friday favorites

Jun 30, 2017

Hat Wall Inspiration
My hat wall is probably my favorite wall in our house, right up there with the gallery wall in the living room. It is the easiest way to display my hats, that really takes up no space because I don't think anything spectacular would be on that wall otherwise. I am sure there is some super precise way of hanging and measuring them, but I just grab a handful of push pins and start hanging. And of course a couple pictures of my horses just adds to my fondness for the wall. 

Okay, I know that every style blogger and their mother is getting ready to flood your feed with Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts, and I pinky promise I will do my best to refrain. But really, you have to get on board with this sale. I got the catalog of sale items in the mail this week and was like YASSS FALL YOU ARE GOING TO BE GOOD! If you aren't up on the logistics of it all, the sale is for brand new items that you will see in the fall, and you get to shop them for a limited time at some shockingly good prices. When the sale ends....the prices go back up. Simple. BUT this year if you sign up for a Nordstrom card they will send you a Nordstrom Note to use during the sale. You can sign up for the store card and get a $20 note, or the debit card (like a Target Red card, that's what I have) and get a $10 note. Best thing is you get to shop the sale early. Sign up!

I ordered a couple books a few weeks ago and have yet to crack them open. I love sneaking in some time to read, but while Chris was gone all I wanted to do when the kids went to bed was sit on the couch with the lights off and a blanket on (have I mentioned that I don't sleep much when Chris is gone? I am on high alert. Ha!). I watched the new season of Orange Is the New Black. Then I decided to really f*** with my sanity and watch The Keepers. I have no words. Then I moved onto The Handmaid's Tale, which my goodness! That show makes me borderline rage, but it is so addictive. I have two episodes left! Have you seen it? What other shows are you watching? I think I need some feel good screen time after all this! I am getting all too excited for Games of Thrones to return though.....can you say Jon Snow? 

We finally made it to the full hour of swimming last night, since Tuesday the kids got cut short because of thunder. Needless to say the boys were very excited. They were practicing dives towards the end, and all the kids lined up and went one right after the other. As they were going down the line to Pierce I could just see him starting to smile, and I sat there thinking....what is he going to do? Please don't make us call 911. Then they said "alright Pierce streamline arms let's go!". Next think you hear is CANNONBALL!!! All the dads got a pretty good laugh in there, and I was like, yep he's mine. I am pretty sure I saw Ace roll his eyes. But he ended his lesson with a pretty solid dive though. 

I think that is it for this Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, be safe with the fireworks if you are celebrating early. Don't make me tell you the story of my brother and his friends accidentally shooting me in the boob with a bottle rocket! Safety first! 

borrow from the boys: hawaiian shirts

Jun 29, 2017

Hawaiian shirts for summer
This ones for you Kait! (she lives in Hawaii if you don't know, now you know!) Okay but really, I was pretty excited when I started seeing Hawaiian shirts popping up everywhere! I was reading an article the other day that said, internet searches for Hawaiin shirts were on the rise. I thought...there must be a lot of luau parties happening this summer. But I actually love hawaiian shirts! I had one that I wore all the time when I first met Chris, he hated it! It was old, I think stained with horse boogers, but it was so soft and I loved it. Supposedly it got "lost in a move" but I think Chris made sure it was lost forever! 
Hawaiian shirts 2017
Hawaiian shirts- summer trends
shirt: old navy // jeans: zara // shoes: h&m // bag: doen // sunglasses: ray-ban // earrings: baublebar 

You can imagine the look on his face when I wore this the other day! Ha! I told him he could borrow it if he wanted since I bought it from the men's section. I love all the tropical prints coming out for women, but there is something so comfy about a men's button down. And I wanted to tie it so I got a small in the fitted version, for size reference. 
Hawaiian shirts for summer
How to style Hawaiian shirts for summer
So do you have 4th of July plans yet? Ours are still very up in the air because I think Chris has to work this weekend.....insert eye roll here. But hopefully the weather cooperates and we make it to the beach!! I am also looking forward to a glass of rosé and some bbq time! 

