drugstore lipsticks for spring

Mar 27, 2017

Best drugstore lipsticks for spring
Oh, happy glorious new week! We survived spring break by the hairs on our chinny chin chins! I'm not saying I am excited for half of my children to go back to school....but I am not saying that I'm not either. No, I will miss the boys. I will not miss the fighting, the noise level, and the one million times they ask "is it lunch time yet?" even though they just ate their second breakfast. 

So new week and new lipstick? Is that a thing? It should be. 

If you have been around these parts for awhile, then you know I love my lipstick. But lately I have been drawn to the beauty aisles at the drugstore. I think I own all the department store lipstick that excites me (for the moment). So when trying out new colors and formulas for spring, I turn to Target. Where else? And I have six colors that I am loving for spring. 
Best drugstore lipsticks for spring
I never shy away from a vibrant color, but I love all the pretty pastels that are coming out. Which also make them so easy to wear! I have been drawn to pastel pinks, nudes, and purples. 
Best drugstore lipsticks for spring
NYX Lingerie in Embellishment 
Best drugstore lipsticks for spring
NYX Lingerie in Baby Doll
Best drugstore lipsticks for spring
e.l.f in Berry Sorbet 

Most of these are matte, but they are not drying, which is a hard combination to come by. I was really impressed with the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks. Just when I think my obsession with liquid lipsticks has been tamed, these babies show up. e.l.f is always one of my favorites for super affordable makeup, and these little lip crayons are only $3!! And when in doubt, Maybelline always comes through in the lip department. 

So those are some of my current favorite, what are some of yours? 

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friday favorites: boys

Mar 24, 2017

Mommy and Me Style
Leather Jackets
Mom and kid fashion
Leather jacket outfits
Mom Style
Happy Friday!!! This post goes out to my boys. I love being a mom to boys. I always said I wanted four boys, but I couldn't be happier with our two and two line up. But no matter what, I feel like time with my boys is just the best. I can be as crazy as I want and they just take it as normal. The running and screaming and pure insanity, and that is just me. They love it! They feed off of it. Chris tells me all the time that I have created my own chaos with these guys, and it is true. They drive me to the brink of day drinking, but then I have to step back and think about who taught them to be so crazy? Me. They are in full on party mode 24/7 and my old ass just can't keep up. 

But seeing them together is so fun. The bond between brothers is something I never experienced growing up. The boys fight hard, but love harder. They never want to do anything without the other. If one gets in trouble, I swear the other one does something to get in trouble too....just so they are even. In many ways Ace and Pierce are complete opposites, but I think that is what makes their relationship so interesting. Ace is very reserved, where Pierce is out of his mind. Ace is very cautious and analytical, where Pierce is the shoot first ask questions later type. Trust me, this relationship gets them in A LOT of trouble. But half the time Chris and I can't help but laugh. 

Here are some of their current favorite things, which the girls enjoy as well:

This bucket of army guys.
These roller blades (they can get them on and off by themselves thank the parenting gods).
This dinosaur dig kit. 
These Star Wars toothbrushes (they see who can brush the longest, it always turns into a fight).

There are also some great kids clothing sales going on right now! H&M is doing 70% off. Gap is having a 40% off sale. Old Navy is having a kids and baby spring break sale. And J.Crew Factory is doing 40% off clearance ( so many cute things for boys, but the girls stuff is killing me!!!). 

I think that is it. 

Have a good weekend!

rethink denim

Mar 23, 2017

Denim Outfits
Well, halfway through spring break and I can't help but feel like it isn't too exciting for the kids. I mean, we have done the usual things. But when Chris' school date changed, it changed our spring break plans. I am trying not to dwell on it because I think the kids are still young enough to be excited over the little things. Park dates with a donut pick up. Library story time and art projects. And a little bounce house action in the playroom. It has also given me a chance to pull out the storage tubs from the attic and start the packing process. Yesterday I packed away all the fall/winter stuff, so I am hoping these warm temps just keep climbing! 
Denim Streetstyle
Denim on denim outfits
denim jacket: thread & supply // jeans: one teaspoon // shoes: zara // hat: target 

The weather here is in that, it's too warm for more than one layer, but I still want to wear a denim jacket stage. So once again I am doing without the shirt underneath and just using the buttons for their intended purpose. I am constantly looking for new ways to wear some of the tried and true items in my closet. And truth be told, I actually have to stop myself from wearing head to toe denim on a daily basis. This blog could very well turn into "all the ways to wear denim, everyday". 
Denim Jackets for Spring
Spring Denim Outfits
I will try my best to refrain, but just in case you are sick of all the denim, it's an addiction. Not to mention it is just so easy! 

