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Apr 5, 2017

Ruffle Bodysuit
Where is this week going already? Is it flying by for anyone else? It might feel a little slower today since school has been cancelled due to impending storms rolling through. I was hoping after the storms and tornado warnings the other day we would be done with this for a second. Or at least long enough for us to clear the tree that fell in our backyard. But I am happy that they cancelled school, because I sit home paranoid as hell when I see tornado warnings and the boys are at school. 
Styling a bodysuit
Bodysuit Outfits
bodysuit: zara (love this one, and this one) // pants // shoes

Switching gears to this outfit. These pants are my new favorite things! I am always a fan of taking something that is not usually dressed up, and dressing it up. So pairing these track pants with a ruffle bodysuit and chunky heel was right up my alley. 
Spring outfits- Ruffle Bodysuit
Styling a bodysuit
And I love a good bodysuit! Never did I ever think I would say that. I remember when I was younger my mom had quite the closet to play in. I came across this purple turtleneck bodysuit with a rhinestone collar, that paired with a purple suit. Quite the stunning piece in the boardroom. But as a child I was appalled by the crotch snap situation. Like, what? Who would wear this thing? Isn't this what my little sister wears around the house? Fashion likes to repeat itself, and here I am. Bodysuit and all! 


  1. I always wonder how people pee in such I know. And uhm yeah I'd be terrified if the kids were away from you during that. Do schools have underground shelters? Glad school is cancelled for you.

  2. Tornados freak me out in general. I have nightmares about them so I know what you mean about being paranoid when there's a warning! You look amazing in this bodysuit, I love the ruffles! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. These pants are awesome and I love that you styled it with a bodysuit!

  4. I am a huge fan of bodysuits as well!

  5. This week has definitely flown by!! I'm glad your kids were home with you and hoping the tornadoes stay away!! Loving the stripes on the pants! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. love how you've styled this outfit. that body suit is so pretty :) I hope the storms are done soon, that sounds scary!

    naghmeh lesani

  7. I remember my mom wearing bodysuits too. As a kid I was like, ew! Now I'm like, can I get one?!

    pumps and push ups



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