Father's Day Gift Ideas

Jun 9, 2017

Shout out to all the dads out there! Shout out to Chris who has to put up with a mom like me, the ring leader of crazy! I swear some days he walks in the door and we are having flip contests onto the lovesac and he looks at me like......pretty sure this sums up the nature vs. nurture argument in this house. 

He puts up with a lot, he does a lot, and we would be lost (possibly homeless without him. kidding. kind of). Anyway, because he is the super sentimental type (but really he keeps everything! every card, letter, post-it. Very unlike me) when Father's Day rolls around he always says "just have the kids make me something, that is my favorite". And it is. But my favorite is shopping and I love to buy him gifts. So I put together some ideas I have for this year, and some past gifts that have passed his picky test. 
Father's Day Gifts 2017
one: New Balance Sneakers. I turned Chris into a sneaker head many many years ago. Truthfully I think he was just jealous of my sneaker collection, and all the room it takes up in the closet. I love these New Balances and the color way fits perfectly into Chris' neutral wardrobe. 

two: GoPro. I actually got Chris a GoPro a couple Father's Days ago, but it is currently sitting at the bottom of some river in Denali National Park after it fell off of his raft. He has said repeatedly that he doesn't want to replace it, but I know he wants another one. 

three: Le Labo Rose 31 soap. Chris is obsessed with this scent! He uses the body wash and lotion, but I thought it might be nice for him to keep a bar of soap in his gym bag. 

four: Replica Jazz Club. This cologne smells a-ma-zing! Chris got a sample with something he bought from Nordstrom, and I was like......HELLO!!! So I think this might be a good gift. 

five: J. Crew Shave Set. This set is such an amazing gift. I got it for Chris a few years ago and have since sent it as a gift to multiple men throughout our families. 

six: Solar Panel Charger. For the tech savvy dad. Or maybe the outdoorsman. This is always something that Chris recommends to people. He takes it to the field with him, backpacking, and even stashes it in the car when we go hiking. It charges so fast, and is able to charge just about any other tech device. 

seven: Stainless Steel Pour Over. For the coffee lover, and I secretly love this one too! We are a pour over coffee makin' couple. And this one makes it so that you do not have to use a paper filter! One less thing to worry about is fantastic in my book. 

eight: Adidas Ultraboost. Chris swears by these running shoes. He runs 55+ miles a week, so he goes through a pair of running shoes about every two months. He also just LOVES these shoes. 

nine: Grill Set. Is it too cliche of a gift? I don't know. Chris really loves to grill, my dad really loves to grill, hell my step-dad is a grill master, and my father in law hopes to have a bbq food truck when he retires....so I am thinking this is a great gift all around. 

That's it! That's all I got. What are some of your gift ideas? 


  1. Such a great list!! Matt tells me I'm not allowed to get him anything! And my dad? What do you get the guy who has everything!?! Gah.

  2. SO many great ideas!! My dad would love that pour over - that's an awesome gift!! Happy Friday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. These are great ideas! I have no clue what I am getting Kyle this year.



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