5 thoughts on a friday

Feb 10, 2017

Friday, Friday! Glad to see you, although I have zero concept of time right now because Chris is still off and everyday seems like a blur. The only thing keeping us on schedule is the kids and all their activities. Not complaining one bit, although I think Chris is going stir crazy. Shall we get into a few thoughts? Lets.....
-You know I am a lipstick addict. If there were a 12 step program I'd be in it. Lip kits are all the rage right now and I got this one last week, but these beauties showed up on my doorstep earlier this week, and they are a creamy luscious dreamy little wonder! I have always been a fan of Bite Beauty, but I feel like this formula is a bit different, moisturizing while staying matte. Totally recommend. (and yes these were sent to me, but I was in no way asked to talk about them....gotta keep it real). 

-I am stupidly excited about the weekend. We have nothing planned, but the kids' after school activities got going again this week and I just hate being away from them. Two nights a week Ace has back to back things after school and it's just too long to be away from him. I tried to bribe him with some video game time after school instead, but he said no. I just don't like it. As insane as my house is when everyone is in it, it is my kind of crazy. I guess I should just buck up and get used to it. But I will do so with all my sappy mom-ness. 

-On a different note we have been in full on house hunting mode for our move to Savannah. I mean I don't want to be a picky bitch, and truly with four kids and two giant dogs I don't have room to be that picky, but I am. I really just want to move the house we are currently in and all the land that comes with it. But where we are looking it doesn't seem like they have the same options. We have a trip planned to go check out a few houses on our list so hopefully that brings some piece of mind. 

-So since Chris has been home we have been staying up and binge watching shows and movies, and it's a bad yet fantastic habit. We watched season one of Breaking Bad so many years ago and then just stopped. So we picked up again and just finished season four and I mean, is there really a better show? Well, besides Game of Thrones. Anyway, I also finished season one of Goliath and loved it! Billy Bob Thornton is my spirit animal. OH! And we watched Hacksaw Ridge the other night and all I can say is, incredible! Have you seen it? 

-Let's end this on a shopping note...how could we not? This ruffled jumper is everything! I have enough leopard, said no one ever, so this sweater is a must! This might be the most perfect button down, with eyelet trim. But this sweater couldn't be more perfect for Valentines Day, and it is currently 30% off! 

And with that......have a great weekend!


  1. Oh we loved Goliath so much - I can't wait for the second season!! I think I missed the announcement of your move - how exciting but I can totally tell why house hunting is going to be tough! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I know while the kids are gone and it's quiet I really don't like it. I don't want them to have activities. But I do obviously. It's a conundrum. Happy weekend!

  3. I love bite products and the lip kits are so tempting. I have tons of lipstick but could always use more. Good luck on your house hunt! It is def a challenge!


  4. I binge watched Breaking Bad a few years back & OMG. Such a good show!! Good luck with the house hunt!

  5. I got those Bite Beauty lips too and I loved them. Totally agree about the creaminess but the staying power is great too. Good luck on the move! I can't imagine moving all those things. Whenever I look at my house I think "I'll never move, too much stuff." haha have a good weekend! http://mymonochromaticlife.com

  6. I really love this product!!!

    Mónica Sors

  7. Those shades look so pretty! Glad you have a plan free weekend. Those are the best. Enjoy!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Oomph! House hunting is stressful. I hope you find what you are looking for!! I LOVE weekends when there is nothing on the calendar... I don't have one of those for awhile... but they are definitely my favorite. Enjoy! -Sara



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