Well, I hope everyones week is going well! 

Over and out. 

my favorite affordable sunglasses

Mar 22, 2017

Best Sunglasses Under $100

Truly, one of the accessories I could not live without are sunglasses. And I need options. Some bigger for the days that I can't be bothered to even do my eyebrows. Or days where sunglasses just complete my outfit. Or take away the accessory portion of it all, and I just need some eye protection. While I definitely like a designer pair or two, the majority of my sunglasses are well under $100. I do love a classic Ray-ban, but after sitting on my third pair a few weeks ago, Chris has declared I should only stick to gas station finds! 

So today I thought I would bring you some of my very favorite affordable brands, that are also perfectly on trend! Most of these can be found at Nordstrom, which I love. The brands I really like, that even feel and look like designer are, Perverse, Spitfire, Le Specs, and even the BP brand at Nordstrom. There are so many styles to choose from but below are some of my current favorites! 

gingham love

Mar 21, 2017

Gingham Blazer- Banana Republic
Well, yesterday was day one of spring break and we all survived! It is surprising because Chris just happened to go back to work yesterday as well, after a little over a month of being off. I miss him at home already! I took advantage of every single hour he was home. He is seriously a much better stay at home mom than I will ever be. Mainly because he can't stop moving. He wakes up at an ungodly hour and runs like 12 miles, then is home cutting up fruit and cooking eggs for the kids. Shuffling them around to get them dressed and teeth brushed and hair done, and I am like....hold on please I have about six more sips of coffee. 
Gingham Outfits
How to style a gingham blazer
gingham blazer: banana republic (available in black) // jeans: old // shoes: who what wear 

But, I did get a ton done yesterday with him at work. I realized that Chris is quite the distraction for me. So, floors have been mopped, dogs got washed, all bathrooms were cleaned, six loads of laundry were washed AND put away. Maybe I was getting it all done to pass the time. The kids had a field day in the backyard with some gardening tools that we got them over the weekend, so everyone was happy! 
Gingham Blazer
Gingham Blogger Style
And what is not to be happy about with the official start of spring? I for one am very excited. Also excited about gingham coming in hot for this year! I love a good gingham print, and this blazer is one of my favorite pieces. I decided to take a leopard belt from a pair of pants and mix the prints. A little print mixing never hurt nobody! I also did without a shirt and just let the blazer take it's place. 

What does spring look like outside your door? 

killer weekend

Mar 20, 2017

Who saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend? That is how Avalon and I kicked off the weekend, and it was a great way to start. Avalon is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. Which means everyone in this house is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast! We all know every word of the original movie, every song, and when to anticipate Avalon telling us all to "stop singing, it's her turn". So the live action movie had big shoes to fill in my book. Not to mention, the original is just such an amazing movie. Growing up I wasn't a Beauty and the Beast kind of girl, Ninja Turtles were more my speed. But I distinctly remember my little sister running around in a yellow ball gown for a good two years. My excitement for the movie stemmed from Avalon, and the fact that this was our first one on one movie date!! I soaked it all in with her. From her x-large bucket of popcorn that I knew she would never come close to eating, but just seeing her carry it to her seat was enough for me. The three potty breaks that she needed to take. The fact that she stood up singing the songs during the movie made me melt. I will say the movie was good, nothing can come close to the original.....Avalon agrees. But it is definitely one to see. 

The weather really started to clear up, so Saturday we ran some errands and started getting to work on cleaning up the backyard. We have had tons of rain in the last month, and everything just started growing overnight. Weeds shot up everywhere, and the dogs thought it would be okay to eat some. Not such a good idea they found out.... 

