as close as i'm getting to fall

Aug 18, 2017

For the record it is 94 degrees here in Savannah. The other day my car read 101 when I was in the pick up line. I don't hate it. I don't hate it one bit. I mean, we all love fall in due time, but I am in no rush for it. My social media feeds are just crawling with fall desires, however. Fall for me means that my babies are getting older, particularly Pierce, and I am nowhere near ready for him to turn six! Honestly if I think about it too long I will burst into tears. 

So, let's avoid that!
ruffle bodysuit (similar) // pants: j.crew (old, but LOVE these) // shoes: mango // bag: cult gaia

This is about as fall of an outfit as I will allow myself to have at this time. I mean, quarter sleeves and olive utility pants? Fall-ish. 

I think the arrival of fall scents in stores has brought about a nostalgic euphoria and I can get behind that. I have warm vanilla, and pumpkin candles warming all year around. But the one thing I cannot support is the pumpkin spice latte. You read that correctly, feel free to never click on my blog again. I know this one hit below the belt. BUT there is a good reason and it can all be blamed on Avalon. 

I used to enjoy that little spice of pumpkin in my latte. Chris even said it wasn't that bad back in the day. Then I got pregnant with Avalon and my morning sickness was on another level. One day my sweet husband brought me home a pumpkin spice latte before we headed out for errands that day. At first the smell was off putting as many smells are while nine weeks pregnant, but I powered through. In my head I was like.....I know it will taste good. It did not. I immediately threw up in the kitchen sink. It didn't taste good going down, and it was worse comin' up. 

I felt like I was okay at that point and we loaded up the boys and were on our way. This was when we had just found out that we would be stationed in Alaska, so we were doing some cold weather recon shopping at this cool little outdoor gear store in Columbus. As we were in the store I started to feel so sick and bolted out the door and threw up again. 
I think I tried a pumpkin spice latte for the first time since then, last year. And NOPE! Can't do it. Pregnancy aversions are a real thing! And can be long lasting. 

So that's my story. If you've had a bun in the oven, did you have any food aversions? 

And beyond all that, HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. I don't blame you one bit then! That would ruin it for me. I'm all excited for the creme brule latte coming in time for the holidays. But August could stay forever if that makes sense. Apple picking and pumpkins are right around the corner but I'm sad!

  2. I'm not a fan of anything pumpkin, I'll stick to my shaken iced tea in the fall haha. I've never experienced a true winter so I'm anxious to see how it goes in Kansas this year. Summer can stick around for a bit longer.

  3. Ha this is funny to me as i hate coffee so I never got the PS latte phenomenon anyway. Early in both pregnancies I craved deli meat sandwiches and sushi (cooked - like shrimp or California roll) but then by week 12 those same foods were revolting. Weird.

  4. Pregnancy is super weird. My little guy is about to turn one and I still can't eat mushrooms. Makes me sad because they used to be one of my fave veggies!!!
    Never bought into the PSL thing. Real pumpkin? Yes. Pumpkin spice anything? No thank you.

  5. Mayonnaise!!! When I was pregnant I watched someone bite into a sandwich and a big glob of mayo plopped out onto the floor. That's all it took. Haven't been a fan since. That was over 20 years ago! Fall is my favorite season, but I can completely relate with the kids getting older and back to school. Sigh..... Love your outfit though!!! You're just gorgeous in everything!



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