2 years

Mar 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to me? 

Don't blink. If I ever had any advise to a new mom, that would be it. Which should give you a good idea of how much I do not give advice to new moms. But this one holds true, you blink and two years has flown by. I really truly do vividly remember being pregnant with Odette, like yesterday. The quick, yet incredibly calm labor and delivery. Which should have been a pretty good precursor, because she is a force to be reckoned with, in the most loving way. She is the queen of this jungle. Especially when it comes to her big dogs who she orders around all day long and they constantly look to her for their next cue. It also helps that she feeds them half of everything she eats. A bite for me....a bite for you and you. She has recently returned to sleeping in our bed and I could not be happier about it. She falls asleep by twirling my hair and saying "I dove you too mama" at least 27 times. At which point I don't care if she falls alseep. She is obsessed with the Jungle Book and would love nothing more than to howl and run around half naked all day everyday. She finds great pleasure in quietly moving a chair over to Avalon's doll house and grabbing anything she can from the tippy top shelf where Avalon hides all her best treasures. When Avalon notices and begins to scream, Odette laughs and runs to the top of the stairs, guarded of course by her dog pack. 
Oh, Oats, Oddie, O, Oats-ma-goats, O-delicious (the nicknames are endless in this house). Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Our lives would never be complete without your mischief and endless giggles. 

We love you. 

And I mean....who wouldn't want to share a birthday with Pi Day? 3.1415 


  1. Happy birthday to her! Oh time is cruel isn't it! She sounds like the most amazing little girl! She sure doesn't look like Mowgli in these photos! Love it!

  2. Happy Birthday precious girl!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Odette, love you!



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