I also killed a rattlesnake in my driveway, which will remain etched into my memory. But, I almost stepped on it and lost my mind. To the witness of my neighbor, who after seeing me carry a machete out of my garage, now thinks I am the psycho that lives next door. He is half right, but I am the psycho that has one less snake to worry about. The "snake wrangler" guy who came to our house last year when we killed a copperhead (poisonous snakes are becoming a thing for us) let us know that it was a timber rattlesnake after we sent him a picture. I am just glad it was me who found it and not one of the kids, or my goofy dogs who for sure would have been bitten. 

But that is about as exciting as it gets around here. 

How was your weekend? 

clean eating

Mar 16, 2017

Truthfully I just went with the most generic title for this post. Alternative titles were:

Clean eating isn't easy
Clean eating and my clouded thoughts about burgers
If I eat one more sweet potato I might kill someone 
Whole30 lasted a hell of a lot longer than thirty days 
whole30 meals
I have kind of put off writing this post because I don't want to come off as one of those people. You know, those people who preach their eating habits and you can just hear their judge-y thoughts seeping through. I am not one of those people. I honestly and truly do not care how other people eat. I just think of it this way, we are all adults here, we should know what healthy choices look like. And not everyone has to take it to the extreme of "clean eating". All that to say that since I have been on this little cleaning eating journey for the past two years, I have gotten plenty of questions. Emails. Direct messages. Many questions come from Snapchat since that is where I post most of my meals. I'm not consisted with it, but whenever I do post something I get questions that fall into three categories. How did you get started? How do you maintain eating like this? And, do your kids eat this way too? I want to try and answer these as best I can without this becoming a novel of a post. Which by the length of this paragraph alone seems like a challenge. So if you want me to bore you to death, keep reading. If not....I'll never know. 

Okay, so Chris and I did our first Whole30 a little over two years ago, when I was about seven months pregnant with Odette. It was totally at random. I had seen tons of bloggers posting about their experience, and I brought it up to Chris thinking he would laugh it off. Next thing you know he orders the Whole30 book. We both read it and then decided to go for it. I just kept thinking, what is 30 days? Well, 30 days is a long time as a pregnant lady! And I have never been someone that does healthy eating well. For one, I am Italian, grew up in a traditional Italian household with all the foods! Chris is the same, but he adopted more healthy habits. He has always been a pretty healthy eater as long as I have known him. Me, not so much. Fast food was my lifeline. When I thought about dinner, it always included something simmering in butter and heavy cream. Basically whatever the Food Network was cooking up that day. So I struggled through my first round of Whole30. The cravings were BAD! I was a total bitch. Chris on the other hand acted like he could fly. So happy and peppy and I just wanted to scream and jump into a bath filled with cheese and bread. But, I kept going. By the end of it I did see huge differences. And when we did the reintegration of foods afterwards, I learned a lot about how certain foods made me feel. It was really eye opening. I felt great, and I noticed when I did make unhealthy choices how awful I felt. Chris and I both wanted to keep it going, and get the kids on board too. 
whole30 meals
I never approached clean eating as a "diet". I have never dieted in my life. I have, and still do rely heavily on my fast metabolism. That was also a reason I wanted to keep the clean eating going. You hear it all the time, working out is 80% diet. So I decided to tackle that first. Ha! Now to get this whole working out thing started. (I'll take all your recommendations on that one). 

