denim jumpsuits

Jul 31, 2017

It was so hard saying goodbye to the weekend because it was our second to last one before school starts!! We kept it kind of low key, thanks to some spontaneous 24 hour fevers that ran through a few people. But that was it! It was so weird, high fevers and fatigue, then boom fine. Which I guess if we are picking and choosing 24 hour bugs to get this would be the one right? Anything without projectile vomit is a win! 
jumpsuit: loft (old) // shoes: zara // sunglasses: vintage gucci // bag: leur logette 

But with the weekend came a family night out, and also a denim jumpsuit! I really and truly feel like a denim/ chambray jumpsuit is just the perfect outfit. I know some people are intimidated when it comes to jumpsuits, but I say, jump right in! My tip is to size up, or find a jumpsuit that has a tie or a drawstring. I feel like so many jumpsuits are fitted in all the wrong places when hanging on a hanger, which makes for a not so cool try on session. Being able to adjust it to your own body is key! 
I also snagged these shoes when the Zara sale started a couple weeks ago. I think my closet consists of 75% Zara shoes. I just love their shoes and the price point. I mean, I am a huge Zara addict as is, but their shoes section always gets me. It is the equivalent of Target...... 

Here are some cute denim jumpsuits that I really like:

conversations over coffee

Jul 28, 2017

Let's chat. What are you drinkin'? I happen to be out of almond milk this morning so I am about to chug my coffee black. But the alternative of not having the caffeine in my system is just not an option, you get it, I know you do. 

Things to talk about....

How was your week? I was really in cleaning and organizing mode this week, I fully blame back to school. I just wanted to get a jump on it since the kids are about a week away from the first day, and Chris is taking some vacation time next week so we can all soak up our last few days of summer. Chris also wanted to be there for the first day of school! This will be his first experience with dropping off kids on the first day of school. Can you believe that? Ace in particular is very excited about this!

In the next couple weeks the inside of our house will be painted completely white. I am thrilled about this. I cannot tell you how many different colored walls are in our house right now. I think just about every wall is a different color. It made me slightly nauseous when we first moved in, but I saw potential, and now that Chris will have some days off he can be here to move furniture and help shuffle things around while it gets painted. Do you have a favorite interior white paint? I am pretty settled on Decorator's White from Benjamin Moore.

By nature I am a complete extrovert! I have always been super outgoing, social, class clown type of person. I am wacky beyond belief! This blog and my social media don't really display how truly crazy I am, not sure how to bridge that gap. BUT, motherhood has made me an introvert. In so many settings when I am out with the kids, I just do not engage with people, when if I was alone I might. But experience with moms has taught me that it is not worth it to put yourself out there, the automatic judgments that come from the simple fact that moms have different parenting styles baffles me. I have to be honest, I don't have room in my brain to care about how you are raising your kids! Unless it somehow directly affects my do you boo. And with our gypsy lifestyle, when I do meet those moms that are so down to earth and chill, we move.

I am slightly happy that the Nordstrom sale will be ending soon. I only got a couple clothing items that I thought would be fun to have whenever fall rolls around in the south. But then I placed an order for some beauty things because I was like....why not? But did I neeeeeed those things? Probably not.

Aside from the sale that starts with an N that shall no longer be named, there are some great sales happening this weekend:

J. Crew Factory is doing 30% off clearance code EXTRA.
Nike is doing 20% off one item use code 20BTS.
Pottery Barn Kids is doing 20% off your order (hello personalized backpacks!) use code FRIENDS.
Baublebar is doing up to 75% off select items, no code needed.

Alright, I think that is all I have. I'd like to make these little coffee chats a weekly thing, maybe talk about things you guys want to know more about or just discuss in general (I'm pretty much an open book). Feel free to email me or leave questions in the comments as well!

