spring outfit planning

Apr 27, 2017

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Spring Outfit Planning
I'm a planner. I think I have always been a planner. I need things visualized and on paper. I think this stems from growing up with a mom who ran her own business and had five kids and just looked like she was running in a million different directions. Planning for me gave me stability. Even if it was laying out my uniforms as a kid. My color choices for school were very limited, but I always felt so accomplished laying out my blue polo with my plaid skirt and some form of school appropriate footwear. 

This very much carried on into college and work. I organized my closet into easy to throw on outfits. Or things that I knew went well together. I worked two jobs that were polar opposites. I worked at a horse tack & feed store, and a high end boutique in one of the hotels in Vegas. Pre-planned outfits were a lifesaver! 
Spring outfit planning with smartwater
Obviously now, being a stay at home mom is much different for me, but I still have to get dressed. So I still outfit plan. It may not be as concrete as it once was, but it gives me peace of mind. Not to mention it is fun to put together outfits for the changing of seasons. 

With the temps climbing and the increased amount of time spent outside, I also try and up my hydration! I think we all do right? Isn't that on everyones resolution list for the new year? Drink more water!! smartwater ® happens to be my hydration of choice, simply because you can taste how pure and crisp is it. Don't try and say all bottled water tastes the same... you know it doesn't. 
Spring Outfit Planning
So, water in hand I usually try and carve out some time during the week or weekend and plan some outfits. This is my process:

-Think about your week. Between kids activities, school meetings, Chris' work stuff, and just general everyday things, there are plenty of opportunities to get outfits ready. 

-Check the weather. I can't tell you how many times I put on a cute sandal only for it to rain. 

-Have options. I like to come up with a few different options for one item. Whether it is a new trendy piece, or something as simple as a white tee. I want a few things that pair well together, just in case I am not feeling something that day or plans change. 

-Try everything on. This I know is tedious, but it takes out the frustration of "I have nothing to wear!!!" And seriously, it is frustrating to think something looks cute together, only to get it all on and run past a mirror thinking....what am I wearing! By that point you need to get out of the house and an outfit change may not be a timely option. So take the time to play dress up! 

-Default to favorites. When in doubt, pull out some of your tried and true favorite outfits. Things that you know you feel confident and comfortable in. For me that is a white tee, denim, and a blazer. 
Spring outfit planning
Here is another thing you can plan.....water intake. I like to have water bottles everywhere. So I put one in my bag, in my car, on my nightstand, the list goes on. Because I can fill four kids' water bottles like a champ, but will for sure forget about myself. And then do I really want to share with them while we are out? These are the things you have to think about! 
So put on one of your pre-planned outfits and head to Target! While you are there, pick up some smartwater. Look for the special spring display, or you can of course find it in your normal aisle of hydration, like me! 


  1. Ugh trying things on. It's the worsf but it's so helpful!

  2. Great tips! Even as a work from home mom I also always plan out me and the kids outfits the night before. It just makes the morning run so much more smoothly! And yes, also so important to have and bring water everywhere! ~ Client

  3. Your hat collection is amazing!



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