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Apr 25, 2017

Trendy Spring Tops
As promised from yesterday's post....another asymmetrical top! I know the suspense was just killing you. How did you even make it through your Monday? Well, I'll tell you how I made it through day one of the house being packed. Coffee....and four donuts. Then a nap on my couch. Why do I eat the shit food when I know I will regret it? 

But....I kindly asked the movers to pack the playroom first, and I had to keep poking my head in to see the toys disappear. It was oddly satisfying! Moms you feel me right? 
Spring Tops
White Blouses for Spring
Okay, on to this outfit. I think this twist on the classic white blouse is a little easier to pull off then yesterday's asymmetrical number. I happen to prefer both because my style is always a little out of the box. But I kept this outfit pretty low key and let this blouse speak for itself. I mean, it has some good movement to it!
Spring Blogger Style
White Blouses for spring
Cute Spring Outfits
top: stylewe c/o // jeans: zara // hat: j.crew // shoes: target 

This blouse will definitely be on repeat throughout the summer. I just see it pairing so well with some boyfriend shorts and wedges, or maybe even my favorite jorts!! 

Just so much more room for activities! Or I guess in this case....food. 


  1. Haha I love that you had them pack the playroom first! I will likely do the same.

  2. So smart. Have to leave room for the four donuts and cheat days!

  3. This is just an adorable outfit! I love those shoes and those jeans are amazing! I love love love them!


  4. This look is so perfectly casual and cool! I love the combo of the flowy top and hat!


  5. That really is a lovely blouse. And those shoes are stunning!

    Mary Colleen

  6. I would have been eating donuts and watching the movers clear out the playroom in total bliss; I feel ya!! But, then like you, I would have regretted the donuts. haha. It's a vicious cycle! I loovveee this top, the drama of it is the best!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  7. loving that top!!!!So pretty!!!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the length, the flow, very pretty top and those mustard sandals are fab!!
    Thanks you for linking!
    jess xx



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