gingham & glasses

Aug 28, 2017

Back to Monday. I have to say I kind of like Mondays, now that we are in a routine. Simply for the fact that I feel like I accomplish so much in just a morning. Because I get up at 5 am, by the time I get the kids dropped off, get home, clean, throw in some laundry, make the girls their third or fourth breakfast item, vacuum up the first round of Caspian hair, it is only 9 am! Then I feel like I can sit down possibly stuff my face with something, chug the remains of my cold coffee, and make a new to-do list. I love a good list. 
t-shirt // gingham skirt (old, similar here and here) // boots: rag and bone // hat // glasses

Over the weekend though, I allowed myself to be moderately lazy. The girls and I headed downtown on Saturday because I had to make some exchanges at H&M, which of course turned into a full on try on session. The girls could have spent their whole day in the accessory aisle. Avalon exclaimed many times "MOM this is amazing. I need everything!". Once we got home I got right into pajamas and planted myself on the couch for a nap. I was physically and mentally exhausted after last week. So it felt good to just relax. 
Yesterday, I could have truly continued with my lazy streak, but Chris and the boys headed to the pool before the rain and wind rolled in. And I promised to have myself up and ready for when they got back because the kids wanted to go to brunch at this little buffet by the house. Who can say no to a brunch buffet? No one. 

I ordered these clear lens glasses last week for a little twist, and I think they are so fun. I am constantly in sunglasses, but why not switch it up a bit? This is coming from a person who does not actually have to wear glasses. I can remember when I was in like middle school or around that time, and some of my friends had gotten glasses and I was like....I want some too. My mom always looked at me like I was crazy. With good reason, because I don't walk the line of sane. 

BUT! Completely switching gears!! Who watched the Game of Thrones season finale last night? O to the mother effing G! I mean, I think anyone who has watched the series knew a lot of what was coming. But to see it? I sat there for a minute like.....whoa. 

Are we starting the countdown to the final season? When it that? 2019? Damn. 


  1. You are making me feel behind having done so much by 9 am. Sheesh! Love this modern look lady!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Oh Game of Thrones!!!! Holy crap!!!! It was so so good!

  3. We are on season three. Slowly but surely catching up! I too wanted glasses when I was a kid I felt like they were so cool! Now I should wear them and I don't. Only at night when I drive so I remember. Ha! Glad you had a low key weekend and here's to early wake ups during the school year! What a difference they make!

  4. I love the gingham skirt and those boots together! Great look! You are supermom! What you get done by 9 in amazing!

  5. Love how Avalon likes to shop too!! Looking beautiful girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Love your Gingham skirt and your style!

  7. I could care less about GOT but man I love your stories and your outfits. You do casual edgy looks with both a classic factor and prepiness thrown in. You totally elevated your Adidas tee. I used to have some off-white booties like yours that were Patent Leather. I need some new ones for this year. Oh and my daughter too could get lost for hours at places like H&M, Charming Charlie and F21. It is a lot of fun having a girl!



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