Feb 28, 2017

ThirdLove Collection
For the first time in about seven years, my body is back to being mine. No pregnancy and no breastfeeding. During the last seven years I rarely went bra shopping, simply because my bra size was constantly fluctuating. My kids are all 20 months apart, so by the time they were done breastfeeding I was already pregnant again. Never to return to a before children bra size. Finally after Odette and many months after breastfeeding I now know what my new bra size is. And let me tell you, it is much different than what it was before kids. But I am okay with that, actually more than okay, I may be alone in this but I actually like that breastfeeding brought me down a whole bra size. 
ThirdLove Bras
Knowing that now, I was excited to get some new bras from ThirdLove. If you haven't heard of ThirdLove, I highly suggest that you check them out. I was a little nervous about ordering online, because there is really nothing worse than an ill fitting bra. But, they have a Fit Finder that will match you with your perfect size, and it absolutely worked! The other amazing thing is that you can try before you buy!! Yes, you read that correctly you can try the bra FOR FREE for 30 days you just pay for shipping!! Then you can wear it around and make sure it is your perfect fit, if not just send it back and try a new size. ThirdLove also has HALF sizes! 
ThirdLove New Nakeds
I happen to love the New Nakeds collection that consists of five neutral shades to match your skin tone. They come in three different bra styles, but my favorite is the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in the color Naked 2, but all five neutral shades are beautiful and will compliment every skin tone. 
ThirdLove New Nakeds
ThirdLove Bras
I am seriously so obsessed with these bras. You really don't even know you are wearing one, they are that comfortable. The buttery soft memory foam just melts onto your skin and you feel sexy and confident even under your clothing. 

So go forth and TRY A NEW BRA, you will not be disappointed! 

thank you to ThidLove for partnering on this post


  1. I keep hearing the advertisements for this company and now that I've seen this post I'm definitely going to be ordering! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    1. They are amazing, truly! You will have to let me know what you think!

  2. Bras are like my least favorite thing. Which is probably why I live in sports bras since having kids. But a bra that is so comfortable? Sign me up!!

  3. Obsessed with you bangs! These bras sound so comfy!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles



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