friday favorites

Jun 16, 2017

Oh Friday, I just love you. Even though tomorrow will look very much like today....there is just something about Friday. I have a few favorites from this week, so let's jump right in. 

-Starting with this picture!! I was dying when my mom text me this on Monday. My little brother Chance graduated from high school, and it killed me that I was not there to watch him give his speech and walk across that stage. Chance is by far the smartest out of all my siblings. The most kind hearted. And the most humble, down to earth person I know. Which is saying so so much if you knew the rest of this crazy crew up there! My mom knew I wanted to be there so bad (thank you Army and your timing of things) so they put me in. I have always wanted to be tall as my older brother Dustin too, so thanks guys! Regardless, I am just so incredibly proud of him. 

-This week we had the trees trimmed around our house, and the nice man came and knocked on the door to inform me that there were two very large copperhead snakes on the side of the house. YOU GUYS!! We seriously attract so many snakes! How? Why? Is this some kind of sign? Anyway, he kindly disposed of them for me (which is why this can be considered a favorite thing of the week), but now I am so paranoid. My neighbor solidified my idea of being cursed by saying "I have lived in Georgia my whole life and never come across one of those suckers!". Really? Thank you, this is snake number four and five for me and I have lived in GA for a year.

-I binge watched the new season of Orange Is The New Black this week. I have read mixed reviews about this season, but I thought it was good. Not the best season, since last season was pretty intense. But now I am like.....what do I watch? More Chopped? What are some of your favorite shows right now?

-It has been a little over a month since we moved to Savannah, and my house has been put together for the majority of that time, excluding my bathroom. But I went to Target yesterday on mission to find some makeup organizers. These copper ones caught my eye immediately so I picked up a few in a couple different sizes. Now the real task of actually going through the baskets and baskets of makeup I have piled in the linen closet. 

-If you are in the mood for a little more shopping (when are you not?), there are some GOOD sales going on right now! Shopbop is doing up to 70% off sale items! Gap has a 40% off your purchase code going on. Old Navy has the entire store up to 50% off!! And H&M is doing a summer sale with up to 60% off

So go forth, shop, have a great weekend, and have fun celebrating DAD!


  1. Now that photo is hilarious! Congrats to your brother! And to you too I suppose for winning the snake lotto!

  2. So many good sales going on right now! The Shopbop one definitely got me. And love that vanity organizer! SO cute! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Our house has been a mess for awhile since we moved, so hard getting everything the way you want.

  4. I seriously love that they put you in the photo!!! So So awesome!



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