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May 10, 2017

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I am popping in from operation unpack. Which I have to say is going quite well. As of yesterday I had all 200 and something boxes unpacked, and as I sit here I have just about every room put together besides the boy's room, and a couple things I need Chris' help to hang on the wall. I basically put myself in overdrive and set a goal to have the whole house done by Friday. I mean, done done (this is when my insomnia works to my benefit). Simply because we are split in half this week. Chris and the boys are back in Columbus while Ace finishes school this week, and Pierce gets his cast off (yay!!!!!!). So it is just me and the girls (well, the boy dogs but I mean let's not get too technical) and I figured this will be the closest thing to a break I am going to get, so I have to capitalize on it. And man.....this two kid thing? Kind of amazing. We did some major errand running yesterday, Target, Ulta, Micheal's, a stop for coffee, and the grocery store!! And all I had to bribe them with was a couple dollar spot toys. No tantrums, no fighting, if I wasn't saying things like "no running" "hold my hand or a car will squish you like a bug" "no no we aren't getting any cookies" you would think I was childless. 

Chris has basically said the same things on his end. 

All that....but I miss my boys so bad! That was also my motivation for the unpacking. The past month has just been chaos with all the back and forth, and our stuff being packed up, that I wanted the boys to come back to a home. Not just the shell of a house they saw last week. 

So this weekend we are kicking off summer break, celebrating a birthday or two, and soaking up some family time. I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to a major cheat day...or three? Gotta say goodbye to my 20's with pizza and wine and sushi and tacos, right? Our goal during this move was to keep it whole30.....leave it to us to add insult to injury. 

But damn it feels good to sleep in my own bed again! 


  1. I'm telling myself now that I'm going to try to have the house unpacked in a week, but I doubt it will actually happen. I'm so jealous that the dollar spot toys worked for you. My animals fought over which toy belong to who and kept throwing the damn balls down the aisles.

  2. We divide and conquer when it comes to unpacking, we always like to have things done in a few days because we really hate living in a sea of boxes. Way to go on getting all that stuff done! :)

  3. You go girl!! boxes unpacked and everything else will start to come together!! Yes eat all the carbs this weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. You are a crazy lady with mad unpacking skills! Seriously amazing! Get it all done and soak up the time you have after all that crazy!



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