old fort jackson

Jul 26, 2017

Over the weekend we took a break from the beach and decided to check out a local attraction instead, Old Fort Jackson. I have been wanting to come here for a couple weeks now, but the kids always voted me out. But since Chris wanted to go and he is the fun parent the kids were like "yeaaaa let's go dad!". 
The fort is situated right on the river, and the views did not disappoint! I love when we do these kids of outings because the kids get so into it. They ask a million questions on the way there about what the fort was used for, who was there, can we shoot guns (no), how come you're not stationed there dad? Basically tons of questions I turn to Chris for the answers to. 
I was really excited to read that this was a very interactive experience and that the kids would have the opportunity to dress up, see cannon firings, and participate in different activities. 

It was hotter than shit when we went, because we really know how to pick the time of day to be outside for three hours. But, we had tons of water and a sense of adventure propelling us forward through the sweat. And to be honest when we are there in shorts and sandals, and you see the employees all dressed up in authentic uniforms from 1812, which included wool jackets and pants....you have no room to complain. Right? 
The kids ran around and really turned on their imaginations as they went from room to room. They had other fort explorers cracking up when they said things like "Mom, I see so much stuff, but where is their internet?" or "Did they have Minecraft? This looks like a Minecraft fortress". 
Then came the fun part. We heard a drum beating and everyone started to crowd around. A "Sergeant" was shouting for all the troops to fall in line. To which Chris very quickly grabbed a seat on a bench. I looked at him like...come on. He said without hesitation "this ones all yours I play army for a living". I laughed and corralled my tiny troops in line. We got to march around the fort, they handed out wooden muskets for the kids to "practice drills" with, and we learned that we possess a very little to no sense of urgency in the heat. 

But it was so fun! And I highly recommend this as a place to see if you are in the Savannah area!


  1. It's awesome you have so many historical things to do with the kids! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. I love getting to explore historical sites! And the views from the fort are amazing! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I love how interactive places like these are. It's so good that they are engaging people especially the kiddos.

  4. This looks so fun! My husband and I love visiting historical sites!

  5. This sounds like so much fun! I always think about the summer heat and how the people of the past didn't die with what they wore. Yikes!!



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