Mar 1, 2017

Who What Wear Sandals
making: well, for dinner I made whole30 mushroom stuffed hamburgers and a roasted beet salad.

drinking: so much tea lately. when Chris and I were sick a few weeks ago we lived off tea, the trend seems to be continuing.

reading: just started Right Behind You the other day. me and psychological thrillers are a match made in crazy heaven.

wanting: all the shoes at Target! seriously, I went the other day for diapers and wipes, and got stuck in the shoe section. I posted these on instagram yesterday. but I tried on these western boots, these buckle sandals, these striped espadrilles, and these mules. I honestly want them all. but I will pace myself, I did get the boots and espadrilles though.

listening: besides the serenading sounds of my children fighting.....I have had the Gallant album on repeat, specifically Weight in Gold.

wishing: we would get a little break from these afternoon rain showers. having to bathe the dogs every night since Sunday is just not fun. but I cannot do the orange/red mud that gets on them.

loving: having Chris home. true to army form his schedule has drastically changed again, which allows him more time off. and I am not complaining. truly I am getting spoiled and am not sure how I will function when he goes back to work.

feeling: like our house search will never end. we still have a couple months till we move, but currently there is not one house that meets our family needs. either I need a miracle house to pop up, my pickiness to subside, or we will be buying (which I do not want).

watching: big little lies. I read the book and was hooked. I was so excited when they made a series out of it. all the actors are so perfectly matched to the book. granted there are only two episodes so far, but it is good. 


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to buy, it's such a stressful situation especially when a PCS comes up.

  2. I've heard good things about big little lies... maybe I should add to the list. I hope the perfect house just pops up for you!! The unknown is the worst. To me anyways.

  3. We started watching Big Little Lies too!

  4. Such a great recap. Our home back in the US is super close to a Target and I'm afraid I'm going to want all the shoes when we go back too! Ahh ... so dangerous!




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