one on one time

Aug 31, 2017

Lately I have become very aware of just how many different directions I am pulled. This is due to a multitude of things, but no matter where I am pulled, the only place I want to be is with my kids. But even when I am home with them, each of them wants me to watch this....or help with this....or make that....

And let's be honest it is always nice to be wanted. As a mom it is always a wonderful feeling to know that you and only you can fill whatever void. And now more than ever I am setting time aside to give my undivided attention to each of my little babes. Even if it is a boring errand that I could easily do myself, I know there is one out of the four that will want to jump in the car. And we will talk about all the things they want to talk about, and there will be no one to jump in. Just the two of us. 
leather vest // tee // jeans // shoes: tibi 
avalon: shirt // pants // boots: old navy (from last year, love these ones!!)

Avalon is super into some mom time right now. Last week she found a large stash of costume jewelry that I have had boxed up for who knows how long. She took the whole thing into her room and put every single piece on. She came out and said "mom, look how fabulous I look". And indeed.....pretty fabulous! 
"Mom do you have any necklaces' in here? Or a lollipop?" 

I love that a coffee date and a run to Target where she of course had to get some chapstick, is all this girl needs to call it a successful mommy and me date. I little bit of time away from her brothers so she can talk about all the princess stuff she wants. I can remember growing up my parents would set a "date" with us and we would go out to eat or see a movie. As we got older these became so important to us. And I realize that it is so important for me now. 

Chris has requested a date let's see how long that takes for me to make that happen! Ha! You think he wants a coffee and Target date too? 


  1. I love, love, love that you're doing individual dates. I think that's so cute!

  2. I think a target and coffee date sounds just about right! I think the whole date thing with each parent is super sweet and important. Even if it isn't anything particularly crazy just even getting groceries. Solo parent child time. So special!

  3. Individual dates with the kiddos is such a good idea! I'm sure they treasure that time together!

  4. I don't have four but I know how special it is to get one on one time with my boys! Miss Avalon is such a cutie and a girl after my own heart with that love of accessories!

    pumps and push-ups

  5. I love this edgy look on you! I'm obsessed with your shoes! Your daughter is adorable! Sounds like the perfect mommy/daughter date!

    Doused in Pink

  6. One-on-one with 5 people is a task, but so worth it! It looks like Avalon, love the camera too!



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