Come on weekend, come on!

tybee island

Jun 28, 2017

Tybee Island, Savannah
Beach weekends! This is still a wonderfully new phenomenon for us, and we can't get enough. Being so close to so many beaches is just crazy for this family from Alaska. I still compare everything to Alaska because that is probably the only place in the last ten years that I can say felt like home. Every move before that just....didn't. And all of my children's first memories were made there, and they are very quick to say "I'm from Alaska" when asked. Even though the boys were born in Scottsdale.  (Army life can be strange). Savannah is very quickly feeling like home. As if we have been here for much longer than six weeks. 
Tybee Island, Savannah GA
So last weekend we decided to go to Tybee Island! It is not too far of a drive from us, and since it was not a holiday weekend we figured it wouldn't be so crazy busy. There are three spots on Tybee Island for beach goers. The north, mid, and south beaches. We have heard that the south beach is the most crowded because there are tons of restaurants and shopping down in that area. The north is where the lighthouse is and it has a large parking lot, so we kind of figured that that spot would be busy as well because of ease of parking. We were right! So we set out for mid beach. We found street parking, and had to walk a little further to get to a beach entrance. 
Tybee Island, Savannah GA
It seems as though everyone just kind of sets up shop right off the boardwalk. So there was this huge spot of unoccupied beach about a half a mile walk in. That is where we headed! There was not a single person around us, just people walking the beach, which was so nice not to mention easy to keep an eye on the kids. 
They were clearly loving life!! Kids at the beach are non-stop. There is not a damn thing relaxing about going to the beach with kids. Which is all fine and dandy if you are Chris! I don't think he came out of the water once. He and the boys were just diving and giving me heart palpitations as a wave would take them under. Pierce would jump up and say "that was awesome" while giving me a thumbs up (he knows I need reassurance). Odette just ran from the water to her sand toys and back again about 300 times, which means I did too. 

Please remind me to bring coffee on the next beach trip!
Tybee Island Savannah GA
But, it was obviously so fun! And we all fell asleep on the couches attempting to watch Beauty and the Beast when we got home. 

*We got so many questions from people about our beach umbrella, because it was pretty windy out and this thing did not move. Lots of people asked about it on my insta-stories as well. You can get it here. 

ballooning into the week

Jun 26, 2017

Summer tops and shorts
Hello friends!! How was your weekend? I have to say we had a good one. Even if we did nothing but stare a paint dry, it would have been good because we were finally all back together. Chris was gone for a little over three weeks, and it kind of felt like an eternity. There is no need to tell me it could be worse....we have done much much longer. But it seems as the kids get older it gets just a little bit harder, in terms of them realizing just how long he has been gone, or how long it has been since we talked to him. 

My goal this go around was pretty much to just jam pack the kids' schedule with activities, which was great to pass the time, but then of course they wanted Chris there to watch them do various things. And I know it just kills Chris to miss stuff like this....but that is just the nature of the beast right? 
Gingham shorts
Cute gingham outfits
top: shein (sold out, similar here and here) // shorts: old navy (old, love these ones and they are on mega sale!!) // clutch: j.crew // shoes: anthropologie 

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my little boomerang video of me running out of the house after Chris' arrival home. 23 days with not even a pee break to myself had me longing for a little silence. So I took myself out to dinner. It was Chris' idea, and he stayed home listening to an overwhelming amount of stories, some which included how "crazy mom is". 
Off the shoulder white tops
Off the shoulder outfits
So after many uninterrupted bathroom breaks over the weekend, I am ready to take these balloon sleeves into a new week! Well, kind of ready. I wouldn't mind if the week decided to hurry right along, and if the projected forecast didn't include so much rain! It always comes back to weather doesn't it? 

