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Jul 13, 2017

One shoulder tops
It has been a week, my friends! I am not sure what it is but this week had me saying....when does school start again? The fighting, and the whining, and the I'm soooooo bored.....despite my best efforts to do different things. I get it, I remember summers growing up where you just hit a rut, as a parent and a child. That is probably why my mother shipped me and my siblings off to a wonderful camp in Caramel Valley for a month each summer. We loved going each year, and I can just imagine how much my mom missed us. Ha! 
One shoulder top outfits
One shoulder tops and high waist denim
top: old navy // jeans: asos // shoes: zara // bag: dôen // hat: h&m (old, similar here and here)

Realistically, school starts in less than a month and that just seems kind of crazy right? The summer is just flying.  I mean, Pierce, and kindergarten! I am about 49% emotionally ready thanks to the daily shenanigans, but 51% of me knows I will be a total basket case come that first day of school. Motherhood really is an emotional roller coaster....daily....hourly. 
Cute summer outfits- one shoulder tops
But maybe I will wear this incredibly large hat on the first day of school, therefore hiding my face completely! I actually love this hat, as ridiculous as it may be. It is such a great beach hat, or on this particular day a great lunch to park hat (I changed my shoes for the park part). Also, I know we all love the off the shoulder tops, but why not throw in a simple one shoulder number? Change things up a bit? 

WHO is shopping the Nordstrom Sale today? Anyone? Anyone? 


  1. Gah! A month!! Say it ain't so! We have until after Labor Day this year since they are finishing a new building and I'm so happy about it! But I too am over the whining! I hate to say this but when we have friends over they are at their best! Guess I need more play dates.

  2. I can't believe school starts so soon, the summer really has flown by!

  3. On the comment of your mom missing you guys while away at camp... Just today in the grocery store I overheard a woman asking a guy: "are the kids home this summer?" Him: "no they are all away at camp for a month." Her: "oh do you miss them?" Him: "hell no. It's been great" The resounding enthusiasm made me totally crack up.



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