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Feb 15, 2017

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant
I feel like no two days for me are the same....yet I am living ground hogs day everyday. Does that make sense? Moms with small humans, you get that right? Like you may go through the same song and dance everyday, but there is a change in tempo, or a slight hiccup here or there. For the most part our Monday-Friday is pretty set. School is at the same time everyday, which means my alarm goes off at the same time everyday. There is library story time on some mornings, others there are playdates at the park. After school is an acquired sense of craziness, going from swim lessons, to quick changes in the car for basketball practices, and throw book club in there as well. A snack is a must and maybe a stop for coffee for me, and by the time we make it home I'd almost rather skip dinner and head straight to bed. But that's where the weekend comes in right?
Mom On The Go- Dove Advanced Care
One thing I have to admit though, between all the running around I forget deodorant ALL THE TIME! If you asked Chris what one of his biggest pet peeves for me would be that he has to make a stop to buy deodorant. It's true. It's been a thing my whole life. I have a stick of deodorant in every possible place, probably more than one. More so because I make a stop and run in and buy a new one more than I care to admit. I don't know what it is. I don't forget to brush my teeth, I never forget moisturizer, but somehow when we get to the deodorant part I have already ran out of the bathroom to break up a fight over who got the red bowl of strawberries and not the blue one. Never mind that they contain the same amount. 

So if you were to look inside my purse you would find, diapers, wipes, nude lipstick, some kind of blush or bronzer, deodorant, and a random crayon mixed in with some crumbs I am sure. For me I have always been a Dove girl. Dove Advanced Care is my personal choice, simply because it is moisturizing and not over powering. I also like that their deodorant doesn't smell like deodorant! More like a lotion, or a familiar scent. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant offers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection plus added skincare benefits of Dove ¼ moisturizers and NutriumMoisture for softer, smoother underarms.
Mom On The Go- Dove Partner
So if you see me out and about running around with a bunch of kids, and we are headed into a store....just know I probably grabbed deodorant! But don't worry, I don't smell! Stay at home moms honor. 

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  1. I love their deodorant! Like you said it smells more like lotion and I love that.

  2. This is not a bad idea whatsoever. To have deodorant everywhere. Last summer at the theme park I was like ew. What I wouldn't give for deodorant right about now... one more thing to add to the diaper bag!



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