I hope your Monday is as good as it gets folks!

fourth of july outfit brainstorming

Jun 23, 2017

July 4th Outfits
one // two // three // four // five // six

Am I the only one that is already thinking about July 4th? I mean, outfit wise that is. Not that it calls for crazy coordinating outfits and photo ops, but who doesn't love a little red, white, and blue combo? It is like the American summer uniform, and why not celebrate your patriotism in a cute outfit right? Or maybe just some cute accessories. Stripes are just a no brainer for the fourth. But I also like a classic look with a white top, jeans, and a red lip. So in case you are still a little undecided about your outfit are some cute easy pieces to get you started! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

dresses and sneakers

Jun 22, 2017

Little black dress and sneakers
Oh, happy almost Friday!! This week has flown by in some ways, and kind of lingered on in others. Does that even make sense? We have been going at full speed. Avalon has been dancing three hours a day this whole week, which seems like a lot for a four year old (at least I thought so when I signed her up), but she is loving it! The boys have basketball camp in the mornings and swim in the evenings, and Odette and I have been logging some serious hours in the car. But this is summer right? Just go go go and then crash. 
Summer dresses
Styling a dress and sneakers

Well, a super easy summer mom outfit for summer is a dress and sneakers. It could take you from day to night if need be. You know if you do those kinds of things like date nights (I'm awkwardly laughing from my paranoid mom perch) I think the last date night Chris and I went on was like 18 months ago? Long overdue. Grandma are you coming to visit soon? But anyway, I love this dress! It also comes in red  (and is only $35) which is pure perfection for July 4th festivities. 
Summer black dresses
Dress and sneakers
And I am pretty sure it is some kind of unwritten fashion rule that you can never have too many black dresses. Even in summer. Or I am completely making this up, which I am fine with. I'll say just about anything to justify my shopping habit. 

How has your week been? Doing anything fun now that is it officially summer? 

my favorite styling products for bangs

Jun 20, 2017

best styling products for bangs
So I've had bangs for almost five months now, and I love them like I did day one. I have had bangs in the past, but wasn't really fully committed to the maintenance attached to them. But since I most definitely have a five-head, bangs really work to frame my face. They are certainly a commitment because you have to style them everyday. Well....maybe not everyday. I pin mine back on the days where I just can't be bothered with a blow dryer. I also trim my own bangs about once a week, so I don't worry too much about having to go and get them cut. I have been cutting my own hair for years so scissors to my locks are not intimidating, but I know for others that comes into play when taking the bangs jump. 

I have pretty much narrowed down my styling products to ones that really work to give me volume and keep my bangs from getting greasy in the humidity. Obviously these products are not designed solely for bangs, and I use them to style all my hair, they just happen to work really well for the heavy bang look I am going for. 
best styling products for bangs
Kenra Hairspray- This is hands down the best hairspray. I have used it for years, and one bottle will last you a long time. It is lightweight but still gives you the hold you need. I always set my bangs in place with this. 

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo- I'm telling you, I have tried no less than 20 different dry shampoos. It became an addiction at one point, I think. I have had my favorites here and there and then I was introduced to this one. I wanted to not like it because the price tag attached is a little shocking, but I couldn't. It soaks up oil, but leaves your hair feeling soft and fresh. 

Living Proof Humidity Shield- I have posted about this spray before, but it is a hair saver! If you live in even a little bit of humidity you need this. It isn't a hairspray, it just controls the frizz that you get when you spent all that time styling your hair and then walk outside. I spray this on and then give a spritz of hairspray. 

Oribe Matte Waves- This is a product that I cannot live without. You have heard of sea salt sprays for textured waves, but those tend to leave your hair crunchy and with a little added weight. This cream does the opposite but gives the same result. I have naturally straight hair, so I rub this in when my hair is still a little damp, then I blow dry it or let it air dry and curl. It gives my curls more texture. I also use it in my bangs after washing. It just gives them a little more fullness. And it smells amazing!

