embracing my new normal

Oct 9, 2017

Well, I had a Britney Spears moment last week.....

Okay, kidding kidding, but it was most definitely time to let go of my hair! Maybe the decision and the process of letting it go is a blog post for another time. Today I would rather focus on embracing it! 

And truly, as crazy as it may sound, I really like the buzz cut! I have always wanted to shave my head, this dates back to many many years ago. Remember when the whole, shaving one side of your head and keeping the rest long was a thing? Or maybe it was just a thing in music videos.....but I was dead set on doing it. My employer at the time was not as keen on the idea. Something about me being very young but in a much higher position in the company, and wanting to be taken seriously. I get it, and I got it then too. 

So I never really had the balls to do it. Nothing like cancer to make you grow a pair, right? 
Now, obviously the buzz cut won't last. These little hairs may not even make it to next week at the rate they are falling out. Losing my hair has really never been a worry for me since my diagnosis. I know everyone around me approaches it very delicately, especially when they saw the insane amount of hair I had to began with. But I was always like FUCK the hair, KILL the cancer! 

I know this is not everyones reaction. Every person reacts differently to this drastic of a change. My nurses and doctors made sure to layout the multitude of options I have to help, should I choose to use them. Wigs, hats, scarves, hats with fake pony tails....the list goes on. But I have always wanted to just embrace my bald head when the time came. 
blouse: h&m (sold out online, but check in store!) // jeans: levis // shoes: target (this years version) // bag: thirty one bits

When I was first diagnosed I obviously didn't care about blogging. Who would? I didn't know if I wanted to share any of this. I had the thought that I will just go away quietly and fight this awful thing. It is what I needed at first (the whole process leading up to my final diagnosis was about two months). Time to wrap my head around it. But then I needed to get back to me, to my normal. 

I'll be honest, the thought of outfit posts seemed very trivial, and down right silly. I mean, how the hell do you go from cancer to....hey this is what I wore today

But that is just it. I still get dressed, I still put on makeup, I still go out and do things. Cancer is a very shitty part of my life right now, but it is not my whole life. Doing things that are "normal" keep me sane. And I always tell Chris and the kids, when I feel good we need to do all the things, eat all the foods, and get out of the house. 

So, I am still going to talk outfits, beauty, skincare, and hashtag mom life. Sound good? 


  1. You can rock the buzz or the bald, your awesome!
    Its only hair and it will grow back!!
    Donna ny

  2. I love your outlook on this! Life is still going to go on and you might not have your hair, but damn - you look so fierce. I'm happy to see you here again posting outfits with your witty banter. Welcome back, friend :)

  3. I absolutely love this!!! Life still goes on and you are still embracing it with your family! <3

  4. You are such a phenomenon. I applaud you! You should absolutely do whatever makes you happy in whatever moment that may be even if it changes hourly. And you look like a rock star so there you go.

  5. You are courageous and beautiful! I love your positivity and honestly love the hair! It takes a true beauty to rock a buzz cut, and you are just that!

    pumps and push-ups

  6. This is seriously an inspiration. I could almost cry reading this. It seems you are taking this full on, I don't know how I would be in the face of this, but hope I would have half the strength you have! Keep living your life and FUCK cancer!

  7. You are Beautiful outside and inside and you are a brave and courageous young lady. I love the side detail on your jeans. Love You!

  8. You are an amazing and brave inspiration. I love you. Mom



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