I would say that eating whole30 all the time is hard, and it takes a lot of work. I feel like I spend the majority of my time in the damn kitchen! Every Sunday I prep as much as possible for the week. Making salad dressings, mayo, ketchup. Roasting veggies and preparing meats that can be easily incorporated into lunches. This is the KEY, prepping for it. Because if you don't have something to eat you will just go for easy. Easy doesn't always translate into healthy. Now, after eating this way for awhile we have adopted our own little system. We eat clean all week, and then have one cheat day on the weekend. Because it is all about balance! And wine. Not to mention, deep down we are foodies and we like to go out and try new restaurants and capitalize on each and every place the military takes us too. 
whole30 meals
The majority of questions I get have to deal with the kids. Do my kids eat like this? The simple answer is yes. And that is because we give them NO CHOICE. When we first started it with them we basically did a prison style raid in the kitchen. We threw out every single thing that was not whole30 compliant. My children about had a heart attack the first time they looked in the pantry. I want to say they ate relatively healthy before whole30, but they did get the usual snack foods. The only one that gave us a hard time was Pierce. It took a solid month to get him to sit down and just eat the food in front of him. There were many many nights where he went to bed without eating his dinner. I consulted our pediatrician who said "he is not going to let himself starve, stick with it". And so we did. We made it passed all the crying and hysterics in the kitchen. Every time he protested a meal, we just removed him from the table. There was never an alternative meal made for him, or options given. Eventually he got the picture. It was rough. But I am just from the school of thought that, I am the parent. I am not going to fight my child to get him to eat a hot dog and mac and cheese. If we are going to war, it is going to end with ground turkey and brussel sprouts, and I will be victorious. But, my kids are still kids and they want the fun kid foods. So Chris and I surprise them with little things every now and then. The boys get snacks handed out at school, and I don't want them to be like "oh no no no my mom is a crazy lady and will kill me if I eat that". I want them to enjoy it.

The biggest take away for me, is that I now know the importance of reading labels!! It doesn't matter if it says "organic" or "all natural". I flip the label and see for myself. We aren't crazy people about it all, we just try and make the healthiest choices we can. Hopefully this answers some questions. I know this wasn't very detailed, but if anyone wants a more detailed rundown of what we eat on any given day, or what a week of dinners looks like, our favorite whole30 grocery items, or hell....what I pack the kids for lunches, let me know. You can find some of my go-to whole30 recipes here

And if you made it to the end of this, I am sorry. I won't blog for another month, promise.

That's a lie. 

festival vibes

Mar 15, 2017

Festival Outfits Ideas
And when I say festival, I don't mean Coachella or any other uber fun music festival. I mean momchella....all day err day! Yesterday was a great example of momchella. Nothing screams party like some store bought Trolls decorations, balloons, and a non-homemade cake. Oh, and pizza, and unwrapped presents handed out throughout the day. And half the pie I ate while watching Passengers after the kids went to bed. 
Denim on Denim
Denim dress over flares
denim dress: zara // flares: nordstrom // hat: j.crew 

If you've been around these parts for awhile then you know we set the birthday party expectations super low. We basically just make sure we check everything off their little wish list (within reason.....Avalon is already asking for a dolphin for her birthday). But we partied hard yesterday. By six Chris was saying, "is it bedtime? I feel like I haven't sat down all day." I feel ya homie, I feel ya. I half-heartedly wish I could get all pinterest-y with the kids' birthday celebrations, but I just feel like at their ages it is so much more for show, than for them. And I just can't stress myself out over burlap birthday banners, and the perfect tassel streamers. Not to mention my creativity starts and ends with scotch tape. 
Spring Denim Outfits
Cute denim on denim outfits
What I am really looking forward to is my date with Avalon on Friday to see Beauty and the Beast!! Who's going?  She is just beaming with excitement every time she asks if it's Friday yet. I might even wear this outfit on repeat and layer a turtleneck under this denim dress, since the weather has decided to go crazy (I know I have no reason to say anything since we didn't see a speck of snow, but it is still chilly out there!) I am obsessed with this distressed denim dress though. And I mean, it's denim how could I not be? Avalon cannot be bothered with denim on the big day, she picked out a Belle themed ensemble, complete with rose printed tutu. 

Is it Friday yet?

2 years

Mar 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to me? 

Don't blink. If I ever had any advise to a new mom, that would be it. Which should give you a good idea of how much I do not give advice to new moms. But this one holds true, you blink and two years has flown by. I really truly do vividly remember being pregnant with Odette, like yesterday. The quick, yet incredibly calm labor and delivery. Which should have been a pretty good precursor, because she is a force to be reckoned with, in the most loving way. She is the queen of this jungle. Especially when it comes to her big dogs who she orders around all day long and they constantly look to her for their next cue. It also helps that she feeds them half of everything she eats. A bite for me....a bite for you and you. She has recently returned to sleeping in our bed and I could not be happier about it. She falls asleep by twirling my hair and saying "I dove you too mama" at least 27 times. At which point I don't care if she falls alseep. She is obsessed with the Jungle Book and would love nothing more than to howl and run around half naked all day everyday. She finds great pleasure in quietly moving a chair over to Avalon's doll house and grabbing anything she can from the tippy top shelf where Avalon hides all her best treasures. When Avalon notices and begins to scream, Odette laughs and runs to the top of the stairs, guarded of course by her dog pack. 
Oh, Oats, Oddie, O, Oats-ma-goats, O-delicious (the nicknames are endless in this house). Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Our lives would never be complete without your mischief and endless giggles. 