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast- I am sure you have seen so many people mention this product, and it lives up to the hype. It gives unbelievable volume, even on third and fourth day hair. For bangs it is a time saver because I don't have to wash them after sleeping on them and having them flat as a pancake. This does all the work! 

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo- I saw Grace mention this in a post on her blog, and I had to give it a try. After all these products being used in my hair, I really needed a shampoo to get in there and freshen me up a bit. This does the job! It gets rid of all that product residue, and makes your hair feel so fresh and clean. I only use it about once a week. I only wash my hair twice....maybe three times a week. 

Boar Bristle Brush- This is the secret weapon to styling bangs. I blow dry my bangs and use this brush to move them from side to side so they get a nice full look to them. It creates volume while drying, and helps get rid of my natural part so my bangs dry forward. 

*a little tip for bangs too....on days that I style my bangs I don't put moisturizer on my forehead! That just creates a magnet for your bangs to stick too. This was like a light bulb moment for me. Ha! So at night I will usually pin my bangs to the side and then go through my nightly skin care routine.

So that's it! I know it seems like a lot of products, but I can usually get my bangs dried and styled in under six minutes. And I don't always use all these products at once, it just depends on the day. Of course all of these are great for styling any and all hair as well. 

i'll take another weekend for 200 hundred, please

Jun 19, 2017

Can I get a weekend from my weekend? I am exhausted. Just worn out completely. On Saturday the boys had swimming and I was talking to one of the moms who works the front desk and she even looked at me and said "remember when summers were relaxing?". I do in fact. I mean, I like to be busy. I get bored very easily, as do my children of course. So filling our schedule with activities is always great. But damn!
top: nordstrom // jeans: zara // shoes: mango // sunglasses: perverse 

Chris was working on Father's Day, so we didn't really get to celebrate with him. But that just gives us a reason to celebrate on a random day of his choosing I suppose. We did FaceTime with family though, which is always quite chaotic. Does anyone else's kids turn into complete crazy asses while on FaceTime? I mean all mine have to be the center of attention, and they turn up the cast of characters. I had small people climbing on the table, making gorilla noises, pillow fighting, singing, crying, and my head was spinning. Needless to say my family was like, okay gunna let you go love you. 
We also didn't have a cheat night this weekend because I was a little overzealous with my meat thawing (that all just sounds weird). And now all I can think about is a burrito and sushi! 

How was your weekend? 

friday favorites

Jun 16, 2017

Oh Friday, I just love you. Even though tomorrow will look very much like today....there is just something about Friday. I have a few favorites from this week, so let's jump right in. 

-Starting with this picture!! I was dying when my mom text me this on Monday. My little brother Chance graduated from high school, and it killed me that I was not there to watch him give his speech and walk across that stage. Chance is by far the smartest out of all my siblings. The most kind hearted. And the most humble, down to earth person I know. Which is saying so so much if you knew the rest of this crazy crew up there! My mom knew I wanted to be there so bad (thank you Army and your timing of things) so they put me in. I have always wanted to be tall as my older brother Dustin too, so thanks guys! Regardless, I am just so incredibly proud of him. 

-This week we had the trees trimmed around our house, and the nice man came and knocked on the door to inform me that there were two very large copperhead snakes on the side of the house. YOU GUYS!! We seriously attract so many snakes! How? Why? Is this some kind of sign? Anyway, he kindly disposed of them for me (which is why this can be considered a favorite thing of the week), but now I am so paranoid. My neighbor solidified my idea of being cursed by saying "I have lived in Georgia my whole life and never come across one of those suckers!". Really? Thank you, this is snake number four and five for me and I have lived in GA for a year.

-I binge watched the new season of Orange Is The New Black this week. I have read mixed reviews about this season, but I thought it was good. Not the best season, since last season was pretty intense. But now I am like.....what do I watch? More Chopped? What are some of your favorite shows right now?

