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Mar 23, 2017

Denim Outfits
Well, halfway through spring break and I can't help but feel like it isn't too exciting for the kids. I mean, we have done the usual things. But when Chris' school date changed, it changed our spring break plans. I am trying not to dwell on it because I think the kids are still young enough to be excited over the little things. Park dates with a donut pick up. Library story time and art projects. And a little bounce house action in the playroom. It has also given me a chance to pull out the storage tubs from the attic and start the packing process. Yesterday I packed away all the fall/winter stuff, so I am hoping these warm temps just keep climbing! 
Denim Streetstyle
Denim on denim outfits
denim jacket: thread & supply // jeans: one teaspoon // shoes: zara // hat: target 

The weather here is in that, it's too warm for more than one layer, but I still want to wear a denim jacket stage. So once again I am doing without the shirt underneath and just using the buttons for their intended purpose. I am constantly looking for new ways to wear some of the tried and true items in my closet. And truth be told, I actually have to stop myself from wearing head to toe denim on a daily basis. This blog could very well turn into "all the ways to wear denim, everyday". 
Denim Jackets for Spring
Spring Denim Outfits
I will try my best to refrain, but just in case you are sick of all the denim, it's an addiction. Not to mention it is just so easy! 

Well, I hope everyones week is going well! 

Over and out. 


  1. I feel like you love denim the way I love leggings. And sports bras.

  2. I love denim!!! It's so versatile.

  3. I've just gotten into the denim on denim look. I love the fact that you contrasted these two washes of denim, it brings the whole look together. ADORE!




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