Happy Friday!

finding the perfect tee

Jul 27, 2017

Who doesn't love a good tee? I am almost always in a tee and jeans. That is my happy place. I for one think the combination can be dressed up or down, and shoes are my weakness so switching them up gives my uniform a whole new life! 
tee: j. crew // jeans: ag jeans // shoes: zara (love these) // bag: 3.1 phillip lim // earrings: j. crew 

I am however picky when it comes to tees. Not all plain tees are made the same. Things that draw me in are:

Length: I need it to be long, because sometimes I like the tuck, maybe even to add a belt. Not to mention I also like to reach my arms up once in a while and my stretch marks like to keep their anonymity. 

Fit: I like a relaxed fit, but not to the point that it looks like I threw on Chris' tee. So fitted but not too fitted. 

Material: Obviously cotton is king, but I like a thin linen as well, basically I want super soft without compromising the fit. 

Can you even believe there is a human out there that puts this much thought into a damn tee? Well, hello my name is Kelsey, pleased to meet you. 
The J. Crew linen tees are among some of my favorites. I do recommend sizing down, I wear an x-small. And they are a great price on the regular, but you know if you wait a day or two J. Crew will be running some kind of promotion, so when I see them on sale I grab a few. 

Other places that pass my tee test are, American Apparel specifically this tee, Vince (these are super pricey for a tee which is why I only own two, but they are incredibly well made) I own this tee in black and white. Madewell, again, great material at a great price and I like these. 

But, I am always willing to try something new so please tell me where you have found your favorite tees! 

*and side note on these jeans so no one is like "these are not the same style as linked". I am truly this short of a human that I folded these babies up to give me the look I wanted. I also cut the knee holes in them a couple years ago. I cut up a lot of my jeans actually, I am distressed obsessed!

old fort jackson

Jul 26, 2017

Over the weekend we took a break from the beach and decided to check out a local attraction instead, Old Fort Jackson. I have been wanting to come here for a couple weeks now, but the kids always voted me out. But since Chris wanted to go and he is the fun parent the kids were like "yeaaaa let's go dad!". 
The fort is situated right on the river, and the views did not disappoint! I love when we do these kids of outings because the kids get so into it. They ask a million questions on the way there about what the fort was used for, who was there, can we shoot guns (no), how come you're not stationed there dad? Basically tons of questions I turn to Chris for the answers to. 
I was really excited to read that this was a very interactive experience and that the kids would have the opportunity to dress up, see cannon firings, and participate in different activities. 

It was hotter than shit when we went, because we really know how to pick the time of day to be outside for three hours. But, we had tons of water and a sense of adventure propelling us forward through the sweat. And to be honest when we are there in shorts and sandals, and you see the employees all dressed up in authentic uniforms from 1812, which included wool jackets and have no room to complain. Right? 
The kids ran around and really turned on their imaginations as they went from room to room. They had other fort explorers cracking up when they said things like "Mom, I see so much stuff, but where is their internet?" or "Did they have Minecraft? This looks like a Minecraft fortress". 
Then came the fun part. We heard a drum beating and everyone started to crowd around. A "Sergeant" was shouting for all the troops to fall in line. To which Chris very quickly grabbed a seat on a bench. I looked at him like...come on. He said without hesitation "this ones all yours I play army for a living". I laughed and corralled my tiny troops in line. We got to march around the fort, they handed out wooden muskets for the kids to "practice drills" with, and we learned that we possess a very little to no sense of urgency in the heat. 

But it was so fun! And I highly recommend this as a place to see if you are in the Savannah area!

the not so little white dress

Jul 24, 2017

This summer I have been really trying to find dresses that I like. I don't always go for a dress, you know I am usually in a tee and jeans. But I am always one to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my style. I am always gravitating towards pieces that I feel like not everyone would go for. A white cocoon dress? Not every ones first choice I imagine. But when I saw this dress I immediately knew I could conceal a medium pizza baby, and therefore I needed it. 
dress: stylewe c/o // shoes: tibi // bag: cult gaia 

I love the light material, but not light enough to be sheer. The textured pattern. Also....pockets! Pockets just make me feel like I can dress it up or down, and I am all about the options! I know white can be scary, clearly I have four kids, I get it. But bleach pens are your friend! 
Anyway, how was your Monday? I did some cleaning and played about 15 games of checkers with Pierce. Which until Saturday he didn't know how to play and then he beat me almost every time. I am really trying to soak up this time with the boys before school starts. Just doing things that they want to do. Ace tried to teach me how to play Minecraft, but I think the last video game I played was Mario Cart, and Ace just could not believe how I didn't just know how to do everything. BECAUSE I'M OLD! 

