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May 16, 2017

Cute summer t-shirts and jeans
Happiest of Tuesday's my friends. Today is not a special Tuesday, but it feels good to be getting back into our normal swing of things. Although, yesterday was rough. Chris went back to work, and it was the official start to our summer break since Ace can now be considered a big bad second grader (I'm sorry, what?). But my children got the crazy started real early in the morning. Everyone wanted to eat, then everyone wanted to go out and ride bikes, then only two wanted to come back in and eat again, then one let the dogs out.....have I mentioned our new house does not have a fenced backyard? if I'm not herding cats all day as it is. Thankfully our yard is very big and surrounded by trees, but I don't think our neighbors appreciate a large galloping pony. But you know us...we like to fly our crazy flag nice and high!
Wrapped white tee
Levi's 501 jeans
tee: zara (love this one and this one) // jeans: levi's // shoes: zara // sunglasses: ray-ban 

Moving on. I have been wearing these jeans non stop lately. I am not sure there is a better fit of denim than the classic 501's. A little higher waist, with a tapered leg. But relaxed and comfy. I paired them with this cute summer tee. I love the surprise element of this shirt. I put it on and just went out of the house with the fam, and when we got out Chris said "Wow! I wasn't expecting the back to look like that. Did you pay less since your missing fabric?" The man just has so many jokes. 
Summer tee and jeans
It's beginning to feel a lot like summer attire it is. Although shorts may be hard to come by for me because my legs are currently covered in about 20 mosquito bites. Riddle me this. We go on a family walk, I come home eaten alive, the rest of the family....nothin. Oh and we killed a snake on the back patio last night. Are we seeing a trend here? Or maybe we are cursed. 

Who knows. Happy Tuesday. 


  1. That shirt is so so cute! I love how it ties.

  2. Ah this shirt is adorable! Did you celebrate 501 day? Our mall had like...a Levi's event for it. It was fun!

  3. You guys just attract snakes! Can't the dogs kill those things or something? And goodness no fence. What will you do? I'm sure the dogs and the kids will be trained not to wander by the time I hit publish on this comment...

  4. How fun is this top?! Loving the lace up back!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  5. Were you able to get your normal size in the Levi's? I know sometimes they run small?

    1. Yes, I got my normal size in these. And after wearing them a few times they relaxed a bit, which I like.

  6. Chic and cool white tee. Love it!

    Cathy | yoga outfits

  7. Darling top and I love those sandals!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx



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