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Feb 14, 2017

Adidas logo tee
Jeans and tees....what else is new? I feel like that is my comfort zone. Dress it up or dress it down, it is such a winning combination. Mom jeans really have become my favorite fit. As much as I love a boyfriend jean, the high waist on a mom jean is just so much more flattering. Especially for a short girl, the higher the waist the longer the legs look. 
Cardigans and Mom jeans
Adidas Street Style
cardigan // tee // jeans: zara // sunglasses // clutch: louis vuitton

As I have been on this closet clean out journey I have kind of realized something about my blog, and what I more or less want to translate with my style. 

I first started reading style blogs when I quit my job as a merchandiser/buyer when I had Ace. Seven years ago it seemed like it was just women sharing their personal style. As a new mom at that point, I soaked up all these outfits. I felt like every new mom, too busy to get dressed, too tired to care, and I was also a full time student so I was like, do I spend nap time getting myself ready? Or studying? 
Old Navy Cardigan- Asos Mom Jeans
Mom Style- Old Navy- Adidas
So I clicked on those style blogs, and I read the stories behind why they paired those pants with that shirt. And I pinned images, and I made another cup of coffee and sat in my sweatpants. I missed working on window displays. I missed seeing new collections. I missed playing dress up in the fitting rooms with some of my favorite customers. I love fashion. The creativity, composition and story behind pieces. Chris and my mother in law encouraged me to start a style blog of my own, but I was always like "and what? show the latest and greatest way to hide spit up on your shirt with your hair while answering the door?"

It wasn't until after I had third baby, that I said enough is enough. I am a young 20 something year old, yes I am a mom but that doesn't mean I can't wear what I want to wear. I had started this blog with the intention of just keeping family and friends updated about our adventures in Alaska. Slowly but surely other moms found this space. Some of you have been reading from the beginning and seen this place change a bit. I wanted to incorporate my love for fashion and beauty products. And it seemed like I was getting more and more questions about outfit pieces. So I decided to share those as well. 
Mustard trend pieces
Pardon My French Blog- Outfits
But, when I started sharing outfits it seemed as though personal style blogs had morphed into full on fashion blogs. Sharing a brand new outfit with brand new pieces only to be worn once on the blog. It was about clicks and commissions and just how many new pieces you could fit into a weeks worth of posts. For me, and I am guessing for many others that is just not realistic. I want to wear my clothing more than once, on the blog and off! That is what I loved about personal style blogs, they were taking once piece and building so many outfits around it. Merchandising in a store is very similar. You push once piece in a variety of ways, so that it attracts every kind of customer. 

That is more or less what I want this space to be. Inspiration to shop your own closet, remix pieces you have. Sure I shop a lot. That is no secret. And yes, this blog makes money. But that is what I love about supporting other blogs as well. It is supporting something that someone works hard on, and truly enjoys, so why not click on their links and make their time worth it? 

All this to say that, this is my own little personal style journey. With outfits that I actually wear!! I have four kids, and two large high maintenance dogs, and a husband who is in the army and takes all my pictures. I don't have time to play dress up in outfits that I don't actually wear. I wish, maybe one day! But THIS article really resonated with me. If you have a style blog, or just enjoy reading them it's a good quick read for the day. 

Alright, I'm done. To personal style.....and beyond! 


  1. I have a sweater this color and I love it. I really didn't think I would but it's more versatile than I expected it to be.

  2. Fashion blogs intimidate you. I've always loved how real you and this blog are. You are so relatable! From the mom who wears leggings every single day....

  3. Omg obsessed! Love this mustard cardigan and it paired with those fab jeans! I need them!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. I love this cardi. Seriously this whole outfit I want in my closet!

  5. I love your blog and love how you put together all your outfits. Won't lie, id never wear anything you wear (you'd die if you saw my closet, 2 pairs of jeans on repeat and 8 solid long-sleeves on repeat!) but it's still fun to see your creativity with fun pieces people can actually afford.



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