i'll take another weekend for 200 hundred, please

Jun 19, 2017

Can I get a weekend from my weekend? I am exhausted. Just worn out completely. On Saturday the boys had swimming and I was talking to one of the moms who works the front desk and she even looked at me and said "remember when summers were relaxing?". I do in fact. I mean, I like to be busy. I get bored very easily, as do my children of course. So filling our schedule with activities is always great. But damn!
top: nordstrom // jeans: zara // shoes: mango // sunglasses: perverse 

Chris was working on Father's Day, so we didn't really get to celebrate with him. But that just gives us a reason to celebrate on a random day of his choosing I suppose. We did FaceTime with family though, which is always quite chaotic. Does anyone else's kids turn into complete crazy asses while on FaceTime? I mean all mine have to be the center of attention, and they turn up the cast of characters. I had small people climbing on the table, making gorilla noises, pillow fighting, singing, crying, and my head was spinning. Needless to say my family was like, okay gunna let you go love you. 
We also didn't have a cheat night this weekend because I was a little overzealous with my meat thawing (that all just sounds weird). And now all I can think about is a burrito and sushi! 

How was your weekend? 


  1. you look gorgeous and now I need both a burrito AND sushi!

  2. This is such a cool look, I'm loving that top and those jeans balance it out perfectly!


  3. Bummer that Chris had to work, I'm sure he will have a great belated Father's Day celebration.

  4. Well the whole only parent on duty thing would sure hurt the whole relaxing aspect of any summer activity I'd wager. I'm dying over the FaceTime story. Gah the worst. Like what's the point. Lol



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