Mar 13, 2017

Graphic Sweatshirts
As much as I was slightly dreading this week, Odette turns two, and I am super emotional about it. I am actually excited, for her. So I guess you can say I am hyped. Odette has been very vocal about what she wants for her birthday, "tocolate take. the dungle dook. tincess poppy. And thoo many baddoons". Hats off to you if you can decipher all that. Ha! 
Cute spring outfits
sweatshirt // jeans: nordstrom (old, similar) // shoes

We had a pretty low key weekend. Friday morning Ace woke up not feeling so well, and after he ate his breakfast he started complaining of his ear hurting really bad. Out of four kids, I have never dealt with an ear infection, so I was kind of thrown off when Ace was really in pain. It came on so fast, so instead of school I took him straight to the pediatrician. I felt so bad for him because it seemed like as the minutes passed he was just trying to hold back tears, as he was simultaneously holding his ear. And sure enough after getting checked out he had an ear infection in his right ear. Poor thing!! I feel slightly relieved that this is the first ear infection in my parenting career, because at least Ace could tell me exactly how he was feeling. Not so much the case with babies. He slept pretty much all day Friday, and Saturday we all just hung around to give him a break. 
How to style red boots
I took advantage of this chill-ness and headed upstairs to organize my makeup closet. Is that weird when the towel closet in your bathroom houses no towels, but bins of makeup? It's an issue. But I haven't gone through everything in months, and I found so many products that I am like where have you been? I love you. Then there were a bunch of things that got tossed. Circle of makeup life. 

This week I am sure I will be playing around with different products. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh no, poor Ace! Hopefully he's feeling better today. Ear infections are the worst! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. You are high fashion all the way girl!! I love this look and the way you tied your hair in a ribbon too!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. :( Poor Ace!!! I hope he doing much better today! I still can't believe Odette is going to be 2!

  4. My first bout with an ear infection was when my oldest was able to tell me what's wrong. That definitely makes it's easier.

    Be glad you've left Alaska. Rotavirus is making it's rounds...again. My 1yo has fallen victim. Luckily it's spring break, so only 1 child "has" to go somewhere.

  5. I saw those pants at a site online and couldn't figure how they would look on me so thanks for sharing.
    Love the hair bow too.

  6. Cool look! I love culottes and the graphic sweatshirt is a fun pairing. I haven't gotten to a birthday yet, but I can only imagine I will be emotional about it. Good luck mama.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. This look is so fun!! Loving those jeans and bright red booties! Thank you for sharing with us at On Mondays We Link-Up :).

    Trendy & Tidy

  8. Omg these culottes are soooo amazing!! Obsessed!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  9. From someone who has kids with more ear infections than I can count you are so so lucky!!! My kids just must be more prone to them. So glad he could tell you though major help! Hope he feels better in time for princess poppy and lots of balloons for miss odette!

  10. Poor Ace! And happy birthday to sweet Odette. I love your graphic top! Thank you so much for sharing this fab outfit on our linkup this week!

  11. Awww Happy Birthday to Odette, I definitely understood her baby language lol. But yeah ear infections are bad, poor Ace.

    You are such a put-together mom. Love the booties and sweatshirt.

    I welcome you to stop by my blog too. On Thursdays I host a linkup - come share your pretty style with me and my readers. =)

    Thanks, Ada.



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