around savannah: oatland island wildlife center

Jun 13, 2017

Last week I psyched myself up for a little animal adventure with the kids. When going at these things alone I know the best outcome can only come from doing something outdoors. My children do not do well with quiet, as our local librarian can tell you. She sees us once a week and the only one of my kid's names that she knows is Pierce. So outdoors where noise levels don't matter is where we set our sights. 
We decided to check out Oatland Island Wildlife Center. I loved that you just parked, grabbed a map and went for it. An easy trail to follow with stops at each exhibit. We went close to when they opened to beat the heat, but we also beat the people too. I think we saw six families ( each of those families was very interested to find out if alllllll these children were in fact mine) the whole time we were there. Which was fantastic when talking about prime animal viewing real estate. 
There were tons of animals to see, many of which are native to Georgia. The kids had fun playing out different animal scenarios, and I had fun trying to block out said animal encounters. 
The whole place was so clean, and the animals all looked so happy and well taken care of. I love taking my kids to places like this, but as a crazy animal lady and having grown up raising animals on a ranch, I am always so skeptical. But the views of the wetlands surrounding the animal center were beautiful. Even though walking on this boardwalk over the wetlands with four kids and pushing a stroller gave me a mild panic attack. 
They had a little farm animal exhibit, because I mean kids just eat that stuff up. Mine are no different. They loved the chickens and turkeys. However, that sign up there should really say "goat will headbutt the shit out of you". I mean this thing was fierce! Of course my boys got a kick out of it, and Pierce may have tried to headbutt him back.....boys. 
After two hours our journey came to an end at the bison. The kids remember seeing so many bison on our drive from Alaska to Georgia, so they pretended like they were long lost friends. This big guy was clearly excited about the reunion because he put on quite the show playing, bucking, and rolling around. Ace said it reminded him of how Shameless plays. Ha! 

This place was so fun and we can't wait to bring Chris here too. Savannah friends, this is definitely a place to take the kids! Also if you are planning a trip be sure to checkout Oatland's Shopping List page, they are always in need of items that you can swing by the store to donate. And if you aren't local but are feeling generous, they also have an Amazon wishlist with some things for the animals! I thought that was so cool, and the kids felt like they were treating the animals to something special. 


  1. This is super cool and I wish we had something like this. Also I'm a little surprised that other families questioned your clan of 4. Is it really that abnormal to have 4???

  2. What a super fun summer outing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Goats really like to eat my clothing and so I've sworn off petting zoos. That bison looks like a happening fellow. I'm glad you got to take in his "performance."

  4. My children only behave outdoors. Well maybe not behave, they're just free to run wild, haha! Looks like y'all had so much fun!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  5. I always love the adventures you take your kiddos on! I know they must love it.

  6. This place looks fantastic! You are so brave though, all those raised walkways yikes! Bet you needed a stiff drink after that one!



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