-It has been a little over a month since we moved to Savannah, and my house has been put together for the majority of that time, excluding my bathroom. But I went to Target yesterday on mission to find some makeup organizers. These copper ones caught my eye immediately so I picked up a few in a couple different sizes. Now the real task of actually going through the baskets and baskets of makeup I have piled in the linen closet. 

-If you are in the mood for a little more shopping (when are you not?), there are some GOOD sales going on right now! Shopbop is doing up to 70% off sale items! Gap has a 40% off your purchase code going on. Old Navy has the entire store up to 50% off!! And H&M is doing a summer sale with up to 60% off

So go forth, shop, have a great weekend, and have fun celebrating DAD!

blush crush

Jun 14, 2017

Summer Outfits- Blush Dress
A little blush dress downtown just feels right. I have been looking for more dresses lately, which is kind of hard for me, because I always end up looking at jumpsuits instead. But I wanted a super simple blush dress that I could easily throw on and go. And I found this one for $10!!!!! (and it comes in four colors). Although, my life would never be complete unless there was some denim somewhere, so this vest had to come out. 
Summer Outfits- Blush Dress
Summer Outfits- Blush Dress
dress: h&m // vest: zara // shoes: donald j. pliner c/o // bag: doen 

The historic district downtown is just so charming. There are little groups of people getting tours of all the historic homes, which I just love. I would love to spend the afternoon doing that, but my children happen to think walking around and reading plaques outside of old houses is rather boring. I can relate. Growing up my mom took us to every ghost town on the west coast. She was obsessed. My older brother and I would groan and complain and generally just make fun of her absolute need to go off the map (no gps or iPhones....remember those days?) and find these run down towns. But now? I am that mom. 
Summer Outfits- Blush Dress
Summer Outfits- Blush Dress

around savannah: oatland island wildlife center

Jun 13, 2017

Last week I psyched myself up for a little animal adventure with the kids. When going at these things alone I know the best outcome can only come from doing something outdoors. My children do not do well with quiet, as our local librarian can tell you. She sees us once a week and the only one of my kid's names that she knows is Pierce. So outdoors where noise levels don't matter is where we set our sights. 
We decided to check out Oatland Island Wildlife Center. I loved that you just parked, grabbed a map and went for it. An easy trail to follow with stops at each exhibit. We went close to when they opened to beat the heat, but we also beat the people too. I think we saw six families ( each of those families was very interested to find out if alllllll these children were in fact mine) the whole time we were there. Which was fantastic when talking about prime animal viewing real estate. 
There were tons of animals to see, many of which are native to Georgia. The kids had fun playing out different animal scenarios, and I had fun trying to block out said animal encounters. 
The whole place was so clean, and the animals all looked so happy and well taken care of. I love taking my kids to places like this, but as a crazy animal lady and having grown up raising animals on a ranch, I am always so skeptical. But the views of the wetlands surrounding the animal center were beautiful. Even though walking on this boardwalk over the wetlands with four kids and pushing a stroller gave me a mild panic attack. 
They had a little farm animal exhibit, because I mean kids just eat that stuff up. Mine are no different. They loved the chickens and turkeys. However, that sign up there should really say "goat will headbutt the shit out of you". I mean this thing was fierce! Of course my boys got a kick out of it, and Pierce may have tried to headbutt him back.....boys. 
After two hours our journey came to an end at the bison. The kids remember seeing so many bison on our drive from Alaska to Georgia, so they pretended like they were long lost friends. This big guy was clearly excited about the reunion because he put on quite the show playing, bucking, and rolling around. Ace said it reminded him of how Shameless plays. Ha! 

This place was so fun and we can't wait to bring Chris here too. Savannah friends, this is definitely a place to take the kids! Also if you are planning a trip be sure to checkout Oatland's Shopping List page, they are always in need of items that you can swing by the store to donate. And if you aren't local but are feeling generous, they also have an Amazon wishlist with some things for the animals! I thought that was so cool, and the kids felt like they were treating the animals to something special. 


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