what i'm buying from target, online.

Aug 17, 2017

Let's talk Target! We all love that money sucker, don't we? Lately I have actually been avoiding going into the store because we all know exactly what happens. Our bodies are taken over by some mysterious force and we suddenly think we don't have bills to pay and children to feed and we end up spending hundreds more than the diapers and wipes actually cost. Not to mention we walk out with cheap shit from the dollar section because our kids just started throwing things in the cart when our backs were turned. So in an effort to buy things that I know I want, and that I know where I want in my house, I have turned to online only. Plus that whole red card free shipping thing kind of gets me!

So here are a few of my recent purchases!
Large Round Mirror: I just got this in the other day and immediately hung it in our newly bright white bathroom! I hung it over the toilet, and I am on the hunt for the perfect floating shelf to go underneath it!

Hanging Door Mirror: After I changed the girls' room up last weekend, I thought this mirror would be a cute addition. Avalon is constantly dressing up and then running into my room to look in my full length mirror, so now she can get the full effect of her princess outfits right in her own room! 

Storage Cart: I have seen this little cart online for months but it wasn't until I saw it in person that I knew I wanted one or two in the house. Pierce's teacher has it in her classroom and it is just so cute and functional. I got one to organize Avalon's preschool stuff, and art supplies. Then I put the other one in the kid's bathroom because there really is no extra space for all their things. 

Door Mat: New house, new door mat right? Well, maybe not. But our old one was getting a little worn, and this one is just simple and cute. 

Farmhouse Galvanized Milk Jug: Continuing with my bathroom redo, I wanted a galvanized container to put flowers in near our tub. When I saw this one I was like YES, you will do the trick. 

Fur Heels: You know I am obsessed with the Who What Wear collection, and their shoes are just as great as the clothing pieces. My Target doesn't carry all the shoes in store, so when I saw these online my fall heart skipped a beat. I got them in the other day and they are so great! Perfect for fall, on trend, and a mom friendly heel height! 

Makeup Brush Set: I have spent a pretty penny on various high end makeup brushes, and after I have them I always ask myself, "are they really doing something that my drugstore brushes aren't?" and in some cases yes. I don't want the little brush hairs left on my face, I want them to distribute the product evenly, and I want them to be soft. For that I always come back to Ecotools! This set is a great set with all the brushes you need, at an amazing price. 

And I think that is it! Have you found anything at Target recently that is worth sharing? I would love to know!


  1. Man I could live in Target! I really want that mirror.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  2. I know!! It really is just the most addicting place!

  3. Online shopping is my jam as is free shipping! I took the kids to the mall this morning and they were like what is this scorcery!? Haha! Great finds by the way!!

  4. That milk jug is sooooooo cute!

  5. Target online gets me every single time!!! I just can't stop. I do love that milk jug.

  6. Love the mirrors!!!! I need a floor length in my closet!



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