May 12, 2017

It seems like birthdays are just happening at lightening speed around here. And I don't like, I don't like it one bit.....but I do enjoy celebrating these amazing little people of mine. Avalon's birthday this year has brought us full circle. We were living in Georgia when I found out I was pregnant with her, and it truly feels good to be here again celebrating her birthday. The poor girl though. Last year we were on the road driving from Alaska on her birthday, although we did celebrate while we were in Banff. And then this year we are kind of all over the place. The boys will be here (finally) tomorrow night. 
But I guess that is the great thing about little kids. They don't have a keen concept of time, so I basically told her she gets a whole birthday weekend. She has requested that we go to Target today to buy some Shopkins, pink roller blades, and a pink bike. I guess she got sick of riding on Pierce's old Cars bike. Pass that one down to Odette? Maybe. 
In any event I am sure there will be no shortage of festivities as soon as her brothers arrive. Balloons and cake on repeat! 

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! We truly would not know what to do without your enthusiasm for life, your beyond your years sense of humor and sarcasm, and your endless amount of princess twirls throughout the day. We love you so so much! 


  1. Happy Birthday Odette! I hope you guys have the best weekend together! I love the photo of her looking at her 4 fingers...adorable!

  2. Oh I just love her hair so much!! Happy birthday to her!! She deserves every second of the entire weekend! Happy Mother's Day!



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