We love you. 

And I mean....who wouldn't want to share a birthday with Pi Day? 3.1415 


Mar 13, 2017

Graphic Sweatshirts
As much as I was slightly dreading this week, Odette turns two, and I am super emotional about it. I am actually excited, for her. So I guess you can say I am hyped. Odette has been very vocal about what she wants for her birthday, "tocolate take. the dungle dook. tincess poppy. And thoo many baddoons". Hats off to you if you can decipher all that. Ha! 
Cute spring outfits
sweatshirt // jeans: nordstrom (old, similar) // shoes

We had a pretty low key weekend. Friday morning Ace woke up not feeling so well, and after he ate his breakfast he started complaining of his ear hurting really bad. Out of four kids, I have never dealt with an ear infection, so I was kind of thrown off when Ace was really in pain. It came on so fast, so instead of school I took him straight to the pediatrician. I felt so bad for him because it seemed like as the minutes passed he was just trying to hold back tears, as he was simultaneously holding his ear. And sure enough after getting checked out he had an ear infection in his right ear. Poor thing!! I feel slightly relieved that this is the first ear infection in my parenting career, because at least Ace could tell me exactly how he was feeling. Not so much the case with babies. He slept pretty much all day Friday, and Saturday we all just hung around to give him a break. 
How to style red boots
I took advantage of this chill-ness and headed upstairs to organize my makeup closet. Is that weird when the towel closet in your bathroom houses no towels, but bins of makeup? It's an issue. But I haven't gone through everything in months, and I found so many products that I am like where have you been? I love you. Then there were a bunch of things that got tossed. Circle of makeup life. 

This week I am sure I will be playing around with different products. 

How was your weekend?

friday favorites

Mar 10, 2017

 Spring Hat Trends
Styling Hats for Spring
Spring Hat Trends
Hat Trends
HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Shall we just run down some of my favorite things from this week? Make it simple. 

1. Captain's hats. I love hats, which is why I have a whole wall dedicated to them in my "office". But captain's hats happen to be my favorite for spring right now, like the one I am wearing in these pictures. My favorites can be found, here, here, and here

2. Being the insane makeup addict that I am, I always love reading about people's must haves. I took some notes from Biana, and Kendi this week. 

3. Are we following each other on Pinterest? I have been pinning home inspiration like crazy! This always happens when we are gearing up for a move. Do you have a home decor board? I would love to see it!

4. Chris and I really wanted to start reading a book series to the kids at night, instead of just individual books. Ace reads to us for thirty minutes each night, and then Chris and I take turns reading. We recently started A Series of Unfortunate Events. The kids have seen the movie, but we thought it would be fun to read the books all together. They are loving it! And frankly I am so surprised at how into it they are. 

5. You know those friendships that just make your world go round? My best friend and I could not live more different lives. She is a bustling tattoo artist based in Brooklyn, but travels around like a crazy lady. We only get to catch up with each other in short spurts. But we were texting the other night as she was getting the underneath of her ass tattooed (okay not her ass, the area just below her ass, but I kept saying her ass) and in that moment I was just so grateful for the friendships in my life that have stood the test of time, and the miles placed between us. 

Maybe I'll just leave it there?

Wait no. 

Games of Thrones returns in July! And MAC is coming to Ulta! These are the things that excite me!

