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Jul 28, 2017

Let's chat. What are you drinkin'? I happen to be out of almond milk this morning so I am about to chug my coffee black. But the alternative of not having the caffeine in my system is just not an option, you get it, I know you do. 

Things to talk about....

How was your week? I was really in cleaning and organizing mode this week, I fully blame back to school. I just wanted to get a jump on it since the kids are about a week away from the first day, and Chris is taking some vacation time next week so we can all soak up our last few days of summer. Chris also wanted to be there for the first day of school! This will be his first experience with dropping off kids on the first day of school. Can you believe that? Ace in particular is very excited about this!

In the next couple weeks the inside of our house will be painted completely white. I am thrilled about this. I cannot tell you how many different colored walls are in our house right now. I think just about every wall is a different color. It made me slightly nauseous when we first moved in, but I saw potential, and now that Chris will have some days off he can be here to move furniture and help shuffle things around while it gets painted. Do you have a favorite interior white paint? I am pretty settled on Decorator's White from Benjamin Moore.

By nature I am a complete extrovert! I have always been super outgoing, social, class clown type of person. I am wacky beyond belief! This blog and my social media don't really display how truly crazy I am, not sure how to bridge that gap. BUT, motherhood has made me an introvert. In so many settings when I am out with the kids, I just do not engage with people, when if I was alone I might. But experience with moms has taught me that it is not worth it to put yourself out there, the automatic judgments that come from the simple fact that moms have different parenting styles baffles me. I have to be honest, I don't have room in my brain to care about how you are raising your kids! Unless it somehow directly affects my do you boo. And with our gypsy lifestyle, when I do meet those moms that are so down to earth and chill, we move.

I am slightly happy that the Nordstrom sale will be ending soon. I only got a couple clothing items that I thought would be fun to have whenever fall rolls around in the south. But then I placed an order for some beauty things because I was like....why not? But did I neeeeeed those things? Probably not.

Aside from the sale that starts with an N that shall no longer be named, there are some great sales happening this weekend:

J. Crew Factory is doing 30% off clearance code EXTRA.
Nike is doing 20% off one item use code 20BTS.
Pottery Barn Kids is doing 20% off your order (hello personalized backpacks!) use code FRIENDS.
Baublebar is doing up to 75% off select items, no code needed.

Alright, I think that is all I have. I'd like to make these little coffee chats a weekly thing, maybe talk about things you guys want to know more about or just discuss in general (I'm pretty much an open book). Feel free to email me or leave questions in the comments as well!

Happy Friday!


  1. Curious did the mom-introversion develop immediately or has it peaked with the 4th kid? I ask because with 2 I still very much don't give a damn what anyone else does and just like to have someone to talk to while my hoodlums run amuck. But since we plan on having more, wasn't sure if this would develop as the circus grows.

  2. I have become the opposite when it comes to being social. I was extremely introverted prior to having E and now I find myself putting myself out there and it's scary but pretty awesome.

  3. I guess I have just dealt with mom drama enough in different situations to want to engage. Now I just do my own thing, and if I meet fun moms along the way....great!

  4. I love posts like this! Stream of consciousness ones are my favorite. An all White House! How exciting! And judges mom's? Ew no not worth it.

  5. My favorite white paint is White Dove by BM, its the perfect balance between white white and off white :)

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles



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