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Mar 22, 2017

Best Sunglasses Under $100

Truly, one of the accessories I could not live without are sunglasses. And I need options. Some bigger for the days that I can't be bothered to even do my eyebrows. Or days where sunglasses just complete my outfit. Or take away the accessory portion of it all, and I just need some eye protection. While I definitely like a designer pair or two, the majority of my sunglasses are well under $100. I do love a classic Ray-ban, but after sitting on my third pair a few weeks ago, Chris has declared I should only stick to gas station finds! 

So today I thought I would bring you some of my very favorite affordable brands, that are also perfectly on trend! Most of these can be found at Nordstrom, which I love. The brands I really like, that even feel and look like designer are, Perverse, Spitfire, Le Specs, and even the BP brand at Nordstrom. There are so many styles to choose from but below are some of my current favorites! 


  1. Ooh perfectly timed post as my only designer pair were stolen out of my car last week. Love these!

  2. Haha meanwhile I order a pack of three mirrored aviators from Amazon because they ALWAYS get broken. Once I dropped a pair into the toilet at an amusement park. Nope.

  3. I definitely need a new pair of sunglasses.

  4. I have to have my sunnies too! These are great, affordable finds.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. I share your enthusiasm for sunglasses, mostly so I can people watch without interruption. And also so I don't really have to look at other people...



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