4 beach ready hairstyles

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GlissHairRepair  #CollectiveBias

The beach is a regular occurrence around these parts, and I cannot say that anyone is complaining. Since most of the beaches in our area are about a 45 minute drive or more, we really try and make a full day out it. We spend a good five or more hours in the sand before calling it quits. And our family really goes by the majority rules vote (I am usually the majority) so on beach days, just about everyone has to want to pack it up for us to throw in the beach towel. This is all good and well for depleting energy levels, but not so good on the hair! Direct sunlight, sweat, sand, and heat don't exactly make a healthy hair situation. 

I have found that for me I like to have my hair up and off my face while I am at the beach. I usually pin back my bangs because they become a sticky mess, and throw the rest of my hair back as well. As with everything in my life, I need things to be simple. Once the kids find out we are leaving for the beach I have about ten minutes until full meltdown mode that I am not moving fast enough begins. So here are four super cute hairstyles that will get you to the beach and back!
-This one I do all the time! So easy to braid everything to one side and then throw a hat on top. The undone messiness of the braid is perfect for running around on the beach!
-Twisting my hair from the root is the best way for my bangs to stay back. Simply grab little pieces and begin to twist backwards, while holding tightly. Once you get to the back of your ear use a couple bobby pins to keep the twist in place. Then you can go with a side pony, or even a high pony tail looks cute.
-Who doesn't go for a top knot in any situation? I know I wear a top knot about 90% of the time. I go for a more loose top knot, the ballerina bun is just not for me. Just grab all your hair and pull it up as high as you can and wrap it. I let it loosen a bit while I put my hair tie around it so it gives it a relaxed look. 
-Scarves are such a fun hair accessory and if you have one that matches your bathing suit even better! I like to pin mine right at the top so it stays in place. Also if you tie it slightly over your ears it prevents it from slipping back. 
I know I am not the only one that needs an immediate sand rinse off once we get home. I also like to really treat my hair to a moisture renewal! Gliss™ Hair Repair products are new to the US hair care scene. Their products focus on easily repairing damaged hair and are designed to deliver results whether it be from styling, coloring, activity, or the nature of the hair itself. 

I have been using the Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultra Repair Shampoo and Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultra Repair Conditioner and I love how it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. The scent is light and refreshing as well! On days that we go to the beach, or have been at swimming lessons all day I like to throw on the Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultra Moisture Anti-Breakage treatment after I wash my hair, because I really want to combat any dryness that may occur for being outside all day. It is a quick conditioning treatment that you can do in the shower, and doesn't weigh down your hair, but instead leaves it hydrated and soft. 
Right now at Walmart SAVE $5.00 off TWO (2) Schwarzkopf® GLISS™ Shampoo or Conditioner or Treatment products. 

What are some of your after sun hair rituals? 

kids like the nordstrom sale too

Jul 21, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Kids
Well hello there! The blog has been a little quiet this week, which was kind of nice. We had a lot going on, and since summer is quickly coming to an end I have been spending my nights watching movies with the kids, letting them bask in all the no set time to wake up glory, before I switch that up on them next week so school mornings won't be such a shocker. 

BUT! It's Friday, and the Nordstrom Sale is now open to the public! I shopped most of everything last week, but I did get some things for the kids too. I kind of went for an opposite strategy for the kids shopping. For me I got things that I knew I would want come fall, but the kids have SO much fall and winter clothing from Alaska, because we bought all their things a couple sizes big to accommodate the layering needed. So I couldn't bring myself to buy another Patagonia. I always get some pajama sets because we seem to go through those quickly. There are some great deals on shoes as well...hello back to school! Ace is super into the athleisure pieces right now, so whenever I see Nike on sale I have to grab him some pieces. Pierce still lets me dress him without too much of an opinion. And the girls are dresses and leggings for the most part. 

