite. But next year I am sure I will say seven is my favorite. Not that I have had that many six year olds, seeing as Ace is my first. But I quite like him as a six year old. And I am sure seven will be even better. I always tell people that Ace is like my guinea pig child. My first. Everything with him is new, how I deal with it is new, how I feel about it is new, and how he interprets the world is new. 

Although, Ace could not be more excited about turning seven today. All day yesterday he was really trying to rub it in for me. "Mom this is my last breakfast as a six year old". "Mom, tomorrow when I practice my spelling words I'll be seven". "Do seven year olds get to stay up later?". "Mom!!!!! come check my teeth, they might change tomorrow when I'm seven". 

It is absolutely bittersweet for me. Ace challenges me everyday. He is a true first born, but also so much more complex than that. He is independent, stubborn, a perfectionist, hard-working, head strong, sarcastic, sensitive, and shy. All rolled into one lovable little boy. His dry sense of humor and knack for telling it like it is, keeps us laughing and on our toes everyday. He is cautious, and always looking out for his wild little brother. While simultaneously being the master mind behind their off the wall pranks and crazy antics. 

He is always ready to step up and be "the man of the house" when Chris is working late or away. The way that he tackles his anxiety and shyness in various situations everyday is amazing to me. I can't help but always think, he is just so little. But he is quick to remind me just how big he is. 

I am so excited to celebrate him today, this week, and this next year!

Happy Birthday Ace! We love you to the moon and back, and then ten more times. And I already know you snuck into my closet and found your presents. You told Pierce, and he told me.

What is it you are always screaming while playing video games? BOO-YAA!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ace!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. :)

  2. Happy 7th Birthday Ace! It's startling how much he looks like a mini Chris in this photo.

  3. Oh my gosh the sweetest kid! Happy birthday big guy!!'



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