weekend by the water

Jul 17, 2017

Another weekend, another beach trip. Are you sick of seeing us at the beach yet? I wish I could say that are lives are more exciting on the weekends, but I would be lying. The beach is our new happy place. In Alaska, it was the hiking trails. Anywhere that our kids can be wild and free, and I can listen to their little stories and laughter is where you will find me. 
We headed back to Jekyll Island, but decided to check out a southern beach on the island instead of going north like we did last time. And I think we found our beach! Glory beach to be exact, the movie Glory was actually filmed on this beach so there is little fun fact for you. 

And it is beautiful, tucked away, quiet, with quite the abundance of wildlife!
We knew about all the turtles that occupy the island, but we had no idea just what was lurking close by in the water. Chris got bit by a crab, a somewhat large crab, and it was every bit as funny as it was painful for him. I caught a glimpse of it on Instastories, if you follow me over there. Once the tide started to go back out we saw a crew of fishermen moving in with their nets. We were quite intrigued with the production they had going on. They skimmed their large nets on the bottom of the water that my children has been swimming around in most of the day and pulled out a TON of crabs!! Like, buckets full. 
After the kids witnessed that, coupled with their dad getting bit, they moved out towards the waves a little more. As did the fishermen with their lines. Within a few minutes one of the guys started reeling in something and sure enough at the end of his fishing pole was a shark! That's when I was like hell no. Mama can deal with a lot of things, but snakes and sharks are not on the list. They took a couple pictures, and then released him. But they caught two more sharks before they packed it in for the day. 
I couldn't help yelling "SHARK BAIT MOO HA HA" every time the boys and Chris headed out with the boogie boards. The girls and I hung back to play in the sand. We stayed well passed bedtime, and got home with just enough energy to all rinse off and fall into bed. 

Not one of us woke up before 8:45 Sunday morning. 

The dogs were not thrilled. 


  1. So jealous of your beach weekend! The weather looked perfect and absolutely loving your suit! So cute! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. This is the summer memories that you and your kids will remember - I say yes to more beach time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Crabs and sharks!? Oh my goodness - I would be helicopter mom-ing so hard. This seems like such a fun weekend!

  4. You can never have too many beach trips! There is no such thing. :)

  5. Shark bait! Lol! But except. No!!! I would have been terrified and packed up the entire operation right then!

  6. Seems like you guys are all ready for your trip to Hawaii. Not too many attacking crabs, but plenty of man-o-wars!

  7. I'm not tired of your beach posts! I wish I was so close to one!

    Pumps and Push-Ups



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