weekend by the water

Jul 17, 2017

Another weekend, another beach trip. Are you sick of seeing us at the beach yet? I wish I could say that are lives are more exciting on the weekends, but I would be lying. The beach is our new happy place. In Alaska, it was the hiking trails. Anywhere that our kids can be wild and free, and I can listen to their little stories and laughter is where you will find me. 
We headed back to Jekyll Island, but decided to check out a southern beach on the island instead of going north like we did last time. And I think we found our beach! Glory beach to be exact, the movie Glory was actually filmed on this beach so there is little fun fact for you. 

And it is beautiful, tucked away, quiet, with quite the abundance of wildlife!
We knew about all the turtles that occupy the island, but we had no idea just what was lurking close by in the water. Chris got bit by a crab, a somewhat large crab, and it was every bit as funny as it was painful for him. I caught a glimpse of it on Instastories, if you follow me over there. Once the tide started to go back out we saw a crew of fishermen moving in with their nets. We were quite intrigued with the production they had going on. They skimmed their large nets on the bottom of the water that my children has been swimming around in most of the day and pulled out a TON of crabs!! Like, buckets full. 
After the kids witnessed that, coupled with their dad getting bit, they moved out towards the waves a little more. As did the fishermen with their lines. Within a few minutes one of the guys started reeling in something and sure enough at the end of his fishing pole was a shark! That's when I was like hell no. Mama can deal with a lot of things, but snakes and sharks are not on the list. They took a couple pictures, and then released him. But they caught two more sharks before they packed it in for the day. 
I couldn't help yelling "SHARK BAIT MOO HA HA" every time the boys and Chris headed out with the boogie boards. The girls and I hung back to play in the sand. We stayed well passed bedtime, and got home with just enough energy to all rinse off and fall into bed. 

Not one of us woke up before 8:45 Sunday morning. 

The dogs were not thrilled. 

The Trends I'm Looking For At The Nordstrom Sale

Jul 14, 2017

So by now I am sure you have seen 120 posts about the Nordstrom Sale. Hell, I started seeing some pretty in depth posts on "how to shop" the sale starting a few weeks ago! If there is one thing I know how to, it is shop. But for the Nordstrom Sale I go in with a game plan. Since the real deals are on the fall items, I try to stay away from some of the summer items that are thrown in, unless it a basic piece. I try and look for things that I know I will want come fall and then I will be kicking myself for having to pay full price. So, I have picked out some of the upcoming trends that I am looking forward to for fall.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

And here are some of the things I found at the sale that fit the fall bill for me. So many great finds under $50!!

shoulder show

Jul 13, 2017

One shoulder tops
It has been a week, my friends! I am not sure what it is but this week had me saying....when does school start again? The fighting, and the whining, and the I'm soooooo bored.....despite my best efforts to do different things. I get it, I remember summers growing up where you just hit a rut, as a parent and a child. That is probably why my mother shipped me and my siblings off to a wonderful camp in Caramel Valley for a month each summer. We loved going each year, and I can just imagine how much my mom missed us. Ha! 
One shoulder top outfits
One shoulder tops and high waist denim
top: old navy // jeans: asos // shoes: zara // bag: dôen // hat: h&m (old, similar here and here)

Realistically, school starts in less than a month and that just seems kind of crazy right? The summer is just flying.  I mean, Pierce, and kindergarten! I am about 49% emotionally ready thanks to the daily shenanigans, but 51% of me knows I will be a total basket case come that first day of school. Motherhood really is an emotional roller coaster....daily....hourly. 
Cute summer outfits- one shoulder tops
But maybe I will wear this incredibly large hat on the first day of school, therefore hiding my face completely! I actually love this hat, as ridiculous as it may be. It is such a great beach hat, or on this particular day a great lunch to park hat (I changed my shoes for the park part). Also, I know we all love the off the shoulder tops, but why not throw in a simple one shoulder number? Change things up a bit? 

WHO is shopping the Nordstrom Sale today? Anyone? Anyone? 


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