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May 23, 2017

Summer white blouses
Ruffles Blouses
Keeping things kind of short and sweet today, because yesterday was a shit show crazy day! And I think I am still trying to wrap my head around it. All four kids had well check ups, the boys had to get all the necessary paperwork done for school, and the girls had to get shots. The kids were doing amazing, amazing, and trust me I don't think I ever say that about my own children. Even our new pediatrician said "they deserve a treat for being so cooperative and polite". I was having one of those proud mom moments, until the shot round came around. The girls the ones getting the shots did awesome. But the boys lost their minds over who knows what (still trying to figure it out) and the next thing you know four kids are going in different directions. I pick up Odette, throw Pierce under my other arm and get everyone to the car. I probably looked like a psycho, but when my kids are acting like animals I act like an animal trainer. 

I thought we might redeem ourselves at swim lessons, because who doesn't love going swimming? But the second the kids dipped their toes in......thunder and lightning and the pool closed down. I'll let you just imagine what happy campers they were from there. 
Cute Summer Outfits
Summer trends- Ruffles Blouses
blouse: anthropologie (on sale! size down) // jeans: levi's // shoes: target // belt: j.crew (old, love this one) // clutch: j.crew

BUT! Today is a new day, and there is always coffee, and then wine if need be. One thing that you can't really go wrong with is a white blouse. I found this one at Anthropologie and just loved the feminine ruffles, and the overall simple silhouette. Paired with some fun accessories and you have a pretty easy summer outfit. Perfect for Memorial Day weekend! 
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  1. That sounds like a crazy day, hopefully today goes much smoother! Love the ruffle sleeve details on your top, so pretty. You should swing by my blog and share your style. My brand new linkup just went live at http://ladyinviolet.com/2017/05/23/chic-in-black-comfortable-black-heels/

  2. Oh No!! Sorry about your day yesterday, I hope today turns out better. Beautiful look. Love your blouse!

    xx, Elise

  3. I'm loving the rope belt, super cute!

  4. Loving this cute spring look! That top is stunning! Sorry about your crazy day yesterday!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  5. Oh no I can only imagine the tantrums when the swimming couldn't happen. Not for the faint of heart!!

  6. You are a wrangler and you do it well LOL!! I love that top and the femininity of it and how you added that tassel belt - too cute! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. You pull off the boyfriend jeans so flawlessly! I love this top too, the ruffles are adorable! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. This almost describes our Target trip the other day almost exactly. I think everyone in the store thought I was crazy half dragging one kid and biting my tongue over the other acting a fool, lol. Mom life! But heyyyy new day and cute outfits!! :-D

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    1. Right!! We have all been there.....so many times, maybe that is why I don't even care that I look like a crazy person. I know in that moment you gotta do what you gotta do to get some control back. LOL

  9. I think all moms can relate to this. The day can take a 180 in less than 1 second with kiddos....I love this outfit and the top is just beautiful!


  10. Your pants are lovely! And your mules - love that too!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com



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