Jan 9, 2017

Mom Style
What a weird weekend! Weather wise, I guess. The cold front moved in, and the town shut down. Literally. Coming from Alaska it was just so weird! Friday schools were closing, not Ace's, but other schools. After we picked Ace up from school we headed to the post office so I could drop off some boxes and we were greeted with a sign on the door that said "closed early due to weather". There was no "weather" it was just thirty something degrees out. We had to laugh. 
Saturday morning Chris headed to the gym at his normal time and called me shortly after he left to tell me that the gym was closed too. HA! We didn't get any snow, the roads were clear no ice, we actually didn't get that much rain. I know a little north in Atlanta they did get some snow. But I mean....it was just cold. So of course you can expect that we took advantage of all the people hiding in their homes, and went out to eat and made a Target run. 
Mom Style
We hit up the park yesterday, which is usually pretty busy since there is a dog park right next to it, and also some running trails. But the parking lot was bare. It's not all that exciting as far as parks go. Just a fenced in field. But I have learned that my children do very well (more of a need) with a change of scenery. I could have easily told them to go kick a ball in our backyard, but it wouldn't have been as effective. 
Mom Style- Overalls
Just the fact that we loaded up, grabbed a coffee and some hot chocolates and got out of the house puts everyone in a good mood. And we can all use some good moods on a Sunday before the craziness of of the week gets going again. 

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

outfit details: overalls, similar // turtleneck // fur snood 


  1. I love how you paired your overalls with the small heel and fur stole (stoll? Stolle?)..you know what I mean! The kids look adorable, per usual. Avalon has totally nailed the messy bun!

  2. I agree that there is something to be said about just getting out of the house. Sometimes it really is necessary for everyone.

  3. Hahaha! Welcome to the south! I grew up in Dallas and live in Austin now, but during my 5 years in Chicago I COULDN'T EVEN believe that I didn't get a snow day when it was snowing outside! Absurd!! I mean...you seriously expect me to WALK THROUGH THE SNOW to get to class? Haha...

    Also, I'm digging those overalls! So cute! I need to get a pair...

    1. HA! Yes, living in Alaska for four years and there was never a snow day! And I was always so shocked that they kids still went out for recess as long as it was 10 degrees and above! LOL

  4. Loving your outfit girl - such a cute stroll you guys took! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Get out everything was closed?? Well I mean. Not everything but how odd!!! Bet that was a culture shock for you guys!



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