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Mar 21, 2017

Gingham Blazer- Banana Republic
Well, yesterday was day one of spring break and we all survived! It is surprising because Chris just happened to go back to work yesterday as well, after a little over a month of being off. I miss him at home already! I took advantage of every single hour he was home. He is seriously a much better stay at home mom than I will ever be. Mainly because he can't stop moving. He wakes up at an ungodly hour and runs like 12 miles, then is home cutting up fruit and cooking eggs for the kids. Shuffling them around to get them dressed and teeth brushed and hair done, and I am like....hold on please I have about six more sips of coffee. 
Gingham Outfits
How to style a gingham blazer
gingham blazer: banana republic (available in black) // jeans: old // shoes: who what wear 

But, I did get a ton done yesterday with him at work. I realized that Chris is quite the distraction for me. So, floors have been mopped, dogs got washed, all bathrooms were cleaned, six loads of laundry were washed AND put away. Maybe I was getting it all done to pass the time. The kids had a field day in the backyard with some gardening tools that we got them over the weekend, so everyone was happy! 
Gingham Blazer
Gingham Blogger Style
And what is not to be happy about with the official start of spring? I for one am very excited. Also excited about gingham coming in hot for this year! I love a good gingham print, and this blazer is one of my favorite pieces. I decided to take a leopard belt from a pair of pants and mix the prints. A little print mixing never hurt nobody! I also did without a shirt and just let the blazer take it's place. 

What does spring look like outside your door? 


  1. The gingham shirt looks great with a leopard belt. I've never thought of that combo before.

  2. Spring? What's that? 😂 As you know, Alaska gets that memo around mid April. However break up has started which includes the nightly refreezing. We are up to 12.5 hrs of daylight through. Lol

    1. Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry, here I am all happy about 80 degrees and you guys are still freezing. But can I just say that Chris and I talk about how much we miss Alaska....all the time!

  3. I love the mixture of prints - gingham and leopard. Two of my favorites!

  4. Yay for spring! I am so ready for it!

    1. Yes!! Bring on that warm sunshine :)

  5. I hate doing all that icky day to day stuff if matt is just sitting around because then I'm hello! Help me! Lol

  6. What a great look. I love how you mixed the gingham and the leopard. SO fab!

    Life is just Rosie

  7. I love that gingham blouse! It's so pretty and the long sleeves make it a great option for cooler Springs! Sounds like you had a great productive day with the laundry alone!

  8. This gingham top is so cute! Love how you tied the waist and those jeans look amazing on you!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  9. I love everything about this outfit! Gingham is everything this spring and you styled it so well. =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  10. Loving this blazer and how you styled it! Absolutely fabulous. (The shoes are super cute too!) Stopping by from the Confident Twosday linkup!




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