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Jan 17, 2017

Pardon My French- a lifestyle blog
Alright, back into the week! How was everyone's weekend? I hope great! We sure did pack a lot into a few days. Maybe more than my house can handle because it sure took a beating, and now I am left standing in the eye of the storm like...where do I begin? What does one clean first? How many loads of laundry should I even consider, because getting it folded and put away in a timely matter is laughable, so no need to set myself up for failure right? 
Pardon My French- a lifestyle blog
Yesterday we had a pretty chill day. Everyone took their time waking up, and we headed out for some coffee and smoothies when Chris got home from the gym. On the way home the kids wanted to stop and play some baseball and soccer at our usual field. I really love days like that because all the kids just to their own thing. Odette and Avalon usually want to explore in the woods. The boys will play catch and kick the ball around for a little bit before they are off with their walkie talkies barking directions at each other. 
Pardon My French - a lifestyle blog
It was a nice way to end the weekend. Saturday we had Ace's birthday party with some of his friends. I tried to throw some videos up on snapchat, but I am always so weary of putting other peoples kids on social media. Is that just me? Like I don't want to be that mom. I also didn't bring my big camera because I figured I wouldn't even have a second to pull it out with the girls being there too. I was right. Odette was off and running from the moment we walked in. And getting her and Avalon in the same area at the same time to play the same game was impossible. Avalon wanted to do things with the boys but she was too little to play laser tag and bumper cars, which went over about as well as you can imagine. But, I was pretty impressed with the staff that helped with the party. They were totally on top of getting the kids from one area to the next, and handing out pizza, and moving right on into the cake. It was wonderful. (we had it at stars and strikes if you are in the columbus area, totally recommend for kids parties). 
Pardon My French - mom blog- lifestyle
Pardon My French - mom blog- lifestyle
The weekend gods were shining down on me because after that party we had a dinner party to go to with some friends from Chris' class and some of the instructors, and the girls granted me a nice car nap. We ran home got everyone cleaned up, ran the dogs outside, and back out we went. 
Pardon My French - lifestyle blog - motherhood
Sunday, as much as I should have been cleaning and prepping food for the week, I didn't. We took a family nap in the afternoon. 

But! Chris and I did watch a few good movies this weekend. I blame all the late afternoon coffees. We watched The Accountant with Ben Affleck. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it was pretty good! We also watched Deepwater Horizon, which brings you right back to 2010 and seeing all those news stories. But what an incredible story! And finally we watched The Dressmaker. What a movie! Now I want to read the book. Kate Winslet is so great in this movie, and the fashion is unmatched.....along with the dark undertone. But all great movies in my opinion. Have you seen any of them? 

...........and this post jumped all over the place, but that's a pretty accurate depiction of my brain right now!


  1. We watched the accountant this weekend too - i had the same feelings - went in with super low expectations and it turned out to be great!! The other two you watched I want to see but we just didn't have time because we binged on Goliath on Amazon prime lol!! Side note - your kids' names are the best!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a great end to the weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. What a great way to end the weekend! I love these photos.

  4. It sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I want to see The Dressmaker, but I'm about 400 tissues deep into This Is Us and I can't see the light yet, so I have to just get through it, tears and all.

  5. Wow. So much! So little time!!! But living the dream right!?



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