Okay, go forth and have a great weekend!

ruffle my sweater

Mar 8, 2017

Ruffle Sweaters
Well, happy middle of the week friends! This week seems to be going much much better than this time last week, so I am one happy mom of the stay at home variety. Nothing too exciting has gone on. Chris has been off (so far) this week so we have been trying to get some errands done and out of the way before the weekend. Ace's days are always so long Tuesday-Thursday that we have a ton of extra time to run around or switch off watching the kids depending on what each of us has going on. 
Spring Sweater Outfits
Cute Spring Sweaters
sweater: zara (similar here, and here)  // jeans // shoes // bag

The home projects are now beginning since we are creeping closer and closer to moving! And I am telling you, my children are far more destructive than my giant dogs. (we also have a very high threshold for wild and crazy activities in this house, as evident on my snapchat. The pulling each other on roller blades with hockey sticks didn't end well). I have been trying to tell realtors that in Savannah when they say "well yes the owners will allow large dogs up to 65 pounds". I am sorry, that is not a large dog in my house, that is just a large primary school child. But!! Two houses popped up this week that are near perfect for our family size, and backyard preferences. I am hoping money can talk a little bit and I can convince these people that the size of my dogs really has nothing to do with their destruction level. One conversation went like this:

me: well yes we have two dogs, a labrador and a great dane.
owner: oh okay we have a chocolate lab, great dogs. what are their weights?
me: cough....cough.... 95 and 118, respectively.
owner: silence......chuckle...umm...was that your weight or the dogs?
me: well I am flattered you think I weigh 95 pounds, but those are the dogs. 
owner: well, let me think about it and I will email you. 
me: i'll double the pet deposit. 
owner: crickets.

Have I ever told you how excited I am for the day that this military journey comes to a close and I can have 600 animals and not have to worry about it? The excitement is real. 
Sweater outfits for spring
Zara ruffle sweater
But it is totally fine, it will all work out. I am actually really excited for this move. The area has some of my favorite stores! I know, it is probably not the best practice to gauge my moving happiness off of shopping opportunities. But can you say Anthropologie and Sephora? Because I can! 

Speaking of shopping! This oversized ruffle sweater is the softest and most comfortable thing I currently own. It is lightweight, so perfect for this little spring transition we have going on. 

I hope you guys are having a great week thus far!

the unexpected bag trend I am loving

Mar 7, 2017

Spring Trend- Basket Bags
top row: left // middle // right
middle row: left // middle // right
bottom row: left // middle // right 

I know spring isn't  officially here yet, but I have been pulling out this basket bag for the last couple months. I am really loving this handbag trend! Basket bags are not just for the beach anymore, and the best thing is they don't have to be some designer brand to be on trend. I have found so many bags under $50 on random sites that I have just obsessed over! I thought I would do a quick round up of some of my favorite basket bags right now. Many of these were found on Amazon of all places. So put that prime membership to good use. Or have a little more fun with it and add some pom poms on there, which I think would be a super easy DIY for my creative types out there. 

You will totally be seeing me accessorize with some of these bags in the upcoming months. 

What do you think? Are you feeling this trend? 

back to blush

Mar 6, 2017

Satin Blouses
Happy Monday! I am actually excited for a new week. Last week I kind of took an unintentional blog break, because life happens. Shameless had me at the vet all day Wednesday getting radiographs, x-rays, and an ultrasound, after a urinalysis showed some crystals. Thankfully everything is okay and he just needs some antibiotics and a tweak in his homemade diet. Fingers crossed. But the whole thing kind of shook me up a little bit. Just like with my kids, if my animals are sick, I turn into a paranoid crazy person! 
Satin Blush Blouses
Blush Trend
blush blouse // earrings // shoes // jeans: zara (old) // bag 

So I meant to post this outfit last week, but after Shameless, Odette spiked a 102 fever in the middle of the night on Thursday and Avalon and Pierce woke up with some gnarly cough and stuffy nose situation. After that I was like, I'm done. Lets just all stay in pjs, watch movies and cuddle. Ha! 
Tassel Earrings
Blush Outfit Ideas
Not to mention Chris got called into work on Thursday to grade soldiers in the field for two days, so clearly the odds were against me. I know, I know, two day into work when he has pretty much been off for a month is nothing. But sometimes my lazy side gets the best of me. 
Statement Earrings
So cheers to a new week! And these tassel earrings because they are just a party all on their own! 

How was your weekend? Tell me somethin' good :)


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